Best 18-Inch Chainsaws – Gas & Electric – 2024

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Chainsaws are handy tools to own. You can enjoy gardening, landscaping, and even tough jobs!

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, we’re sure you’ll find a use for a chainsaw.

Today, we’ll review the best 18-inch bar length chainsaws in the market. Are you ready? We sure are!

Quick Overview


Husqvarna 450E

Husqvarna 450E

Gas Powered

Inertia chain brake feature

Compatible for 16 to 20 inches bar length


Echo CS-400

Echo CS-400

Fits bar length from 16 to 20 inches

It doesn’t require frequent charging

Comfortable to use

Our Top 6 Choices For Best 18 Inch Chainsaws

Best 18 Inch ChainsawsPowerWeightPrice
1. Husqvarna 450E55.5 cc20 poundsCheck Price
2. Echo CS-40040.2 cc10.1 poundsCheck Price
3. Poulan Pro PR421842 cc13.25 poundsCheck Price
4. Black+Decker 15-Amp 18 Inch Electric Chainsaw15 Amp12.5 poundsCheck Price
5. Greenworks Pro GCS8042080V2.05 poundsCheck Price
6. Remington RM461846 cc16.4 poundsCheck Price

Top 6 Best 18-Inch Chainsaw

#1 – Winner – Husqvarna 450E

Quick Facts

Gas Powered

Inertia chain brake feature

Compatible for 16 to 20 inches bar length

Husqvarna 450E
Type: 18-Inch Chainsaw | Bar Length: 18″ | Power: 55.5 cc | Weight: 20 pounds

Basic Features

The Husqvarna 450E was initially made for a 20-inch bar. But you’d be happy to know that it’s also suitable to use for an 18-inch bar.

It has a 55.5cc engine displacement, giving it 3.49 horsepower. If you’d ask us, that’s powerful enough to let you finish your project with no difficulty.

Plus, the Husqvarna 450E is a gas-powered chainsaw. However, you can rest assured that you’ve got yourself a powerful chain saw that’s not to be messed with.

We’re impressed with the maximum power speed of this chainsaw. Measuring at 9000 rpm, you can cut as much as you want without having to slow down. It’s that fast.

And because the Husqvarna is a gas-powered chainsaw, expect this product to come with its fuel tank.

Safe to say that its fuel tank is average, allowing you to pump in up to 14.9 fluid oz of gas. That doesn’t sound too bad at all! It should be enough to last you several days, especially if you’re not doing heavy projects.

And finally, we love that this chainsaw comes with a 2-year warranty.

Whenever you find anything wrong with it, or you’re not impressed with its performance, contact their customer support at any time.

Perfect for Heavy-Duty Jobs

We’re impressed with how powerful this product is. We’re able to accomplish several of our heavy-duty projects without experiencing any setbacks or delays.

A frequent problem many chainsaw owners experience is trouble cutting through thick wood.

Midway to their cutting process, their saw starts acting up. The chain gets snagged because it can’t handle the wood’s thickness.

Luckily, you don’t have to worry about this when using the Husqvarna. You can easily cut through stumps that’30 to 40 inches wide. It’s that powerful!

X-Torq Technology

Consider this gas chainsaw to be versatile because it can cut through dry and hardwood.

Most saws are only great for use on soft and dry wood. There are some which are meant only for hardwood. When this is the case, you’re left with no choice but to buy a separate chainsaw.

We had no problems using this chain saw on either dry or hardwood. A little research showed us that it’s because of the impressive X-Torq technology this chainsaw uses.

Whether you use this saw on dry and hardwood, you won’t ever have to feel it faltering! You don’t have to slow down.

2 Stroke Engine and Smart-Start System

For most chainsaw owners, the struggle begins with starting their chaws. It’s not with the operations; it’s the starting that gets them disheartened.

There are chainsaws out there that are simply hard to start. No matter how often you pull it, nothing seems to work.

The saw looks outstanding, and the gas is full. The reason?

With the Husqvarna, you don’t have to rack your brain trying to figure out what went wrong. There’s hardly any reason for you to do that in the first place!

