Best Chainsaw For The Money In 2024 – Top 4 Worth The Spend

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You can do a lot of work when you have the best chainsaw in town.

From simple yard landscaping or maintenance, a chainsaw can undoubtedly do the job fast.

Today, we’re here to review some of the best chainsaws in the market. It’ll make your life a lot easier, and you’ll be able to breeze your way into any project.

What are you waiting for? Let’s cut straight to the review.

Quick Overview


Poulan Pro PR5020

Poulan Pro PR 5020


Heavy-duty powerhouse chain

Perfect for cutting large trees



WORX WG304.1

Electric Chainsaw

18-inch bar

High ratings

Our Top 4 Choices For Best Chainsaws

Best ChainsawsPowerBar LengthPrice
1. Poulan Pro PR502050 cc20″Check Price
2. WORX WG304.115 Amp18″Check Price
3. DEWALT 40V MAX XR40V16″Check Price
4. Remington RM4214 Rebel42 cc14″Check Price

Top 4 of the Best Chainsaws

#1 – Winner – Poulan Pro PR5020

Quick Facts


Heavy-duty powerhouse chain

Perfect for cutting large trees

Poulan Pro PR5020
Type: Gas | Bar Length: 20 inch | Power: 50cc | Weight: 17 pounds

20-inch Bar Chain Gas Powered Tool

Poulan takes the cake for being one of the top chainsaw brands out there, for having a large and decent chain and inch bar.

This 20-inch chain bar receives a professional rating for us, which is why we love using it!

It can cut through large trees easily and makes your job a lot easier. Don’t worry about damaging or breaking the chain each time you use it!

But what we love about the Poulan Pro is that it comes with a potent gas-powered engine! It completes everything for us!

We can bring it around and get our job done in a moment. Safe to say, this is one robust toolchain you’ll want to have laying around the yard.

And for its price? The Poulan Pro sure is a deal. It’s not too expensive, even for a tool that can cut firewood and large trees!

OxyPower Engine Technology

We mentioned how powerful the engine is. This time, we’ll credit the source of its tremendous power.

Thanks to OxyPower Engine Technology, you can expect a mean and powerful operation each time.

Believe it or not, even with such power, the chain produces 70% fewer emissions compared to other chainsaws out there! There’s also the bonus that the engine consumes 20% less fuel.

What does that say about the whole chain contraption? Well, it’s environmentally friendly!

And your wallet won’t have to suffer as much since it’s fuel-efficient. Awesome!

Awesome Features

Are you impressed so far? If you are, then prepare yourself because you’re about to be blown away even more.

The Poulan Pro sports an Inertial-Activated Bar Chain Brake. This is probably the best safety feature you’d want to look for in a chain saw!

And let’s not forget the side-mounted chain tensioning system for you to adjust the chain of your tool quickly. Convenient, right?

PoulanPro PR5020 20" 50cc Chainsaw - Review and Test

Is the Poulan Pro for You?

Poulan falls under the category of being the best chainsaw brand in the market, which is why we’ve placed them on this list!

The Pro PR5020 is an excellent example of how superior their product is. Other chainsaw reviews out there recognize this incredible piece of work!

So, if you’re looking for a relatively large bar chain saw, this 20-inches powerhouse will make a run for your money.

It can cut through large trees and deliver professional and quality results.

Here’s what you’ll love

Immense value for money

Doesn’t require a power source

Decent sized inch bar chain

Here’s what you might not like

A little bit heavy

#2 – Runner-Up – WORX WG304.1

Quick Facts

Electric Chainsaw

18-inch bar

High ratings

Type: Electric | Bar Length: 18 inch | Power: 15 Amp | Weight: 11.2 pounds

18-inch Corded Electric 

One reason we love this chain is its 18-inch bar. Most electric chainsaws don’t sport a chain bar as long as that! 

This is why we’re pleased that WORX pulled off this one.

Without a doubt, this is one of the best chainsaws that uses a power source. Why? Well, it packs the same power as fuel consuming chainsaws!

It’s heavy-duty and cuts through most things! You’ll always get a professional quality cut each time! 

Whether you’re slicing logs, trimming trees, and doing other tough jobs, this tool is for you.

Unlimited Cutting

A significant reason some would prefer an electric chainsaw over gas chainsaws is the time you can use it.

