7 Last Minute Gift Ideas For People Who Love Chainsaws

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Finding the right gift for a close family member, colleague, or friend is never easy. You have to be thoughtful and creative to nail it.  Wondering what’s the best gift to give a chainsaw lover?  You have come to the right place!

We have done the homework for you. Here is a list of some brilliant gift ideas for chainsaw lovers. And the chances are that they will love it!

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Our Top Chainsaw Gift Ideas Overview

Our Top Choices For Best Chainsaw Gifts

Before we delve further into this topic, here are our top picks;


OICGOO Brushless Motor Mini Chainsaw

OICGOO Brushless Motor Mini Chainsaw

Corded electric and battery-powered


One hand handheld

Chainsaw lovers may enjoy using their heavy artillery, but this brushless motor mini chainsaw will fascinate them. At first glance, it will look like a toy, but working with it will surprise them. 

It can cut through pieces of wood with a 6-inch diameter effortlessly.  And it comes with extras that include batteries, a chain, and a case. This makes it the ultimate gift package.


Vgo 1Pair 0℃32°F Chainsaw Gloves

Vgo 1Pair 0℃/32°F Chainsaw Gloves

12 protective layers

Multi-purpose applications

Waterproof and cold-proof

A thoughtful gift item that will show the recipient you care. It comes with a 12 layer protective mechanism to protect users from accidental cuts. 

It is made with highly comfortable and breathable materials that prevent sweating and enhance grip. Additionally, it is an all-weather 1 pair work glove.

Now let’s get to the meatier section!

The 7 Incredible Chainsaw Gift Ideas

#1 – Winner – OICGOO Brushless Motor Mini Chainsaw

The OICGOO brushless mini chainsaw makes a pleasant surprise for your dad, wife, husband, brother, or boyfriend, who is into chainsaws. Despite its small size, it sure does pack more than enough power to cut through hardwood.

When on a full charge, it works continuously for over 30 minutes. It is ideal for gardening and pruning tree branches. With this mini chainsaw, it will take you less than 15 seconds to cut through a 6-inch log. However, this will depend on the hardness of the log. It is also not ideal for cutting large pieces of wood or dry planks.

OICGOO Brushless Motor Mini Chainsaw

The chainsaw features a  non-slip handle, so it grips well on the user’s hand. Furthermore, it allows the user to adjust its speed to suit the task at hand. The mini saw package includes a case, batteries, toolbox, and chain. This chainsaw might surpass the expectations of your loved one.

#2 – Runner-Up – Vgo 1Pair 0℃/32°F Chainsaw Gloves

Give a chainsaw enthusiast some protective gloves, and they will be excited to put them on. When it comes to felling, cutting, and logging, the Vgo chainsaw gloves provide the best protection.

Some of their outstanding features include the chainsaw stopper patch. It is a cut-resistant fabric that meets the EN381-7 standards. The Vgo chainsaw gloves deliver excellent breathability and comfort when working.

Vgo chainsaw gloves have a 7-layer waterproof and cold-proof design structure. When working in a cold environment, the 3M Thinsulate protection and G40 lining keep the hands warm. 

Vgo 1Pair 0℃32°F Chainsaw Gloves

These gloves will keep your loved one safe just in case the chainsaw slips up and lands on their left hand. For this reason, they might be forever grateful for your thoughtfulness. 

#3 – TR Industrial Helmet and Hearing Protection

One of the best ways to show a chainsaw lover that you care for them is by getting them protective gear such as a pair of headphones, glasses, or a helmet. Instead of buying each item, get this combo that combines all these three. 

The combo includes removable earmuffs, a helmet, mesh, and a plastic visor, making them ideal for a wide range of activities such as trimming, mowing, and chainsawing.

TR Industrial Helmet and Hearing Protection

Users have two options to shield their faces from chippings and debris by either deploying the plastic or mesh visor. All parts of this helmet are CE(European Conformity), and ANSI (American National Standards Institute) approved for the highest safety standards.

One of the main challenges when felling, woodcutting, and similar forestry activities is noise. Research shows that not wearing ear protection when using chainsaws can cause hearing loss. The accompanying ear protectors are soft and effective noise blockers. It also comes with air vents to minimize sweating. 

