How To Start Makita Chainsaw

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Have you bought a new Makita chainsaw, but you’re struggling to start it because you don’t know how to? If yes, then you are definitely in the right place. 

Starting Makita chainsaw is quite simple and can be done within a matter of seconds. First, establish a firm foundation by placing the chainsaw on the ground. Now, you should activate the chain brake and grasp the front handle with one hand and press the chainsaw against the ground with the other hand. Using your right foot, you need to hold down the rear handguard. Squeeze the fuel pump 4-5 times until to see fuel in the bulb. Place the choke in the “up” position and pull the starting rope repeatedly until your chainsaw starts.

In this article, you will get to learn all about Makita chainsaws, how to start Makita chainsaw, safety tips to keep in mind, why your Makita chainsaw might not start, and more. Stick around to get all the answers that you are looking for.

Starting a Makita Chainsaw

A chainsaw is an incredibly useful tool that helps you in maintaining the presentation of your backyard and fell unwanted logs. With great power, it’ll demand great care, not just for your chainsaw but for you as well. You should always wear proper safety gear and follow relevant safety protocols. If you aren’t aware of using the chainsaw, you shouldn’t try to start and use the chainsaw unless you have mastered the necessary steps to deal with this powerful tool.

Makita is one of the top chainsaw brands and having this powerful tool is no less than a matter of pride. This machine can not only deliver an amazing job but also serves you well in the longer run. If you have purchased a Makita chainsaw for organizing your backyard or garden, an important question that needs to be answered is “how to start Makita chainsaw”. 

How To Start Makita Chainsaw

Before you start your Makita chainsaw, remember to follow the relevant precautionary measures. Wear protective gloves, safety goggles, noise protection headphones, chaps, boots, and more. Remember not to wear loose clothes. If you experience any issues, remember to consult the owner’s manual. Now, you are ready to learn how to start a Makita chainsaw.

1. Start the engine of your chainsaw

The first step will involve starting the engine of your Makita chainsaw. To achieve that, follow these steps –

  • Make sure that your chainsaw is built completely and verify before starting it. Between where you are fueling and where you’re starting the engine, you must leave at least 10 feet. This will help eliminate the risk of a fire.
  • Now, you must establish a firm foundation. Place your Makita chainsaw on the ground, which makes sure the chain and guide bar aren’t in danger of colliding with the ground.
  • Activate the chain brake, blocking it. After that, grasp the front handle firmly using one hand and then press the chainsaw against the ground using the other one.
  • Using your right foot, you should hold the down rear handguard.

2. Cold start by priming the bulb

The fuel pump needs to be primed as it is cold. To achieve that, you should repeatedly squeeze the fuel pump until you start noticing fuel in the fuel pump. Place the combo switch in the “up” position or the “choke” position. The half-throttle lock would be activated as a result. You’re now in a position to fire the final shot by pulling the starting role evenly and smoothly until it fires up.

Review of Makita Easy-Start Petrol Chainsaw

How To Start a Gas-Powered Makita Chainsaw

A gas-powered Makita chainsaw is usually a more powerful option than battery-powered chainsaws or electric chainsaws. With more power, a gas-powered chainsaw will demand more safety too. When it comes to starting a gas-powered chainsaw, you need to consider checking the gasoline as an important part of your chainsaw. After that, you should follow these steps –

  • Make sure that your chainsaw has the proper amount of gas and oil before going away from where your chainsaw was filling with fuel 
  • Place your chainsaw on the ground and make sure that the chain and guide bar are clear of any obstructions
  • Further, you need to make sure that the chain brake is engaged 
  • Grip the chainsaw handle firmly and use your foot for securing the rear handguard with your hand
  • Now, set the combination switch to the choke position and carefully pull the starting cord 
  • Now, you should pull the starting cord fast once you start sensing resistance in it until you hear the ignition 
  • After that, set the central to the “ON” position on the combo switch 
  • Once again, pull the starting cord quickly 
  • Squeeze the throttle trigger using your hand on the rear handle while having the engine running
  • Lastly, release the chain brake, and you will be in a position to start cutting logs into lumber

Chainsaw Safety Factor To Prevent Injuries

When you are working with a Makita chainsaw, there are two safety factors that you’ll need to remember for preventing serious injuries. The first factor is to wear proper safety gear all the time. This includes a helmet, suitable chaps, a jacket, eye protection, and more.

