The 8 Best Chainsaw Mills For The Money In 2024

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Chainsaw mills allow you to transform raw lumber into usable logs for various projects and uses.

They can range from very affordable to extremely expensive, so we understand choosing the right model to buy can get pretty confusing.

This review gives you a run-down of the best chainsaw mill models today, as well as the basics that you will need to consider to buy the perfect mill.

Quick Overview


Granberg G777 Chainsaw Mill

Granberg G777 Chainsaw Mill

Unanimously top 1 spot in multiple reviews

Versatile cutting depths

Lifetime warranty


Granberg G778 Mark-IV Alaskan

Granberg G778 Mark-IV Alaskan

Cuts up to 27 inches wide

Cuts up to 13 inches deep

Maximum saw bar length of 36 inches

Our Top 8 Choices For Best Chainsaw Mills

Best Chainsaw MillsMaximum Cutting WidthCutting DepthPrice
1. Granberg G777 Chainsaw Mill18″1/2” to 13”Check Price
2. Granberg G778 Mark-IV Alaskan27″1/2” to 13”Check Price
3. Popsport Chainsaw Mill12″1/2″ to 12″Check Price
4. Timber Tuff TMW-56 Lumber Cutting GuideN/AN/ACheck Price
5. Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill48″0.5“ – 13“Check Price
6. HiHydro Portable Chainsaw Mill36″0.5“ – 13“Check Price
7. Zchoutrade Portable Chainsaw Mill36″0.5“ – 13“Check Price
8. VBENLEM Chainsaw Mill 48-Inch Portable Chainsaw48″1/2″ to 13″Check Price

8 Best Chainsaw Mill Models – Review

#1 – Winner – Granberg G777 Chainsaw Mill

Quick Facts

Unanimously top 1 spot in multiple reviews

Versatile cutting depths

Lifetime warranty

Granberg G777 Chainsaw Mill
Maximum Cutting Width: 18” | Cutting Depth: 1/2” to 13” | Chainsaw Size: 16-20”


First up on our list is the Granberg G777 Chainsaw Mill. This product has received the top 1 spot from numerous chainsaw mill reviews, garnering the best overall pick on this list.

A heavyweight in the chainsaw mill industry is Granberg, a U.S.-based company known and trusted for its high-quality products. In fact, they are so confident with their products that they are all covered with a lifetime warranty!

The G777 fits any chainsaws with a bar length of 16 to 20 inches.

One of this model’s advantages is that it includes an attachment assembly, which allows you to easily attach it with various chainsaws without the need for a drill hole.

With the ability to horizontally cut lumber or beams from 1/2 inches to 14 inches thick and 17 inches wide, this chainsaw mill is one of the most versatile chainsaw mills on this list.


With a classic look that will never go out of style, this mill is easy to set up, allowing you to start using it swiftly.

The stainless steel and aluminum mill comes with clear and accurate instructions that even a beginner will easily follow for assembly. It only takes one hour to assemble this mill straight from the box completely, and the process does not require any drilling!

Its design is also compact and lightweight, making it easy to transport to any location where you need to work.

It also comes with a cover on the bar to prevent unwanted injuries and keep your eyes safe from wood chips and sawdust that will usually fly upward without this cover.

The G777 also has pressure bolts to keep your chainsaw in place whenever you cut the lumber with your saw.

Is this the Chainsaw Mill for You?

If you already have a powerful gas chainsaw and need the versatility of the sizes this chainsaw mill can offer, then the Granberg G777 is the best for you.

If money is no object, this is the model we will recommend to anyone. It is also perfect for small-time commercial loggers or hobbyist carpenters.