With gas chainsaws, you’re limited by the fuel stored on the engine. Once it runs out, you must refuel again.

But with electric chainsaws, you can keep cutting for as long as you want with no interruption. Use it for a full day, and you’ve got no problem!

Is the WORX Electric Chainsaw for You?

If you’re looking for a simple chainsaw, then this product is for you. It gets the job done, and you can enjoy unlimited cutting!

You have only to plug it into a power source, and you’re good to go! Although this tool comes with a limitation in movement, it shouldn’t be a deal-breaker if you’re only doing the job at home.

Here’s what you’ll love

Cuts through tough material

Heavy-duty chain

Convenient and reliable

Here’s what you might not like

Needs to be used close to a power source


Quick Facts

Battery operated

Runs on Lithium-Ion battery

Sports a safety feature

Type: Battery | Bar Length: 16 inch | Power: 40V | Weight: 12.3 pounds

16-inch Cordless and Battery Operated

Most people would complain about battery-operated chainsaws for being weak. It’s not as powerful as fuel-powered chainsaws, which is usually a widespread problem.

But DEWALT deviated from that norm. Somehow, it rivaled the power of fuel operated machines. Yes, you read that right!

And the only difference between the two types? Battery operated ones are lightweight! So, you can quickly and conveniently bring this product around anywhere you go.

Awesome Features

Who said battery-operated tools don’t come with splendid features? Not DeWalt.

The chain saw sports a Manual Chain Brake, which is a great safety feature you’d want to have for your saws. 

There’s also an Automatic Oiler to make sure your bar and chain remain oiled at all times.

We also love this chain saw because it comes with a Tool-Free Chain Tension System. So, you can safely change and adjust the chain as you go!

Is the DEWALT for You?

If you’re looking for one of the best battery operated chain saw out there, look no further because DEWALT has it for you.

It delivers an impressive performance, which can rival even fuel-powered models! The only difference is this tool is lightweight!

Here’s what you’ll love

Consistent awesome chainsaw reviews

Impressive Tool-Free Chain Tension System

Manual Chain Brake feature

Here’s what you might not like

Slightly noisy

#4 – Remington RM4214 Rebel

Quick Facts

Cordless chainsaw

One of the best chainsaws today

Anti-Vibration Chain System

Remington RM4214 Rebel
Type: Gas | Bar Length: 14 inch | Power: 42cc | Weight: 14 pounds

14-inch Bar and Chain Gas Powered Tool

Consider this chain a powerhouse. Although the bar length measures only 14-inches, it’s decent enough to cut through small trees, pruning branches, and more!

Safe to say, the size is in the middle range. It’s not too short, nor is it the longest out there. So, for us, it’s a safe pick!

Although it lacks in size, Remington nevertheless made up for it in its power. How so?

Well, this tool is gas-powered! It means that the whole thing is powerful and will always deliver the best results!

You can always bring this cordless chainsaw whenever you’re off for an adventure or just working in your backyard. It’s pretty convenient and handy to have around!

Awesome Features

We sure love a power tool that comes with excellent features. This is why it wasn’t too hard for us to fall in love with the Remington.

It sports an impressive Quickstart Technology for a smooth operation. Don’t be jolted by the sudden jerk of the tool whenever you start it!

It also sports an Automatic Oiler, so don’t worry about lubricating the chains by yourself. It gets the job done for you! 

You don’t have to worry about the chains rusting or losing their sharpness!

One feature that stood out for us is its Inertia-Activated Chain Brake. It’s a safety feature that stops the chain from spinning whenever the tool kicks upwards! Awesome right?

Is the Remington for You?

If we’re honest, Remington stands to be one of the best chainsaw brands out there. So, we’re sure their chainsaw is always the best to use, regardless of the season you’re using it for!

Whether you plan to use it in rural or suburban areas, this gas-powered machine will deliver a professional quality performance.

Cut trees, trim shrubs, you name it! Remington won’t disappoint you!

Here’s what you’ll love

Decent 14-inch bar

Portable and handy to have around

Doesn’t require an electric power source

Here’s what you might not like

Tends to be noisy

A Guide to Choosing the Best Saws

It’s no doubt that there’s a ton of chainsaws out there claiming to be the best in town. But are they?

In this review, we’ve listed only the best you deserve. And we promise, all the chainsaws we’ve mentioned will always deliver outstanding results.