Moreover, properly operating the chainsaw will be equally important for safe working. Chainsaw is a powerful tool that could cause injuries if you aren’t careful. Aside from that, falling trees can also go to any side, resulting in serious accidents. Therefore, you need to make sure that you are working in a safe environment and that there’s no one close to you who can help you during mishaps.

Kickback is a serious issue that chainsaw users can come across. It usually happens. It usually happens when your chainsaw bar jams and the tool flies back toward you. Therefore, you should have a strong hold on your chainsaw while you are operating it.

The chainsaw often starts pushing back at the operator. If this happens, you should engage the chain brake. The loose chain could cause accidents as it can come off the chainsaw easily. Before you start operating the chainsaw, you must check the tension of your chainsaw.

chainsaw and logs

Tips To Consider When Using a Makita Chainsaw

  • Any item should not come in contact with your chainsaw bar’s nose.
  • Be cautious of the guide bar’s tip contact, which could cause the guide bar to travel upward and backward abruptly. The users might suffer serious or fatal injuries because of this.
  • A Makita chainsaw is designed to be used with both hands. As a result, you shouldn’t operate the chainsaw with just one hand. Using your chainsaw with one hand could result in significant injuries to the operator, spectators, and assistant.
  • You must keep a fire extinguisher with you when you are using a Makita chainsaw.
  • When you’re using a chainsaw, you should retain a firm hold on both handles all the time. Further, both handles should remain clean, dry, and free of any fuel or oil mixture.
  • Operating a Makita chainsaw requires a lot of effort and needs constant attention. If you are tired or distracted, you shouldn’t be using the chainsaw.
  • Safety goggles, hand gloves, safety chaps, full-sleeve shirts, boots, earmuffs, and other personal protective gear will be needed. This will help protect you from any unwelcome events. The protective gear must meet CSA and BNQ standards for providing you with the best protection possible.
  • Fuel is an easily flammable chemical. As a result, chainsaw fueling and refilling must be done at least 10 feet away from the place of action.
  • Make sure that you have the correct footing on fixed, firm, and secure ground when you are operating the chainsaw to avoid potential accidents. Keep children and pets out of the cutting area when you are using the chainsaw.
  • While your chainsaw is operating, you must keep your body away from the chainsaw chain. You should not use a chainsaw that has been damaged or adjusted improperly. This can easily result in a tragic collision. As a result, you should double-check that your saw is in proper working condition.

What To Do If Your Makita Chainsaw Won’t Start

Say that you are in the middle of your project and your Makita chainsaw stops, what will you do? Nothing can be worse than this. It is important to find out the reasons why your Makita chainsaw is not starting. If your chainsaw is not starting, here is what you should look for –

1. Check the spark plug

The spark plug is an important part of your chainsaw, used for igniting the fuel in the chainsaw. The faulty chainsaw could be the reason that your Makita chainsaw isn’t starting. Usually, the deposition of carbon on the spark plug or corrosion could render the spark plug useless.

For checking whether the spark plug of your chainsaw is working properly or not, you should check whether the lead from your coil to the spark plug is properly secured. You’ll hear a popping sound as you pull off the boot from the top of the spark plug. In case you don’t hear any sound, you should press the spark plug back to its position firmly and start the tool. In case the chainsaw isn’t starting, you’ll need to check the spark plug. With a faulty spark plug, your new Makita chainsaw might not start.

You can make use of a wrench for inspecting the spark plug that you got with the chainsaw. For testing the chainsaw, you should connect the ignition coil that leads to the spark, touch it to the engine’s metal surface, and remove the recoil starter. In case you find a spark between the plug terminals, everything will be fine. If there isn’t, there can be a fault.

