How To Restring A Pole Saw: A Simple Step-By-Step Guide

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Tree trimming is important for growing healthy and strong trees. But have you wondered how tricky it would have been to maintain your garden and backyard if you didn’t have pole saw in your toolkit? A pole saw doesn’t just help you prune and cut branches and get rid of unnecessary vines, but it also takes care of your safety. You might know how and why to use a pole saw but do you know the purpose of the string in a pole saw or how to restring a pole saw?

The significance of a string in a pole saw

The string is a vital part of your pole saw, and it is important to restring your pole saw on a regular basis. All your efforts could go in vain if your pole saw isn’t working properly. A pole saw with a proper string will be an effective tool for cutting branches or pruning tree limbs without using tall ladders.

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These types of saws will allow you to pull down on a string and keep the blade next to the branches so that you can avoid tearing the bark when sawing. If you know how to restring a pole saw and get it working smoothly, you’ll be able to prune branches and the swelling that connects the branch and the tree trunk effortlessly within no time. Additionally, you’ll also be able to keep the pole saw well-sharpened, reducing the risk of tearing the bark.

pole saw restring

Safety precautions to keep in mind

A pole saw is an important tool in your toolkit. It helps keep your garden or backyard in prime condition and helps you maintain the condition of your trees. However, a pole saw string ends up getting damaged sooner or later, and you’re left with the task of replacing the string.

If you know how to restring a pole saw, the entire replacement process is a breeze. If you don’t know the process, it becomes a tricky task. Whatever the case may be, it is important to put the safety and precautions first and ensure that you adhere to these measures.

  • Find and use a string that will seamlessly fit into the groove of the pulley
  • For avoiding accidents and a smooth running pole saw, you must use a handle with a good grip
  • To avoid any friction, you should prefer a polyester rope 
  • Cover the blades before you restring the pole saw for avoiding any accidents 

How to restring a pole saw in 7 easy steps?

Step 1: Always keep safety as first priority 

When operating any kind of pole saw, you must wear protective gear for obvious safety reasons. It is recommended that you should wear hand gloves and protective goggles for avoiding any unwanted mishaps. This way, you will have more confidence as you get into the process of restring your pole saw.

Step 2: Remove the old rope

Now, check the existing rope on the pole saw and observe if it can be used further. If you feel the string is capable of functioning for a few more weeks, you can stop and return later. However, if the pole saw is damaged, you’ll have to attach it to the pole saw with a pullet. Make use of a screwdriver for untying the rope from the pulley and then remove it.

man restringing pole saw

If the pole features multiple pulleys, removing the string could be a bit tricky. At the time, you should use the screwdriver for unhooking the rope from two pulleys carefully and remove it properly.

Step 3: Tie the new rope on the pole saw

After you untie the previous rope, you can proceed to attach the new string to the bar. At first, you should find the anchor eye on the bar. It is located ardently towards the end of the movable blade on the pole saw.

After finding the anchor eye, you should pass the new rope through the anchor, and then it’ll be time to inspect the new pole saw design as it’ll determine the string connection process. You’ll either see an anchor or a grommet where you will have to tie the rope.

Once you have managed to inspect the saw design, make use of a bowline or hitch for connecting the rope with the anchor or grommet securely.

Step 4: Rest the string with the pole saw

You’ll then require to pull the pole saw rope either upward or downward as you try to attach it to the pulley. In the majority of the cases, you’ll find the pulley on the lopper blade, and it usually happens with the pole having the anchor placed on it. If the bar is designed for accommodating the rope in the blade end, the pulley would be in the opposite direction. Regardless of the pulley location, you should pass the string through and secure it.

Step 5: Screw the new string

In case there is an existing anchor in the pole saw, you’ll be able to quickly fix the new string with it. However, if it doesn’t have an anchor, it is suggested that you should make use of an eyebolt. The screwing and tightening of the rope would prevent the rope from loosening in the future.

Step 6: Adjust the string length

You will then have to adjust the string length according to your comfort level. In an ideal scenario, a pole saw with a shorter string length is much easier to operate. You can make use of a pair of scissors or a sharp knife for cutting the string, depending on your comfort level.

Step 7: Finish up by knotting the string

Once you’ve adjusted the rope length, finish up by tying the rope end for avoiding quick damage to the string. It is essential as all kinds of yarn tend to damage from the rear.

How To Restring A Pole Saw


Hopefully, now you know all about how to restring a pole saw. With a quality pole saw, it will be pretty easy to maintain your garden or backyard. Keep trimming your trees and plants, as a healthy garden leads to a healthy environment.

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