Thanks to its 2 stroke engine and smart-start system, you can power on your chainsaw quickly. All it takes is a pull or two, and you’re off to a good start.

Low Vibration and Kickback

A common complaint about gas-powered chainsaws is their vibration and kickback.

Once you’ve powered your saw, you can feel the whole vibration running from your arms and to your entire body.

The vibrations are that strong! And without wanting to, you’ll feel a lot shaky and tired right after you use the saw.

And what about the hazardous kickback chainsaws give? It startles us each time!

Rest assured, you need not worry about any of these when using this chain saw. It has low vibration and kickback, allowing you to enjoy a safe and comfortable experience.

Plus, this chainsaw also comes with an inertia-activated chain brake. This will give you peace of mind, especially about your safety.

Is the Husqvarna 450E for You?

When we talk of an immensely powerful chainsaw, the first thing that comes to our mind is no other than the Husqvarna 450E.

Gas-powered chainsaws are notoriously known for having that immense power no other type of chainsaw has. Now imagine combining this with the excellent features of this product.

The Husqvarna 450E is the best 18-inch chainsaw out there that packs a ton of power.

It’s a step-up compared to all other chainsaws out there, which homeowners and professionals can enjoy.

Here’s what you’ll love

An enormously powerful gas chainsaw

Easy to start and adjust the chain

Safe and comfortable to use

Here’s what you might not like

Very heavy

#2 – Runner-Up – Echo CS-400

Quick Facts

Fits bar length from 16 to 20 inches

It doesn’t require frequent charging

Comfortable to use

Echo CS-400
Type: 18-Inch Chainsaw | Bar Length: 18″ | Power: 40.2 cc | Weight: 10.1 pounds

Small Engine

For years, Echo has been a brand known for producing small engines, which is why it doesn’t come as a surprise to us anymore that its product came with a 40.2 cc two-stroke engine.

Yes, it’s a little small, especially for a gas-powered chainsaw, but it sure is powerful. You’d make a huge mistake of underestimating this product without even trying it.

And the best part of this all is this chainsaw comes cheap. At least compared to other gas chainsaws in the market. It’s a sweet deal for homeowners to buy.


It’s no secret that gas chainsaws tend to lean on the heavy side. So much so, you feel like your arm is about to fall off in the middle of your project.

It may sound like an exaggeration, but gas chainsaws can become that heavy.

So, imagine our delight when we pulled this product out of the box. We immediately noticed how lightweight it is, coming in at just 10.1 lbs.

Lifting and holding the Echo Cs-400 didn’t give us any trouble, even after an extended period.

Cuts Through Large and Hard Wood

The 18-inch bar and chain are enough to cut through the most challenging and most demanding wood out there. Whether you’re cutting hickory, ironwood, oak, you’ve got nothing to worry about!

This makes the Echo among the best chainsaws to have for homeowners and professionals.

It can face anything you put in front of it without worrying about slowing down. So, if you value time, then you’d enjoy using this chainsaw to finish your tasks.

Cut trees, clear your shrubs, clean up your garden, do some landscaping, and more! The possibilities of what this chainsaw can do are endless.

Easy Maintenance

One responsibility that comes with using a chainsaw is its clean-up and maintenance.

Unfortunately, not a lot of chainsaw owners bother to do those. And when they do, they’re either not happy or do the wrong thing.

Therefore sometimes some chainsaw owners skip this process, not knowing they’re making a big mistake.

Using the Echo CS-400 was a pleasurable experience, and the aftercare procedure was enjoyable. Why? Maintenance was effortless!

The unit already came with a wrench and screwdriver to remove the bolts and clean the whole thing. It didn’t take long for us to do the entire thing!

And once we’re done, we put all the screws back, and voila! It’s as if we have a brand new chainsaw again.

Because of this, we highly recommend this chain saw for beginners. They can learn how to clean their unit and even learn a thing or two.

Is the Echo CS-400 for You?

The Echo Cs-400 surprised us. For such a small chainsaw, who would have thought that came with such impressive power?

But coming from a brand that’s been known for its outstanding and powerful small engines, what more can we expect.

If you’re looking for a handy and compact gas chainsaw, this product is among the best that comes with excellent value for money.

