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You heard that kinetic log splitters are the fastest log splitters out there? Well, yes, that’s right!

Kinetic log splitters are powerful machines that make your splitting work easy and incredible fast.

This article will show you the top 5 kinetic log splitters and a buying guide on how to choose the best kinetic log splitter.

#1 is my favorite, but #3 is also worth considering, especially if you are on a tight budget.

Quick Overview


WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter

WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter


Accurate and efficient

Easy to use


Champion Power Equipment 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter

Champion Power Equipment 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter



Low profile

Our Top 5 Choices For Best Kinetic Log Splitters

Best Kinetic Log SplittersPowerForcePrice
1. WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log SplitterElectric6.5 tonsCheck Price
2. Champion Power Equipment 7-Ton Gas Log SplitterGas7.0 tonsCheck Price
3. Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log SplitterElectric7.0 tonsCheck Price
4. PowerKing 34 Ton Kinetic Log SplitterGas34 tonsCheck Price
5. Sportsman Earth Series Gas-Powered Kinetic Log SplitterGas19 tonsCheck Price

5 Best Kinetic Log Splitters in 2024

#1 – Winner – WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter

Quick Facts


Accurate and efficient

Easy to use

WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter
Power Source: Electric, 15 Amp | Driving Force: 6.5 tons | Cycle Time: 20 seconds | Vertical/Horizontal Options: Horizontal

Had you already read some best kinetic log splitter reviews before? Whether you had or not, you can tell it’s hard to pick the best kinetic log splitter in the market.

You might be looking for one kinetic log splitter with a perfect combination of cycle speed and splitting force. Well, your search is over as we introduce WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Kinetic Log Splitter.

The Ideal Indoor Kinetic Log Splitter

Our team discovered through using this product that this type of kinetic log splitter is the perfect helping hand of home users. This kinetic wood splitter machine provides enough ram power to split wood logs for indoor use. 

This kinetic wood splitter is an expert in splitting up to 10″-wide and up to 20.5″-long wood. One secret behind its commendable log splitting capacity is its side-mounted support wings.

With these support wings onboard, you’ll never have to worry about logs rolling away while splitting.What’s good to know is this electric kinetic log splitter also comes with 13,000 lbs. of log cracking pressure comparable to a heavy-duty hydraulic splitter.

Efficiency Over Speed

Increase your productivity with the ram force and splitting power of this kinetic log splitter machine with its cycle speed. Thanks to its cycle speed, you ONLY spend 20 seconds for a complete cycle.

This respectable cutting speed can match up with any hydraulic log splitter with ease. Enjoy the log splitter power of this machine by working with about 120 logs in one hour.

That’s a massive number for an indoor electric kinetic log splitter if you ask other people. 

Splitting over a hundred logs in an hour is possible with its auto-return cylinder. You can save time and energy during operation as the cylinder retracts by itself after every full split.

The best part is you have the power to adjust the 4″-push plate’s travel distance. All you need to do is to set the ram-limiting adjustment ring.

Once set, you can enjoy the faster cycle speed and increased efficiency of this kinetic wood splitter.

Made For Anyone

It might be intimidating for you to learn about the features of this excellent kinetic log splitter. But, the good news is that you don’t need to be an expert log splitter to enjoy the capabilities of this superb wood cutting machine.

From setting up to maintenance, you can always get the job done yourself. Your back might not be as flexible as this log splitting machine. But, don’t worry!

You have the choice to elevate this machine with its 34″-stand mount during operation. Otherwise, you can sit close to the ground while cutting logs like you’re doing it with a hydraulic splitter.

No calibrations needed as its 5″-wedge split the toughest log with accuracy at 45 degrees.

This log splitter machine does not cause you problems one might encounter when using a gas cutting machine. Gone are the days you have to deal with the clogged carburetors!

Work Anywhere, Anytime

You can start work anywhere, anytime you like, with its reliable start-ups in place.

