How To Use An Electric Pole Saw On A Ladder

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Your expandable pole saw is still to short to reach the highest branch, and you want to use a ladder to trim even higher? Then you are at the right place! 

In this article, I will show you how to use an electric pole saw on a ladder – the safe way.

Is it safe to use a pole saw on a ladder?

Yes, it is safe to use an electric pole saw on a ladder, but there are risks involved, and you’ll have to be extra careful when doing so.

Although pole saws are predominantly used for cutting branches and vines while keeping your feet on the ground, these are highly versatile tools. An electric pole saw can easily cut at a thickness of 8-10 inches. If you have to reach branches that are at a height of 15-20 feet, it will be the obvious choice to make use of a sturdy ladder. 

However, as mentioned before, using a pole saw on a ladder will be a challenging task, and you’ll have to be very careful. A pole saw is designed for operating from the ground, so using a ladder will not be the easiest thing. Further, as you increase the height, the danger quotient will increase as well. Further, a pole saw is slightly heavy equipment, varying between 15 and 20 pounds. This means it’ll be a challenge to maintain body balance while carrying the pole saw on a ladder.

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How to use an electric pole saw on a ladder?

If you’re looking to cut high branches and vines, it’ll be important to know how to use an electric pole saw on a ladder while following all the safety measures. Unless you have a lot of experience with using a pole saw, you should only look to using a high ladder as a last resort. For instance, a quality pole saw can reach 15 feet. And if you’re looking to reach branches that are 20-25 feet, then using a ladder will allow you to reach the extra distance.

  • First, you should assemble the parts of your pole saw in a precise manner. Moreover, adjust the chain tension in the pole saw and the height depending on your needs.
  • Then, you should get a quality ladder that is sturdy and has a good base. Place it on the tree in a way it is making an angle of 75-degree with the ground. Further, if possible, try to keep an assistant with you to hold the ladder before you climb.
  • Place the pole saw in the intended tree branch and start with the cutting or pruning operation. If the branch is thin, you’ll be able to cut it in a single stroke.
  • For thicker branches, you will need to make 1 or 2-inch grooves and go for the jump-cut for removing the branch.
  • Additionally, avoid climbing too high on the ladder. If you’re on the lower end of the ladder, you can easily jump to the ground and protect yourself if anything goes wrong. If you climb too high, not only will you struggle to balance yourself, not only will it be awkward to position yourself and cut the branches, but you’ll also struggle to jump from that height as you’ll fear injuring yourself.

Safety tips to keep in mind when using an electric pole saw on a ladder

Using a pole saw on a ladder will be a highly dangerous task. It is essential to have protective gear at your disposal to add to the safety. Ensure that you wear equipment like eye goggles, a helmet, boots, and a pair of heavy-duty gloves before you begin the operation.

Restrict the movement in the working area as falling branches and tree remains lying on the ground may cause accidents. As the fallen tree branches could injure people, you should restrict the working area up to a radius of 50 feet. Lastly, check for any electric wires around the tree, as tripping on wires or damaged wires can get you in serious trouble.

How do you cut high branches without a ladder?

The primary purpose of a pole saw is to eliminate the need for using tall ladders or stools. Many pole saws are long enough to reach high branches, while the others offer extensions to help you cut down the out-of-reach branches. It is possible to cut high branches without a ladder, and it should be kept that way unless you absolutely have to use a ladder, then do it under the supervision of someone who can assist you by holding the ladder. Now, this begs the question, how do you cut high branches without a ladder? Don’t worry, you’ll get the answer to that as well.

man cutting tree limbs using electric pole saw
  1. Perform a thorough safety check of the tool and plot the area where you expect the branches to fall and secure it 
  2. Choose the branches that you wish to cut
  3. Extend and lock the pole so that the saw reaches the branches that you’re looking to cut
  4. Position your body so that you can cut the branches without them falling on you
  5. Cut the branches, trim the bushes, and clear out any unnecessary vines 
  6. Clean the area once you’re done cutting the branches 
How To Use An Electric Pole Saw On A Ladder


Pole saws are incredibly versatile and useful for cutting the branches and trimming the vines to help you maintain the trees in your yard. Hopefully, this guide would have helped clear all your doubts regarding how to use an electric pole saw on a ladder.

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