But we want you to keep in mind important considerations when buying saws, especially if it’s your first time!

So, what are these considerations, and why are they so important?

Size and Power

Let’s start with the essential consideration you need to think of. How big of a chainsaw do you need? Most important, how powerful do you want it to get?

Those two questions should always be your primary consideration. Why? It can make or break your projects! And we know for sure you want nothing ruining your plans.

Chainsaws come in varied sizes and power, and it comes with its advantages.


When we speak of chainsaw size, it usually has a lot to do with the bar length or inch bar. The bar length is the distance from the chainsaw’s housing and up to the end of its tip.

On average, bar lengths measure between 6 to 20 inches. So more or less, you’ll have a variety of options!

People who prefer lighter saws can go for shorter sizes like 6 to 12 inches. 14-inch should work. 

It gets the job done, although it falls short compared to longer chainsaws.

The longer the bar length, the better it is at cutting a bigger surface! You can easily cut through hard and large surfaces as if you’re slicing butter.

You’ll feel a lot more comfortable and confident because of how smooth and easy it is to cut through things.


The next most important thing you must consider is the engine power of your chainsaw.

Regardless of how short or long the bar lengths are, it’s up to the engine power to make sure things run smoothly.

We recommend choosing saws with a big engine. Why? It’s usually a great indicator that the machine is potent!

But remember, the bigger the engine, the heavier it gets. This is why we understand the conflict people have between choosing a lightweight chainsaw over a weighty one.

You’d have to carry the chainsaw for a long time in some cases. And imagine if you must take a massive chainsaw. Whew! Sounds tiring!

Operation Type

Chainsaws are powered by diverse sources. There’s the traditional source, which is fuel. And other chainsaws are corded or use batteries.

Of those three, which should you choose? They each come with their pros and cons, which you should know about.

Let’s discuss each of them!

Gas Saws

If you’ve worked around chainsaws before, then you’re probably familiar with the smell of its engine fumes, especially if it’s gas-powered!

The scent is often unbearable for many first timers until, eventually, they get used to the scent.

But many people still prefer using chainsaws powered by gas. It packs a lot of power and lasts a long time!

You can load your chainsaw with a gallon and fuel, and you can expect a day’s worth of cutting. Pretty convenient!

Not just that, most fuel powered chainsaws are also highly portable. So, it’s always handy to have around when you go on a logging expedition.

Though it’s cumbersome, it still doesn’t stop a lot of people out there.

However, through time, you must do some maintenance work on your saws. The same as how you would for other-gas-powered tools!

To keep it running in top shape all the time, you have to maintain it. It’s that easy!

Although we’re not going to lie, gas-powered chainsaws are a lot harder to start overtime. This is regardless of how well you maintain it! So that should be a heads up for you.

Besides that, fuel-powered chainsaws work well! Just wear earplugs whenever you’re using them.

Things can get loud quickly, and you don’t want to risk bursting your eardrums.

Corded Chainsaws

The next most potent chainsaw type needs an electric power source. So, you must be prepared to have a power outlet nearby.

However, your movement is limited to the length of the chord. You’ll always have to rely on a power source for your saws to function!

But hey, if you have one close by, then the sky’s the limit! You can enjoy an uninterrupted cutting since you won’t need to load it with gas or batteries. 

So, in that sense, it’s pretty convenient!

No matter how long you use it, you won’t ever have to smell any nasty fuel emissions. And you also need not worry about any maintenance! So that’s two things you don’t have to worry about.

If you’re put off by the noise of gas chainsaws and bulky size, electric-powered chainsaws make the best alternative. They’re heavy-duty and get the job done anyway!

Though there’s a slight limitation, you might be interested to know. The bar lengths of most electric chainsaws don’t go beyond 18 inches. But the size is still long.

Battery Powered Chainsaws

The least powerful of the bunch: battery-powered chainsaws. Typically, these are chainsaws that use Lithium-Ion batteries. 

It should give you about 30 minutes up to an hour max of cutting time.

So, you must prepare a stack of batteries nearby, especially if you plan to cut things the whole day!

Nevertheless, battery-powered chainsaws have perks of their own.

For one, it’s pretty portable. You can bring it around with you, and you need not look for a power source. So, it’s convenient.