You can bring this portable machine anywhere you like, whether indoors or outdoors.

You can easily pull this machine at your will with its ever-reliable handle. To complete the setup, it has 5.5″-wheels that will never go flat.

Is The WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter For You?

If you’re one of those who want an indoor kinetic log splitter for home purposes, this product is for you.

It has the right speed and splitting force for cutting log for indoor use. It’s electrically powered, so you don’t need to worry about the noise and pollution during operation.

What most people love about this product is its user-friendly features. From setup to operation, this machine makes it effortless for you.

Here’s what you’ll love

Comes with a 34″-stand mount for people suffering from back pains

Achieve the greatest efficiency with its adjustable push plate

Auto-return cylinder for quick and efficient operation

Here’s what you might not like

20-second cycle time might not be fast enough for some users

Needs an extension cord for outdoor operations

#2 – Runner-Up – Champion Power Equipment 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return

Quick Facts



Low profile

Champion Power Equipment 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter
Power Source: Gas, 80 cc | Driving Force: 7 tons | Cycle Time: 20 seconds | Vertical/Horizontal Options: Horizontal

When you look at this model, the first thing you might notice is its size. Comparing it to other kinetic log splitters, this model is waaay smaller.

Sure, huge electric kinetic log splitters generate more cutting power in general. But NOT UNTIL you meet the Champion Power Equipment 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter.

Small But Mighty

It’s the perfect example for a small but MIGHTY machine.

Thanks to its 79cc engine, you can achieve a complete cycle in only 20 seconds. Add the auto-return valve, and you can finish 180 full cycles an hour, according to our tests.

Its skewed wedge makes a clean cut to logs up to 19″ long and 50 lb.-heavy. With that, you don’t have to repeat cutting the same log just to get the perfect slice.

You’ll need a large work table to accommodate logs of such size. But you don’t need to lift a large, heavy log onto the splitting beam.

Carrying and loading your logs onto the splitter is as easy as serving plates to the work table. Its low-profile design makes it easier for you to load the logs onto the splitting beam.

Once loaded, you’ll be sure that the integrated log cradle secures the logs in place.

What Makes This Model Stand Out?

Unlike other kinetic log splitters, this model boasts a two-stage gear pump that adjusts the flow and pressure in sync during operation.

It delivers high flow over low pressure when there is no resistance. Achieve increased productivity when cutting through a log with its low flow over a high-pressure mechanism.

You can show off the amazing features of this machine to your friends and neighbors. This machine is a great travel buddy with its ergonomic handle and 10″ never-flat tires.

Is The Champion Power Equipment 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return For You?

On top of the hot inclusions in the package, you can experience the trusted customer support of the brand. 

From assembly to lifetime technical support and warranty, there’s no doubt why customers leave positive reviews on this product.

Here’s what you’ll love

An Integrated log cradle secures the wood in place

Robust and secured oil tank and engine design

Smart low-profile design for easier wood loading

Here’s what you might not like

Contributes to air and noise pollution

Lacks accessories

#3 – Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter

Quick Facts

Automatic ram return

Convenient one-handed operation

Outstanding durability

Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter
Power Source: Electric, 2 hp | Driving Force: 7 tons | Cycle Time: 14 seconds | Vertical/Horizontal Options: Horizontal

In technical terms, this unit is not a kinetic type of log splitter. Yet, it is worth mentioning in this list together with the best kinetic log splitters.

Here’s why.

Hydraulic Mechanics

This machine might not match with the kinetic log splitters mentioned in this list. Despite that, it gives some people a cheaper option that still caters to their needs.

In this section, you can also tell how log splitters run by a hydraulic machine compared to ones powered by an electric motor.

This comparison is an introduction to different kinds of log splitters. You will see that each kind is better than others on certain occasions.

Kicking things off, the plain difference between the two types is the large gap in their prices. With that, this hydraulic splitter fares better than most kinetic log splitters.

Did you know? This machine is the most cost-effective option one can get in the market.