It’s the perfect type of saw to have around the house!

Here’s what you’ll love


Chain brake safety feature


Here’s what you might not like

No warranty included

#3 – Poulan Pro PR4218

Quick Facts

Air filter system

Automatic oil lubrication

Fewer emissions

Poulan Pro 42cc
Type: 18-Inch Chainsaw | Bar Length: 18″ | Power: 42 cc | Weight: 13.25 pounds

Perfect for the Basics

The Poulan Pro sports a decent 24cc two-cycle gas engine. It pairs well with the 18-inch bar, which leaves us satisfied with its performance.

It’s perfect for cutting small trees, doing some basic gardening and landscaping, and clean-up. It can also cut firewood, which makes this chainsaw versatile.

But anything more demanding than those jobs might prove to be a challenge.

The Poulan Pro is more than your average chainsaw. But it nevertheless lacks the power to compete with heavy-duty and professional chainsaws.

However, we recommend the Poulan Pro for beginners and occasional chainsaw users. It’s impeccable at getting the job done, enough to make you happy with your work.

Comes With a Lot of Extras

Who doesn’t love extras and freebies? You’re getting so much more than what you’ve paid for!

And this is what we love about this chainsaw, the extras! Besides the 18-inch chainsaw, you get a protective carry case and an extra chain!

We love these two extras because it shows how much the brand cares for its products and customers.

The case proves to be especially useful since we can easily place our chainsaw in and protect it. We need not worry about our chainsaw getting scratched or anything.

The extra chain also comes in very handy for us. We need not buy a second chain in case something goes wrong.

Automatic Oil Lubrication

Another responsibility chainsaw owners need to know of is frequently lubricating their chain. If they don’t, their chain could risk and damage the whole saw itself.

More important, keeping the chainsaw well lubricated makes it ready to use. Plug it, start it up, and you’re all set.

We enjoyed the automatic oil lubrication feature of this chainsaw. It keeps the bar and chain, and all other parts, adequately lubricated.

This feature comes in handy because we don’t have the time and patience to do this each time we use our saw.

Environmentally Friendly

Gas chainsaws have a bad reputation for producing harmful emissions, harmful to the environment.

You are not only consuming gas, but you’re also releasing harmful emissions. Don’t you just wish you could do something?

With the Poulan Pro, there’s always something you can do. Thanks to the technology this chainsaw deploys, there’s a significant decrease in harmful emissions.

An eco-friendly chainsaw makes for a happier environment.

Poulan Pro PR4218 Chainsaw

Is the Poulan Pro PR4218 for You?

Consider the Poulan Pro as the best 18-inch saw that comes at a very affordable price point. If your budget is limited, then this chainsaw is perfect for you.

You’ll have a tough time looking for a gas chainsaw that’s as powerful and eco-friendly as this, that comes at an affordable price.

Besides its price, we highly recommend the Poulan for beginners and professionals. It’s handy to have around, especially if you only plan to do the basic gardening and landscaping job.

Here’s what you’ll love

Environmentally friendly

Ideal for small trees

Always ready to use

Here’s what you might not like

Not recommended for large wood

#4 – Black+Decker 15-Amp 18 Inch Electric Chainsaw

Quick Facts

Chain brake safety feature

Automatic oiling system

Safe and comfortable to use

Black+Decker 15-Amp 18 Inch Electric Chainsaw
Type: 18-Inch Chainsaw | Bar Length: 18″ | Power: 15 Amp | Weight: 12.5 pounds

Product Basics

Let’s get to know this electric chainsaw a little bit first. What better way to do this but by starting with its powerful 15 amp engine?

Now, we’re honestly impressed with how much and what this electric chainsaw could cut through. Overall, it felt comfortable and powerful, which leaves us satisfied with its performance.

Although we did notice this electric chainsaw is a little heavy, weighing approximately 15 lbs. Compare this to other electric chainsaws, which probably weighs slightly less than this.

Perfect for Basic Tasks

Consider this 18-inch electric chainsaw to be powerful enough for doing small tasks. You can do your necessary trimming, gardening, and landscaping. You can even cut down small trees and trim your branches.