Here’s what you’ll love




No need for a drill hole

Easy to use

Easy to assemble

No drilling required

Fast working

Works faster when used with a ripping chain

Here’s what you might not like

Requires at least 50cc gas chainsaw

Maximum 20 inches bar length

Does not come with guide rails

Alignment of the mill can be challenging

#2 – Runner-Up – Granberg G778 Mark-IV Alaskan

Quick Facts

Cuts up to 27 inches wide

Cuts up to 13 inches deep

Maximum saw bar length of 36 inches

Granberg G778 Mark-IV Alaskan
Maximum Cutting Width: 27″ | Cutting Depth: 1/2” to 13” | Chainsaw Size: 36″


This Alaskan Granberg Mk-IV IV is also known as the Granberg G778, the Alaskan Granberg MK-IV, the Granberg MK-IV, or the 778 MK-IV.

This mill is designed to make more significant cuts in your lumber.

It can work with a chainsaw bar length of up to 36 inches long and can be used to cut 13 inches deep and up to 27 inches wide. This is impressive for a chainsaw mill, as their portability usually limits the sizing!

As a Granberg product, it is also covered by their lifetime warranty.

This is excellent for beginners because you do not need previous experience to use it! New end brackets are easy to adjust, lessen the vibrations, and are more accurate.

You will get the best results if you use the Granberg MK IV Alaskan Chainsaw Mill with the Granberg first cut platforms and ripping chain.


While it is a bigger and heavier chainsaw mill than the others on this list, its size will not make a big difference if you have a specific need for a mill that can cut larger lumber.

It is also built to be very strong and sturdy, as it is made from a combination of aluminum and steel. Its design works well to minimize any vibrations during use.

The Granberg MK-IV is easy to mount to your chainsaw bar, requiring just a few wrenches turns. It is easy to assemble and is very intuitive, not requiring any drilling.

Is this the Chainsaw Mill for You?

If you need more significant cuts of wood and/or have a long bar length on your chainsaw, the Granberg G778 Mark IV is the best chainsaw mill for you that offers high-quality construction, design, and performance.

Here’s what you’ll love

Works with a considerable bar length

Versatile cutting sizes

Stops vibration

Sturdy construction

Easy assembly

No variations when cutting

High-quality construction

Expands what you can do with your workbench

Nice setup

Here’s what you might not like

Less portable

Heavier and bigger

Cannot use on a full 25-inch bar

Does not fit the nuts well

Not a perfect fit for all saws

#3 – Popsport Chainsaw Mill

Quick Facts

Most budget-friendly mill option

Excellent height and width adjustment

Brackets are accurate and easy to adjust

Popsport Chainsaw Mill
Maximum Cutting Width: 12″ | Cutting Depth: 1/2″ to 12″ | Chainsaw Size: 14″ to 24″


We all know that not everyone needs or wants a high-end mill, especially if you need to prioritize other equipment or are just starting on your milling hobby.

This Popsport Chainsaw Mill is efficient and versatile, allowing you to turn your chainsaw into a portable milling tool at home or wherever you may be working.

It has a bar depth of 14 to 24 inches and lets you attach your chainsaw bar to your mill with a few easy turns of the wrench. This mill also gives you excellent height and width adjustment options.

The brackets are easy to adjust and are more accurate compared to other affordable mill options.

The design also creates fewer vibrations and provides you with a flat surface for the mill to give you additional stability.

Popsport offers an option that can work with longer chain bars of up to 48 inches long. However, this will come at a higher price.


This Popsport tool is made of commercial-grade aluminum and stainless steel, giving it a clean, classic, and sleek look.

Moreover, it is lightweight while remaining reliable and tough enough to withstand the wear and tear from your heavy use.

The mill comes with an assembling tool and user manual to help you put this mill together. However, we must admit its assembly can be quite challenging.

Is this the Chainsaw Mill for You?

If you are looking for the most budget-friendly option for chainsaw mills that can still give you excellent performance, the Popsport Chainsaw mill is the one for you.