Going into the true purpose of log splitters, one can see that the machine has the essential components to do its work.

It has an electric motor that’s an upgrade from smaller machines with the integration of the 2-HP engine.Speaking of the electric motor, its specifications state that you need a 115-V, 13.5-A outlet source. With that comes a high power capability, as it can generate 60 Hz, 3400 rpm of force!

A Fair Match Against Kinetic Splitters

Moving forward, the electric log splitter has a maximum splitting force of 7 tons. Coupled with the hydraulic machine, this splitting force comes with 3700 psi pressure.

That’s a pretty decent number if you ask us. Splitting most logs with this shouldn’t be too concerning.

Its cycle time cannot match the cycle time of most electric kinetic log splitters. When we trialed this product, on average, the cycle time takes 9 seconds with an automatic ram return after 6 seconds.

Besides, its log capacity can reach the maximum limits of some kinetic log splitters. This hydraulic splitter can split logs as long as 20.5″.

Another thing to note about this product is its splitting wedge height of 5″. This wedge height should be enough to accommodate most logs.


This power tool only needs one hand to operate, which could pose safety issues for some people. It boasts its unique full-beam construction that reinforces its durability over time.

One thing you might also love about this hydraulic splitter is its portability. You could transport this log splitter from one place to another with its 7″-wheels.

The log cutter costs only a fraction of a kinetic log splitter’s price. Given that low price, you might consider purchasing accessories for extra functions.

From the descriptions above, the wedge function of the hydraulic splitter alone might not seem enough. With that, you could get the compatible 4-way cross wedge that gives you better productivity.

Its peculiar design opens two different positions to accommodate logs with different diameters. It can also reduce the cycle time by half by cutting the logs into four quarters on one pass.The other two accessories ensure the overall ergonomics of the machine. The log splitter stand elevates the hydraulic splitter for easy reach, while the log tray provides extra working space.

Is The Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter For You?

Going through this list of the best kinetic log splitters available in today’s market can be exciting.

However, you will notice that most of these machines cost big. While some people can afford such models, others might find the prices too much for a wood splitter.

If you find yourself worrying about skyrocketing prices, you should consider the Boss Industrial ES7T20 Electric Log Splitter.

Here’s what you’ll love

Outstanding durability

Portable design and layout

Very affordable price

Here’s what you might not like

One-hand operation

Relatively high cycle time

#4 – PowerKing 34 Ton Kinetic Log Splitter

Quick Facts

Long-lasting battery

Longer run-time

Tool-free tensioning

PowerKing 34 Ton Kinetic Log Splitter
Power Source: Gas, 7 hp | Driving Force: 34 tons | Cycle Time: 3 seconds | Vertical/Horizontal Options: Horizontal

If you are looking for a heavy-duty kinetic log splitter, you should consider a gas kinetic splitter instead.

An Undeniable Force

This 34-ton kinetic log splitter has the same splitting power as a 34-ton hydraulic machine. Such splitting ability requires large amounts of kinetic energy.

This incredible feature is possible with the 7-HP Kowler engine. The engine can generate massive splitting power enough to cut any class of log you might encounter.

Earlier, you knew that most log splitters already have trouble in cutting 20″-wide logs.

Yet, this gas log splitter takes 30″-wide logs as a piece of cake. Expect the same experience when splitting 24″-long wood.

For improved productivity, this 34-ton gas-powered kinetic splitter features a robust 8″-high wedge. It makes log splitting look easy.

Not only can you work with various log types, but you also get to split them at high speeds. In 3 seconds, you can already split a new log after cutting one.

Multi-Purpose Functions For All Seasons

An outstanding feature that you might not find in a typical kinetic log splitter is its snorkel. You would find this component helpful in all seasons, especially during winter.

Perhaps, you have a fair share of a bad experience in splitting logs during winter. Things might not go well when it’s cold outside.

As per our expertise, the snorkel’s winter mode can help you avoid similar situations. During winter, you can turn the snorkel into the engine to let hot air warm the engine.