Whoever receives this helmet as a gift is likely to relish it.

#4 – ProCase Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs

The ProCase Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs makes another well-thought-out gift for chainsaw lovers. One thing we love about these earmuffs is their versatility. They are not only great for felling and cutting trees but also for construction, mowing, shooting, studying, and mowing. 

Besides keeping the noise at bay, ProCase earmuffs deliver great comfort. The user gets ample ear space and breathability. These earmuffs are ANSI-(American National Standards Institute)-certified. Their design incorporates noise-reduction foam, 360 rotatable ear cups, and an adjustable headband. Their other fabulous features include foldability and portability.

ProCase Noise Reduction Safety Ear Muffs

Their soft padding ensures that users experience minimal discomfort while wearing them. These noise-reduction headphones come with a skin-friendly leather finish. Users can also wear them at the gym to block unwanted noise or even a construction site. 

#5 – NoCry Safety Glasses That Fit Over Prescription Eyewear

The NoCry safety glasses make one of the best budget-friendly gifts you can get to a chainsaw lover. They offer direct protection against wood chippings and other flying debris when using a chainsaw. These glasses boast a long-lasting and strong polycarbonate wrap-around. Their UV 400nm lenses provide a clear vision and are scratch-resistant. 

They also protect the users from UV radiation. This feature makes them exemplary for outdoor use. Wondering how clear lenses can guard against harmful UV light?  The 400nm UV lens coating does all the magic and delivers 9O-100% protection without compromising clarity.

NoCry Safety Glasses That Fit Over Prescription Eyewear

What’s more, is that they fit over prescription glasses comfortably. To accommodate prescription eyewear, NoCry safety specs have adjustable arms that stretch up to 5 inches. These glasses are suitable for construction, woodworking, shooting, and dental work. 

These safety glasses meet the American and Canadian eye protection safety standards. They are ANSI Z87, OSHA, and CSA Z94.3 certified. The chances are that your loved one is going to fall in love with this fantastic gift. 

#6 – PETZL – ACTIK CORE Headlamp

Once in a while, chainsaw enthusiasts may want to take on a woodwork DIY project at night. In such circumstances, a headlamp may come in handy.  A PETZL-ACTIK CORE Headlamp is a unique and remarkable gift item for your wife, brother, colleague, husband, or dad. It is a versatile headlamp that suits late-night logging, woodworking, hiking, cycling, and backpacking.

Some of its amazing features include red lighting. This is great for night vision, and it does not blind other people. Also, it comes with two beam lighting capabilities. These are the wide and mixed options. The objective is to provide outstanding lighting for outdoor activities.


With a max burn time that’s over the 150 hours mark, this device is quite impressive. Its max power stands at a staggering 350 lumens. The package comes with a micro USB charging port and a CORE rechargeable battery that makes the ultimate gift. 

The headlamp has a super comfortable and adjustable headband so that the user can keep in position and adjust it when the need arises. It’s made of heavy-duty materials to make it durable and reliable and does not feel heavy or bulky.  It is undoubtedly a gift that will last for years.

#7 – Chainsaw Carving a Bear

If the chainsaw lover you are buying a gift for loves bears, carvings, or challenges, this book makes a great gift. It is something that will evoke a little bit of curiosity and awaken the recipient’s creative qualities.  This is an illustrator book that comes full of caricature bears and chainsaw carving demonstrations. The instructions are easy to follow and lead to a beautiful outcome.

With this book, a chainsaw lover can create striking pieces of woodwork. It comes with over 300 photos that can inspire some breathtaking artwork. Inside this book, readers will find 3 realistic step-by-step carving projects and detailed photographic chainsaw cuts.

Chainsaw Carving a Bear

The beginner project (Cub in the Stump) is for first-time chainsaw sculpture carvers. Experienced chainsaw cutters dare to approach the intermediate project called “Caricature Bear with Welcome Sign”. If your loved one is a chainsaw-magician, then the complex “Growling Grizzly” project is the right thing to carve. 

As a gift, this book can deliver the most challenging and fun creative activity for your loved one.


With the gift ideas above, we hope that you will find one that your colleague, friend, or your close family member will relish. 

The best part is that you don’t have to spend hours finding the perfect gift on the internet. You just need to evaluate this list and pick what works for you.

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