Don’t worry about maintenance and those nasty engine fumes. The operation is quiet, so you don’t need to be afraid of waking your entire neighborhood.

If you’re someone who doesn’t frequently use chainsaws, battery-powered types should be enough for you.


Regardless of the chainsaw you use, it still emits some noise. And yes, the sound is loud and we’re sure you can already imagine it!

Most complaints about chainsaws are about their deafening noise! So, don’t be surprised when your neighbor suddenly barges into your backyard to tell you off.

Gas-powered chainsaws are the noisiest of the bunch, measuring at over 100 decibels in one go! Even electric chainsaws can get that loud, believe it or not.

So whenever you have neighbors near you, consider getting a quiet operating chainsaw, which is usually battery-operated once.

But hey! If you’re taking your chainsaw to cut down trees in the middle of the forest, by all means, let the noise go loose. 

As long as you’re not disrupting anyone, it’s all good.

Safety Features

By now, you already know that chainsaws are extremely dangerous to leave lying around anywhere. Its sharp blades can cut through anything, which is why you need to pay extra attention to it.

Believe it or not, there are over a thousand chainsaw accidents every year. This could be avoided if necessary precautions were observed!

Luckily, most chainsaws today come with superb safety features. And keep your eyes peeled for those types.

To start, you’d want to make sure the chainsaw you choose has a trigger lock. 

It stops the blades from running and cutting objects the moment the trigger is released. So, don’t worry about unnecessarily cutting anything!

We also recommend looking for anti-kickback chains or anti-vibration systems. It prevents the chainsaw from snagging and reduces that jolting movement, especially when you start it up! 

Don’t be shaken to your core whenever you start your chainsaw.

Finally, some chainsaws sport double-acting brakes. This means your hands are always protected from moving towards the blades. 

You can keep all your fingers and enjoy cutting other things.

As much as possible, prioritize choosing a chainsaw that comes with decent safety features. Remember, you want to do the job. But not at the expense of your safety.

Spending more on a chainsaw with safety features is more worth it than having to spend a fortune on hospital bills.


Accessories aren’t always a priority for some people. But if it’s something that can enhance your chainsaw’s function, then it sure is worth your time and money.

Many chainsaws today come with a bunch of accessories. And because of this, a lot of chainsaw owners feel compelled to buy them. Why exactly? 

Well, it enhances the use of their chainsaw and more!

Generally, we recommend looking for tool-free chain tensioning. You can easily adjust the chains, especially if you’re always on the go!

Some of the best accessories we’ve discovered include a see-through tank, spring-assists, and self-oiling chains. What do these three have in common? It makes using a chainsaw a lot convenient!

You’re paying a little more for the accessories. But when you look at the bigger picture, you’re paying for the convenience!

Top Picks

So, who makes the best chainsaw in the world? If you ask us, it’s all the brands we’ve mentioned in this review. Nothing compares to the chainsaw features they all have!

But if you ask us the best chainsaw, we have our top two picks: the WORX Electric Chainsaw and Poulan Pro Gas Powered Chainsaw.


Poulan Pro PR5020

Poulan Pro PR 5020

What is the best chainsaw for today’s review? 

Our clear winner for today is no other than Poulan Pro PR5020. We love how this heavy-duty tool is! It’s reliable and perfect to have around anywhere you want it!

Because it consumes fuel, expect it to pack a mean power. That’s on top of the impressive power it already has!

So, for us, this is another of the best chainsaws you can find in the market, which you wouldn’t want to pass on. It sports incredible chainsaw features that can make your life a lot easier.



WORX WG304.1

Today, we award WORX as runner-up for this roundup review. 

We just love how powerful it is, even for an electric chainsaw! It’s one of the best chainsaws that can compete even with fuel consuming tools out there.

This is why we aren’t surprised that it’s received high ratings by far. A chainsaw comparison for this product would clearly show it can perform at par with others.

So, don’t expect this product to fall short soon. You can always trust this tool can provide you with unlimited cutting.


Did you find the best chainsaw for the money in this article? 

All the products we’ve listed here are some of the best products you can ever find on the market!

You won’t have to go through the trouble of scouring the internet just to find the right chain for you.

We hope you enjoyed this review. Leave a comment below, and we’ll be glad to hear from you. 

Don’t forget to also share this article with your friends or family. Who knows, they might just look for the same thing as you.

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