Do the opposite thing during summer to prevent hot air from causing your engine to overheat. This simple maneuver can help your engine LAST LONGER than usual.

Great Portability

Now, you’ve already familiarized yourself with the capabilities and features of this gas kinetic log splitter.

Afterward, you might have some plans in your mind to test its splitting ability outside. The best place would be the forests where you have countless trees to use as wood sources.

Well, you don’t have to worry about transporting the 34-ton gas-powered kinetic splitter over large distances.

Weighing about 500 pounds, you might expect that carrying this gas kinetic log splitter is an arduous task.

But actually… you can transport this 34-ton gas-powered kinetic splitter with its all-terrain wheels.

The machine also comes with a trailer hitch for towing across miles of roads. The wheels attached to the gas-powered splitter are sturdy enough to withstand any road condition.

The best catch is you only need a few steps to assemble the entire machine! With the gas engine already onboard the model, you only need to attach the tray and wheels to complete the setup.

All these features are a testament to the suitability of this machine for outdoor use. However, attempting to use this gas-powered splitter indoors might spell trouble at your homes.

It requires a lot of space leaving little room for additional working area. Another thing is that its gas engine can produce noise and pollution, which can be problematic over time.

On top of these considerations, you must master the machine’s specifications for quick and easy operation.

Is the PowerKing 34 Ton Kinetic Log Splitter for You?

For someone who wants their logs cut immediately upon collecting, this gas log splitter is the perfect companion.

Whether you get your logs in the forests or at the highlands, this ever-reliable log splitter would not leave you behind.

It offers features beyond the range of most log splitters in this list. Among the several models produced by this brand, this splitter gives justice to the brand’s name.

You will only find a few log splitters that can give as much power as this product.

Here’s what you’ll love

Increased log capacity

Designed for towing over large distances

Requires minimal assembly

Here’s what you might not like

Contributes to air and noise pollution, as with other gas splitters

Bulky layout

#5 – Sportsman Earth Series 19-Ton Gas-Powered Kinetic Log Splitter

Quick Facts

Two-handed operation for safety

EPA approved

Great durability

Sportsman Earth Series 19-Ton Gas-Powered Kinetic Log Splitter
Power Source: Gas, 212 cc | Driving Force: 19 tons | Cycle Time: 2 seconds | Vertical/Horizontal Options: Horizontal

Another excellent option appearing in most kinetic splitter reviews is the Sportsman Earth Series 19-Ton Gas-Powered Kinetic Log Splitter.

What makes this kinetic log splitter special, you might ask?

When it comes to log splitters for home use, you might have low expectations. This assumption is understandable given that a typical high-power kinetic log splitter is not suitable for indoor use.

The Sportsman is a different story, however.

Doing More Than What Your Home Needs

You don’t need to set up your working area outside to adjust for a tough log splitter. This gas log splitter is one of the ideal models for your needs and situation.

Like some of the robust machines you encounter in your daily life, a 212-cc 7-HP four-stroke engine provides A TON of power to this gas kinetic log splitter.

What’s unique about the kinetic log splitter is its air cooling system that prevents the machine from overheating.

This gas kinetic log splitter can deliver a considerable 19-ton ram force that can cut through typical logs used inside a home.

Beyond that, you can split woods using this log splitter for commercial purposes as it can accommodate larger logs to some extent.

Its power and speed is enough to split 21″-long and 13.75″-wide logs. As you can tell, these kinds of wood logs are more than enough for your home needs.

Features Worth Noting

As with other reviews, it’s also essential to highlight the splitting speed. The cycle time influences the overall productivity you can achieve when using any of the log splitter models.

While it may not be the fastest, its cycle time of two seconds makes this kinetic log splitter an undeniable option, as indicated by our tests.

To ensure safety, use two hands in handling the 7″ steel wedge when operating these machines.

A handy inclusion you might not find in other log splitters is the drop tray placed at the perfect spot to catch split logs.