Here’s what you’ll love

Classic and sleek design


Solid and durable construction

Wide applications

Affordable price

Here’s what you might not like

May be difficult to assemble

#4 – Timber Tuff TMW-56 Lumber Cutting Guide

Quick Facts

Not like a regular mill

Can fit all chainsaws

Resistant to corrosion

Timber Tuff TMW-56 Lumber Cutting Guide
Compatible Guide Lumber: 2×4 or 2×6 | Overall Dimensions: 8” x 8.25” x 2.75” | Weight: ‎3.52 pounds


This Timber Tuff TM2-56 is a different style compared to the other chainsaw mills on this list. This was made more of a cutting guide than a mill, so it does not quite work the same way as other chainsaw mills.

It works by allowing you to attach your chainsaw at a vertical angle. You use this lumber cutting guide to assist you in cutting. Thus, it can work with any size of the chainsaw bar.

We recommend using this with a ripping chain.

The main benefit of this product from Timber Tuff is it is cheaper than other chainsaw mills.


Because of its design and intended purpose, this lumber guide is more compact. Unfortunately, this also makes this guide less stable than a standard mill, so you have to run this manually from above.

However, it is still made of heavy-duty steel and has a nice finish that will not rust.

Is this the Chainsaw Mill for You?

If you have no need for a standard chainsaw mill but want a cutting guide to assist you when cutting your lumber, this Timber Tuff TMW-56 is the perfect model for you.

It’s incredibly affordable and versatile enough to fit all chainsaws.

Here’s what you’ll love

Corrosion-resistant finish

Compact for transportation


Fits all chainsaws

Quick setup

Made of heavy-duty steel

One year limited warranty

Here’s what you might not like

Less stable than standard mills

Does not work the same way

Only serves as a guide

No instructions included

Screws needed for operation not included

#5 – Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill

Quick Facts

Compatible with Carmyra’s nine-foot rail system

Makes precise cuts of any thickness

Works with chainsaw bars from 14 – 48″

Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill
Maximum Cutting Width: 48″ | Cutting Depth: 0.5“ – 13“ | Chainsaw Size: 14″ – 48″


The Carmyra is a portable chainsaw mill that works with chainsaw bars ranging from 14 to 48 inches.

It is fast and easy to install. Moreover, it does not have a dedicated blade for cutting, which gives you a lighter and smaller mill that is easy to transport.

Since it has a large assembly size and is made of aluminum and steel, it is very durable. This allows it to take on harder lumber.

It is also compatible with Carmyra’s nine-foot rail system, which gives you precise cuts regardless of the shape of the log you are handling.

To use it, there is a straightforward mounting process. It can make accurate cuts out of any thickness.

The Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill is a versatile, lightweight, and efficient mill that cuts lumber and beams from 1/2 to 13 inches thick and up to 36 inches wide.

It is easy to use and works well when cutting oak, walnut, and cedar.


This high-quality mill is made of a combination of steel and aluminum. It attaches right to your chainsaw’s blade and does not require any drilling.

The mill comes with a user manual and an assembling tool. While there is no step-by-step guide that comes with it for its assembly, it does include a schematic that is easy enough to follow.

Is this the Chainsaw Mill for You?

If you have a particular need for a chainsaw mill that is lightweight and easy to transport, the Carmyra Portable Chainsaw Mill is the best you can get.

It makes exact and accurate cuts while still maintaining a lightweight and easy to use design.

Here’s what you’ll love

Easy mounting process

Cuts are very accurate


Easy to use

Makes precise cuts of any thickness

Produces consistent slabs

Here’s what you might not like

No step-by-step instructions for assembly

Requires two sets of hands for operation

Can take some jerry-rigging to get it to work right

Plastic handle grips tend to come off

#6 – HiHydro Portable Chainsaw Mill

Quick Facts


Two size options (36 and 48-inch)

Beautiful chrome finish

HiHydro Portable Chainsaw Mill
Maximum Cutting Width: 36″ | Cutting Depth: 0.5“ – 13“ | Chainsaw Size: 24″


Another portable chainsaw mill you can consider is this HiHydro model.

With two size options for their chainsaw mills, HiHydro lets you choose between a small model that can accommodate a chainsaw bar of up to 36 inches long or a larger option that can take a vast 48-inch chainsaw bar.

