How To Sharpen A Pole Saw Blade

how to sharpen a pole saw blade

A blunt blade ultimately defeats the purpose of trimming and cutting, wouldn’t you agree? For those who are unsure of how to CORRECTLY and SAFELY sharpen the blade of your trusty pole saw, don’t worry. This article will walk you through the 2 sharpening methods (file and grinder) and tips to get that saw ready … Read more

What Size Chainsaw Do I Need? (Beginner’s Guide)

what size chainsaw do i need

Chainsaws come in all shapes and sizes. With a lot of options, you might actually be wondering, “What size chainsaw do I need?” Well, there are many factors to consider, and it really depends on your needs. Don’t worry though, in this guide, I’ll go through all the factors for you to be able to … Read more

How To Measure A Chainsaw Bar And Chain

How To Measure Chainsaw Bar

You’re looking to replace your chainsaw bar or chainsaw chain, but you don’t know what size you’ll need. Simply guessing isn’t the best way. Instead, let me show you how to get the most accurate measurement on your chainsaw bar and chain. My guide here will be useful if you’ve lost your manual or just … Read more

How To Cut Down A Tree With A Chainsaw

How To Cut Down A Tree With A Chainsaw

So you’ve got a tree that you need or want to cut down with a chainsaw but aren’t quite sure how to go about doing it. Seeing as cutting a tree, or felling a tree, can be dangerous, any fear is well placed. After all, it’s best to be safe than sorry when dealing with … Read more