The spark plug can be blocked as well, or corrosion might be the reason your chainsaw isn’t working. If this is the fault, you can easily clean the spark plug with the help of a brush and if you find damage, you should replace the spark plug. Before you refit the plug, you must inspect it. If there is any problem, you should resolve it first.

2. Make sure that the engine isn’t flooded

A flooded engine can be one of the reasons why your chainsaw isn’t starting. This happens due to the presence of excessive gas in the combustion chamber. If there is excessive fuel, the spark plug might get wet. It happens when you’re pushing the chainsaw primer bulb multiple times for sending the fuel.

If the chainsaw engine is flooded, you will be able to feel the smell of the fuel easily. You must remove the spark plug and then check it to make sure that the chainsaw isn’t flooded. If the spark plug is wet, your chainsaw might get flooded.

If you have a flooded chainsaw, you should unflood it first. To unflood a chainsaw, you need to remove the spark plug and tilt the chainsaw to prevent excessive fuel from flowing out of the spark plug opening.

3. A clogged air filter might be the culprit

The sawdust and other wooden particles can get stuck inside the chainsaw easily. Therefore, you need to check and clear the air filter from time to time. You should remember that the air filter is an important part of your chainsaw. If there is a faulty filter, your chainsaw might not start.

4. Inspect the ignition coil

The chainsaw’s ignition coil is responsible for boosting the power needed for creating the spark. As a result, the spark will start the chainsaw. If the coil isn’t in a proper condition, it could be the reason why the spark plug isn’t working properly.

Make sure that all the connections are secure and that the wires are fine. If the wire is damaged, it will prevent the chainsaw from starting. In case there’s an electric fault, you’ll need to change the ignition. 

5. Check to see that the carburetor is clean

The fuel inside the carburetor could evaporate easily and leave behind a sticky material inside the carburetor. The tar-like residue can block the jet inside the carburetor. To run the chainsaw, you’ll need to clean this debris. If your chainsaw doesn’t start next time, you shouldn’t ask why the chainsaw isn’t starting and automatically clean out the chainsaw carburetor.

6. Check the chainsaw recoil starter

The recoil starter must return to its original position if you pull it. If it doesn’t return to its original position, the spring could be a problem. You must pull the recoil starter and if you don’t feel any resistance, you will need to replace the flywheel.

7. Bad fuel could stop your chainsaw from starting

While operating the chainsaw, you might have thought that if all the components are working properly, your chainsaw might start normally. In this situation, the Makita chainsaw will not start after refueling. The reason for this can be bad fuel.

If you haven’t used your chainsaw for a while, the chainsaw inside the chainsaw could go stale. Therefore, you must drain the old fuel and then clean the chainsaw before starting the chainsaw. Moreover, debris could get collected inside the gas tank, so you need to clean it before adding fresh fuel.


How to start a Makita electric chainsaw?

Makita electric chainsaws come with a power cord that is used for connecting the chainsaw to the power source. You need to insert the power cord into a power switch and turn ON the switch button to start it. You might have to push the button 2–3 times to start the chainsaw.

How long do Makita chainsaw batteries last?

A battery-powered Makita chainsaw is perfect for small-scaled wood-cutting jobs. The battery of a Makita chainsaw will last for 2–4 hours on average.

Why did my Makita chainsaw stop working?

Reasons like low battery charge, fluctuating power source, a clogged unit, or motor problems can affect a Makita chainsaw and eventually stop it from working.

Can I start my Makita chainsaw without using a bar oil?

No, you shouldn’t start your chainsaw without bar oil. This isn’t the best practice as running your chainsaw this way can result in hazards during work including sudden kickback and failure of the chain.

How to make a Makita chainsaw last longer?

Here are the tips that will help make your Makita chainsaw last long:

– Never store your chainsaw in moist conditions after using it
– Completely drain out the carburetor and fuel tank before you store it
– Provide the chain and guide bar with proper lubrication 
– Sharpen the chainsaw chain in time 
– Thoroughly clean the chainsaw each time you’re using it

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