This chainsaw mill requires minimal effort when it comes to its assembly. It does not require any drilling to attach your chainsaw to the chainsaw mills. This also removes the need for any extra equipment.

It is capable of making top-notch quality mill cuts and beams, from 1/2 inches to 13 inches and up to 36 inches wide.

One end of the mill has an acrylic safety cover that prevents debris from flying over and ensures that you and the people around you remain safe.


Who says you need to compromise style with durability? This HiHydro Portable Chainsaw Mill looks sleek while still being sturdy and robust at the same time.

This chainsaw mill is made of durable aircraft-grade aluminum and stainless steel.

The aluminum is strong enough to remain stable while you cut into your lumber. But the manufacturers chose to cover it with chrome so that this mill looks like a high-quality product.

Despite this, it comes at an affordable price when compared to its competition.

Is this the Chainsaw Mill for You?

If you need chainsaw mills that can accommodate long chainsaw bars but do not want to pay the high cost associated with these more giant chainsaw mills, this model from HiHydro is a compelling option.

Here’s what you’ll love

Strong aluminum construction

Different chainsaw bar length options

Chromed rails

Easy assembly

No drill holes required

Here’s what you might not like

Challenging to get the proper thickness

#7 – Zchoutrade Portable Chainsaw Mill

Quick Facts

Best for beginners at milling

Can accommodate up to 48-inch bar length

Ideal for owners of large chainsaws

Zchoutrade Portable Chainsaw Mill
Maximum Cutting Width: 36″ | Cutting Depth: 0.5“ – 13“ | Chainsaw Size: 14″ – 36″


The Zchoutrade Portable Mill is excellent for beginners. It can fit a chainsaw bar ranging from 14 to 36 inches and is a high-quality tool. There is also another model that can accommodate a bar length of up to 48 inches!

It can easily mill walnut, oak, and cedar into high-quality lumber.

Its cutting depth ranges from 1/2 to 13 inches with a width of up to 36 inches. You can easily switch between sizes, as this mill is easy to adjust.

We recommend buying a ripping chain, which will make this chainsaw mill easier to use.


At only 7.5 kg, this portable mill is made of a combination of high-quality aluminum and steel. The kit includes instructions for fast and easy installation. This mill does not require any drilling for you to attach your saw to the mill.

Is this the Chainsaw Mill for You?

If you are new to using chainsaw mills, we know how daunting it can get.

The Zchoutrade Portable Mill is simple and easy enough to use for a beginner, allowing you to learn the basics of milling and begin developing your skills without getting too overwhelmed.

Here’s what you’ll love

Good quality mill

Easy to adjust

Can create a lengthy piece of timber

Ripping chain makes using this easier

Great for hobbyists and DIYers

Here’s what you might not like

Hard to keep square

Directions could be better

Tends to be big and heavy

#8 – VBENLEM Chainsaw Mill 48-Inch Portable Chainsaw

Quick Facts

Incredibly versatile bar length compatibility

Excellent for cutting wide pieces of lumber

Best for hobbyists and home users

VBENLEM Chainsaw Mill 48-Inch Portable Chainsaw
Maximum Cutting Width: 48″ | Cutting Depth: 1/2″ to 13″ | Chainsaw Size: 18″ – 48″


This chainsaw mill from VBENLEM can accommodate chainsaw bar lengths ranging from 18 to 48 inches, making it the perfect size for many applications and giving you a wide variety of board sizes.

With this heavy-duty mill, you can easily convert any rough pieces of lumber into slabs that range from an inch and a half to 13 inches thick. This is one durable chain saw mill that can create the perfect boards for various projects.

This affordable mill option is compatible with a wide range of chainsaws. It shines when it comes to building large projects, where you will need fewer fasteners and materials in the end.

It has an adjustable height and width, quickly transforming your saw into a portable milling machine.


With a construction that uses a combination of stainless steel and extremely durable aircraft aluminum, the VBENLEM Chainsaw Mill is a challenging but lightweight tool.