There’s no doubt that users suffering from back pains gave this kinetic log splitter positive reviews!

Compared to other machines in this list, this unit is a bit heavier, requiring a large amount of force and time to transfer it from one place to another.

In that case, its 12″- rubber wheels reduce the amount of effort and time you need to exert in mobilizing this machine.

Is the Sportsman Earth Series 19-Ton Gas-Powered Kinetic Log Splitter for You?

If you want to experience a glimpse of heavy-duty log splitters within your home premises, this unit is an excellent option to work with, and it will last for many years.

Its cycle time and log capacity are beyond the limitations of your typical indoor log splitters.

Given a chance, you can begin venturing into a small woodcraft shop with this reliable kinetic log splitter.

Time can tell how bright your future will be with this log splitter.

Here’s what you’ll love

Great durability

Low cycle time

Drop tray for additional working space

Here’s what you might not like

Generates high-intensity noise

Limited mobility due to heavy weight

What to Look for in a Kinetic Log Splitter?

Going through the list of excellent log splitters on the list must be exciting.

Still, you should be mindful of the following considerations before purchasing one unit. Choosing among the best log splitters in today’s market entails inspecting each product.

Checking customer reviews about each product gives you an idea of the pros and cons of each model.

Following these steps, you must look into all aspects determining their quality.

This section introduces you to several elements that determine the best log splitters.

Energy Source and Power

Whether it’s gas or electricity, you must know how to maximize the energy used by log splitters. Being able to do so enables you to use the power of your log splitter with SUSTAINABILITY.

Let’s Talk Gas

Gas engines are more powerful than electrical motors. You also don’t need to search for outlet sources, making them more suitable for outdoor use.

Gas engines are less complex than their electrical counterparts. From this fact, you can fix any issues in your gas engines, given your mechanical expertise.

Often, you can associate gas engines with log splitters that have more power. A perfect example is the PowerKing 34-Ton Splitter with its outstanding oil pressure.

What About Electric?

Despite these several advantages, many users dislike gas splitters for several reasons. They are notorious for generating loud noises and harmful gases into the surroundings.

Most users opt to operate these gas splitters outside their homes.

RELATED: How to use a wood splitter

Meanwhile, electrical motors make up for the disadvantages of gas engines. During operation, expect no noise and pollution to come out of electrical motors.

You also don’t have to worry about running out of gas. There are no power interruptions except for emergency cases.

It might not be simple to resolve electrical issues. Yet, electrical motors only need low maintenance over a long period.

Log Capacity

Consider which kinds of logs a splitter can handle without compromises. With that, the Champion Power Equipment 7-Ton  Splitter can cut through hardwood logs with ease.

ALWAYS inspect the dimensions before putting them into the splitter. Within the list, the PowerKing 34-Ton Splitter can deal with the longest and widest tree logs.

A telescoping wedge can improve a splitter’s versatility in cutting logs.

What Size Log Splitter Will Work Best For Your Wood Splitting Needs?

Cycle Time and Operation

When operating a kinetic splitter, you must understand the mechanism behind the system. For beginners, the pinion gear determines the cycle speed of the splitter.

Mastering the art of pinion gear maximizes productivity from the log splitter. Once this gear forces the rack to drop, expect the ram to push out at high speeds.

On average, kinetic splitters have a cycle speed of three seconds. Anything less would be better, but you must be careful.

While faster work turnouts are an inviting scene, you must know your limitations. It is advisable to work at your pace, regardless of the splitter’s cycle speed.

In that matter, you must check how you will operate the log splitter. See if it needs a single or pair of hands to operate.

More often than not, two-hand operated splitters are safer to use than those that need a single hand only.

Nothing can beat the 1-second cutting cycle of the Generac K10 Splitter, at least from the products on this list.

Mobility and Portability

Wherever you will use a log cutter, it is necessary to consider its portability and mobility.

Often, most kinetic splitters are smaller than their hydraulic counterparts. Yet, they are still heavy, weighing more than a hundred pounds on average.