If you only plan to use this chainsaw for those activities, consider this electric chainsaw the best for the job. You’ll notice an exceptionally smooth and fast operation, and it’s as if nothing is stopping you.

But if you plan to work on heavy tasks, we’re telling you now that you might feel unsatisfied.

If you look at the bar, you might notice how relatively thin it is compared to most chainsaws. Because of its size, you must take it slow whenever you plan to work on large jobs.

You don’t want to push things too far, or you’ll risk damaging this saw. However, this Black + Decker saw isn’t designed to provide the best use for more challenging tasks.

Quiet Operations

One joy of using an electric chainsaw is its quiet operations. Some even have whisper-quiet operations!

This 18-inch saw is not an exception. Don’t worry about waking your neighborhood each time you power this up.

No matter how intense and powerful this tool gets, it’ll remain as quiet as it can be. We didn’t have to break our eardrums!

Automatic Oiling System

One feature we enjoyed with this saw is its self-oiling system. It keeps the bar and chain properly lubricated, so it’s always ready to use.

We also found the clear window indicator to be convenient. Whenever the oil bar is low, we had only to load it up with some oil, and we’re done. We’re not left guessing as to when the tank is empty!

Tool-Less Chain Tensioning System

You won’t find a tool-less chain tensioning system that’s as impressive as this.

The entire system is very clever, designed to provide you the utmost convenience. An outer wheel moves the arm and an inner wheel that adjusts the cover.

The next time you plan to adjust the chain of your saw, you’ve got nothing to fear!

Is the Black+Decker 15-Amp for You?

Black + Decker is a brand that’s been around for so long that we’re sure many people have heard about them.

Therefore it doesn’t come as a surprise they have one of the best 18-inch electric chainsaws out there.

It’s powerful enough to get the job done, comes with an impressive set of features, and all for a very affordable price.

If you’re looking for a chainsaw perfect for all-around use, trust this 18-inch product is for you. It’s ideal for people who occasionally use their saws and work on essential tasks.

Here’s what you’ll love

Responsive chain brake

Comes with a two-year warranty

Automatic tool-less chain tensioning system

Here’s what you might not like

Thin bar

#5 – Greenworks Pro GCS80420

Quick Facts


Automatic oiler

Tool-less chain tensioning system

Greenworks Pro GCS80420
Type: 18-Inch Chainsaw | Bar Length: 18″ | Power: 80V | Weight: 2.05 pounds

Battery Operated

One of the striking features of this chainsaw is that it’s battery operated. So, it’s lightweight, handy, and portable.

If you’re tired of mixing gas, or that idea doesn’t appeal to you, getting a battery-powered chainsaw is the best option for you.

Battery chainsaws are easy to handle and maintain and probably the most environmentally friendly choice.

And if there’s one product out there that we consider as the best 18-inch battery-powered saw, it’s this one.

You’ll notice how exceptionally well it performs, despite being battery operated. And we’re very impressed with that fact.

We enjoyed it even for our tough jobs, experiencing no setbacks! However, the Greenworks Pro lets you cut the thickest of trees, slice firewood, do some gardening, and more.

80 Volts 2Ah Battery and Charger

Can the power of this product ever compare to other chainsaws out there? The answer is yes.

This saw comes with an 80 volts battery, which nearly equals 45cc gas engines. We can make up to 150 cuts with no problem and enjoy up to 30-45 minutes of uninterrupted cutting.

Once the battery is low, you can recharge it and wait for it to power up again. Don’t worry because waiting isn’t too long.

It only takes an impressive 30-minutes, which should allow you to enjoy your cup of coffee. Maybe you can even sneak in a power nap. It’s up to you!

Warranty Included

Should anything go wrong with your Greenworks Pro GCS80420, you need not worry. The product comes with two kinds of warranty for you to enjoy.

First, there’s a dedicated 40 years warranty just for the saw itself! You can have your product replaced or looked at; it’s up to you. Don’t buy a new saw just yet.

And second, the battery also comes with its own 2-years warranty. We found this a thoughtful and considerate gesture on the part of Greenworks.

If anything goes wrong with the battery, have it replaced! You’ve got nothing to worry about.