Is this the Chainsaw Mill for You?

If you want the ability to cut wide lumber pieces without having to spend a lot, this VBENLEM tool is for you. This will let you use your time more efficiently.

It is also great for carpenters, woodworkers, and homeowners due to the wide variety of board sizes it can produce.

Here’s what you’ll love

Stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum

Does the job well

Not too difficult to setup

Lightweight and durable

Works for homeowners and hobbyists

Here’s what you might not like

Confusing instructions

Made of cheap materials

Its design has room for improvement

Better to upgrade with improvements

What is a Chainsaw Mill?

A chainsaw mill looks like a miniature snowball. It was created to be operated by one to two people.

A cheap chainsaw mill usually consists of just a metal frame that includes clamps designed to attach to your chainsaw while your saw will sit squarely on the wood.

When you push your chainsaw lengthwise on the wood, it will cut a pretty straight board out of the log with the frame’s help holding the wood level.

The height of a chainsaw mill is also adjustable with the top of the wood so that you can adjust the board height between a minimum and maximum thickness.

A chainsaw mill does not come with a chainsaw. It only consists of the frame to which you will attach your saw. This means you need a good chainsaw that can fit into your mill.

Why Should You Get a Chainsaw Mill?

It Helps You Save Money

Bandsaw mills can run into the 5-figure territory, so when you are working with a small amount of lumber, it is more cost-effective to get a chainsaw mill instead.

Moreover, if you decide to mill your lumber, especially if you have a property with many trees, it’s best to invest in your chainsaw mill.

Fun if You Love DIY Projects

Are you a hobbyist woodworker or craftsman?

If the answer to that is yes, a chainsaw mill is a fantastic tool for your small DIY projects. You can use it to make your chair, cabinet, and much more using the lumber you milled using this tool.

However, note that chainsaw mills are only ideal for smaller projects. This is because they are limited in their production level and are not created to make vast amounts of lumber.

The process of turning log to lumber through a chainsaw mill is a slow one. It’s not the best tool for commercial applications if that’s what you are looking for.

Inexpensive if You Have a Powerful Chainsaw

Buying a powerful chainsaw can be costly. But once you have invested in that, a chainsaw mill is a great and inexpensive way to turn all the logs in your property into usable lumber.

Give Superior Portability

Chainsaw mills are light and extremely portable, giving you a lot of flexibility, especially if you have to take it around with you to mill your freshly cut lumber.

How Do You Use a Chainsaw Mill?

Look for the guide track that is included in your chainsaw mill setup.

This will let you make the perfect cut. Other mill models offer a more straightforward design, which enables you to create a level cut. You can also choose to make your custom guides.

The whole process’s accuracy will change the amount of wood you may waste when your chainsaw mill squares and produces lumber.

Larger bandsaw mills typically used for normal lumber operations are more efficient and can make more usable lumber from a log.

How to use a Chainsaw Mill

What Features of a Chainsaw Mill Should You Consider?

You must consider several factors to find the best chainsaw mill for you and your property. Below, we detail and explain each feature you should watch out to choose what chainsaw mill to buy.

Bar Fittings or Bar Capacity

The first feature you should consider in your chainsaw mill is the saw bar fittings. This can differ from one mill to another, so make sure you buy what is compatible with your chainsaw.

Chainsaw bars are not extendible, so if you end up with a bar fitting or capacity that does not match your chainsaw size, you will have to purchase either a new mill or a new saw. Yikes!

Cutting Depth

The cutting depth of a chainsaw mill will determine the thickness of the wood you can cut while using it. It is another critical consideration that will affect your choice.

Generally, mills come with adjustable cutting widths so that you can cut wood with varying thicknesses. However, there are limits in the cutting depth range.

Most chainsaw mills offer 1/2 to 12-inch cutting depths. However, some models offer up to 13 inches. Look for the one that gives you the center you will need for your projects.

Chainsaw Compatibility and Power Rating

Not all chainsaw mills work with just any chainsaw. Before buying your mill, make sure your existing chainsaw is compatible with the mill you plan to buy.

