How To Restring A Pole Saw: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide

how to restring a pole saw

Tree trimming is important for growing healthy and strong trees. But have you wondered how tricky it would have been to maintain your garden and backyard if you didn’t have pole saw in your toolkit? A pole saw doesn’t just help you prune and cut branches and get rid of unnecessary vines, but it also … Read more

How To Tighten A Pole Saw Chain?

how to tighten pole saw chain

Tighten a pole saw chain is not as complicated as it might seem. Indeed, with the right tools at hand, it’s an easy process you can and should do regularly. In this article, I will show you easy to follow instructions on how to tighten a pole saw chain. Why it is important to tighten … Read more

How To Use An Electric Pole Saw On A Ladder

How To Use An Electric Pole Saw On A Ladder

Your expandable pole saw is still to short to reach the highest branch, and you want to use a ladder to trim even higher? Then you are at the right place!  In this article, I will show you how to use an electric pole saw on a ladder – the safe way. Is it safe … Read more

How To Sharpen A Pole Saw Blade

how to sharpen a pole saw blade

A blunt blade ultimately defeats the purpose of trimming and cutting, wouldn’t you agree? For those who are unsure of how to CORRECTLY and SAFELY sharpen the blade of your trusty pole saw, don’t worry. This article will walk you through the 2 sharpening methods (file and grinder) and tips to get that saw ready … Read more