You can still bring these heavy, kinetic splitters to different places. Several inclusions make the whole system mobile to some extent.

Most units have onboard wheels ideal for traveling over a couple of miles. Others include towing kits in their package for towing purposes.

Towing your kinetic splitters can save a large amount of space in your vehicle during travel. However, their towing abilities have limitations, which could render them useless at all.

Durability and Maintenance

As with other sets of equipment, durability and maintenance are also worth noting.

Compared to other log splitters, kinetic splitters have lower maintenance needs. This attribute appeals to most wood splitters that have limited time to deal with wood.

When checking the splitter’s durability, you must inspect the wedge’s construction and materials. A telescoping wedge is more likely to last longer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are kinetic wood splitters any good?

Yes, kinetic wood splitters are good. They are a very efficient way to split wood, and they are much easier to use than a standard wood splitter. A kinetic wood splitter uses a flywheel to store energy, and then release it in a powerful burst to split the wood. This makes them much faster and easier to use than a standard wood splitter.

What benefits do kinetic log splitters offer?

Kinetic log splitters offer a number of benefits over traditional log splitters. For one, they are much faster, meaning you can split more logs in a shorter period of time. Additionally, they are easier to use, as you simply need to push a button or lever to activate the splitting process. Finally, kinetic log splitters are much more durable, as they do not require the use of hydraulics or other moving parts that can break down over time.

What is the difference between a kinetic and hydraulic log splitter?

A kinetic log splitter uses a flywheel connected to a piston to generate the splitting force. The flywheel is spun up to a high speed, and then the piston is released, driving the blade through the wood. The advantage of this design is that it can generate a lot of force very quickly, making it ideal for splitting large logs. The disadvantage is that it requires a lot of energy to spin up the flywheel, so it is not as efficient as a hydraulic splitter.

A hydraulic log splitter uses a hydraulic cylinder to generate the splitting force. The hydraulic fluid is pressurized by a pump, and this pressure is used to drive the piston. The advantage of this design is that it is very efficient, since the hydraulic fluid can be reused over and over. The disadvantage is that it takes a long time to build up the pressure, so it is not as fast as a kinetic splitter.

Should I buy kinetic or hydraulic log splitter?

There is no easy answer when it comes to deciding whether to buy a kinetic or hydraulic log splitter. Both types of splitters have their own set of pros and cons that need to be considered before making a purchase.

Kinetic log splitters use a flywheel to generate the force needed to split logs. The main advantage of this type of splitter is that they are usually less expensive than hydraulic models. They are also typically lighter and easier to move around, making them a good choice for those who need to split logs in tight spaces or on uneven ground.

The downside of kinetic log splitters is that they can be difficult to start and require more maintenance than hydraulic models. They also tend to be less powerful, so they may not be the best choice for those who need to split large or tough logs.

Hydraulic log splitters use a pump to generate the force needed to split logs. The main advantage of this type of splitter is that they are typically more powerful than kinetic models. They are also usually easier to start and require less maintenance.

The downside of hydraulic log splitters is that they are usually more expensive than kinetic models. They are also typically heavier and more difficult to move around, making them a less ideal choice for those who need to split logs in tight spaces or on uneven ground.

Top Picks

Choosing among the best kinetic log splitters is an arduous task. Every product offers a unique feature that would make you want it.

However! Among all products, WEN is our highest-rated pick! Its incredible cycle time and heavy-duty splitting performance are only a few of its other incredible features!


WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter

WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Log Splitter

The WEN 56207 6.5-Ton Electric Kinetic Log Splitter is an excellent pick for any home user tackling light-to-medium split jobs.


Champion Power Equipment 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter

Champion Power Equipment 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter with Auto Return

If you prefer a more heavy-duty tool with a wider variety and don’t mind the price bump, the Champion Power Equipment 7-Ton Compact Horizontal Gas Log Splitter won’t let you down!

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