Some chain saw mills require the chainsaw to have a drilling hole, which will be used to attach the chainsaw handle. Others do not have such a requirement.

Moreover, the power rating of your chainsaw will determine the quality oil cuts you can make. If you want the highest quality and smoothest cut, your chainsaw needs to be at least 50 cc.

Quality and Durability

Considering the type of work you do with a chainsaw mill, it is expected to withstand heavy-duty cutting and wood milling. Prioritize buying a well-constructed and durable chainsaw mill.

Most chainsaw mills use aluminum, steel, or some combination of both materials. Steel mills are more durable, while aluminum models make your mill more lightweight and portable.

If you want to buy an aluminum mill, make sure the construction uses aircraft-grade or similar high-quality grade aluminum.

Weight and Portability

The weight of your chainsaw mill dramatically affects its performance and portability.

A heavier chainsaw mill will help enhance its steadiness, making it easier for you to use. However, it will not be as easy to transport to wherever you want to use it.

This can defeat the purpose of getting a mill, as many artisans and woodworkers choose a chainsaw mill over a band saw specifically for its lightweight and portable features.

This is also why many prioritize getting lightweight chainsaws: portability.

If you frequently need to cut logs in remote locations or at a decent distance from where your workshop or vehicle is, this will require that you carry your mill a lot.

In this case, the weight and portability of your mill will significantly affect your decision.

Price and Your Budget

Considering how high top-of-the-line chainsaw prices can cost, this will significantly impact your overall budget. After all, you should prioritize getting a better chainsaw.

Your project requirements and other materials that you may need will also determine the budget you will have for your chainsaw mill.

In the end, the total amount you are willing or able to spend on your chainsaw mill will depend on what you want to get out of it.

A basic chain saw mill with a lot of useful features can cost no more than $200. If you need to use it on larger logs and make more accurate cuts, we suggest choosing a higher-end chainsaw mill.

However, these can cost up to $1 500.

So figure out the maximum amount your budget will allow and cross-check the requirements you need from your chainsaw mill. Then, choose the best option that fits the intersection of those factors.

Our Top Picks


Granberg G777 Chainsaw Mill

Granberg G777 Chainsaw Mill

If you want the best chainsaw mills available on the market, any mill from Granberg will fit the bill. However, the G777 reigns supreme, receiving unanimous praises from multiple experts and users.

This steel and aluminum mill is incredibly simple to set up and does not require a drilling bar.

Moreover, it includes a cover to protect you from any flying debris or sawdust, which is great because we know how much sawdust a chain saw mill can produce when in use!

This is the quality and attention to detail that Granberg is world-renowned for with all their best chainsaw mills.

They care about your safety and health while also ensuring only the best performance from their mills.

Its size also makes it compact, lightweight, and very easy to carry wherever you need to cut your lumber.


Granberg G778 Mark-IV Alaskan

Granberg G778 Mark-IV Alaskan

Between these two Granberg choices, it is tough to choose! But we selected the G778 Mark IV as the best value option because of its ability to accommodate larger bar sizes of up to 36 inches.

While we understand that not everyone will have a blade length that long, this is the best value option you can buy if you have a bar that exceeds the 20 inches of the G777.

All Granberg products are covered by a lifetime warranty, meaning you are set for the rest of your life! Moreover, it also does not require a drilling bar making it easy to setup.

Similarly, it is constructed with a combination of steel and aircraft aluminum, making it durable and lighter than similar competitive models.

This is perfect for cutting more significant pieces of lumber and, despite its heavier and bigger footprint, is still easy to carry compared to other bigger mills.

This is one of the best chainsaw mills you can buy with your money.


Buying a chainsaw mill can maximize your time and money in many ways. Moreover, it lets you work on a wider variety of projects by cutting your lumber.

We hope this guide has given you all the information you have been looking for and made the process of finding your mill easier for you.

Featured Image: Granberg

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