Is the Greenworks Pro GCS80420 for You?

This product is one of the best 18-inch battery-powered chainsaws you can find today. It’s highly portable, lightweight, and requires nearly zero maintenance.

We love how intuitive this saw can get, plus how precise it is when cutting various wood.

We highly recommend getting this one to own the best and most convenient type of saw out there.

Here’s what you’ll love

Easy to start and use

Quick-charge battery power

Precise cutting

Here’s what you might not like

Heavier than most battery-powered chainsaws

#6 – Remington RM4618

Quick Facts

Easy to maneuver

Comfortable grip

18-Inch bar and chain

Remington RM4618
Type: 18-Inch Chainsaw | Bar Length: 18″ | Power: 46 cc | Weight: 16.4 pounds

Powerful 46cc 2-Cycle Engine

Remington is often one of those overlooked high-quality brands. Few people know that the brand has some of the best and most powerful chainsaws out there.

Their 18-inch bar and chain gas chainsaw is yet another one product whose performance speaks for themselves.

Thanks to this product’s 46cc engine, you can cut through a lot of hardwood. You can take on a ton of big jobs, more than what you expected!

This is why we enjoy using this chainsaw. We don’t experience a ton of setbacks compared to other gas chainsaws.

Useful and Awesome Features

It’s no secret that chainsaws come with a big price tag. And most often than not, you only get just the chainsaw itself for the price.

But with Remington, for the price of one, you’re getting way much more.

The product comes with its carry case, which we appreciate. It keeps your saw protected, and your money! Imagine spending a fortune for your chainsaw, only to break it a couple of weeks after. Yikes!

Besides that, the Remington also comes with two useful features: an automatic oiler system and hassle-free maintenance.

Having an automatic oiler system comes in handy because you’ve got fewer things to worry about. You can focus on cutting and getting the job done!

Maintenance should also be a breeze because you don’t have to worry about tinkering your way through the saw. What do we mean?

You don’t need a ton of tools just for you to maintain your saw! And we love this cool feature because it takes the hassle out of the whole maintenance ceremony.

Comfortable to Use

It’s often hard to work with gas-powered chainsaws for an exceptionally prolonged period. It’s uncomfortable mainly because of the poor design, intense vibrations and kickbacks, and noise.

Luckily we experienced none of those when using the Remington.

We’re happy to say that this chainsaw sports a 5-point anti-vibration feature. It reduces the vibration of your saw, making it a lot easier and comfortable to handle.

There’s also a cushion wrap present on the handle. This simple addition makes a significant impact on your comfort level!

Is the Remington RM4618 Outlaw for You?

We enjoyed using this chainsaw because of how lightweight it is. For an 18-inch gas-powered chainsaw, you’ll be pressed to find a product that compares to this.

You can easily maneuver around your project with no problem.

We can say this product is one of the best 18-inch chainsaws that’s made to last your lifetime.

Here’s what you’ll love

Fairly priced

It comes with a ton of useful features

Relatively light

Here’s what you might not like

Oil tends to leak

Should I buy an 18-Inch Chainsaw?

If you don’t have an 18-inch yet, it’s time to head straight to the store and get one for yourself. This is especially true if you do a lot of gardening, landscaping, and other wood projects.

Of all chainsaw sizes out there, the 18-inch size is the perfect all-rounder saw to have around the home.

Advantages of Owning an 18-Inch Chainsaw

It’s no secret that 18-inch chainsaws are a homeowner’s best friend. It’s ideal for doing some basic landscaping, cutting, branches, and more!

You can cut small to medium-sized trees with no problem! Clear your shrubs, cut some firewood, clear your backyard, and more.

Safe to say, if you’re doing moderate to heavy tasks, an 18-inch chainsaw is enough for you. It’s powerful enough for you to see the end of your project is in sight!

Disadvantages of Owning an 18-Inch Chainsaw

If you’re a professional who requires a chainsaw that packs a ton of power, you might find the 18-inch chainsaw a bit lacking.

Sure, it’s powerful. But say you must cut down large and heavy wood, you might experience some difficulty. You’re better off using a 20-inch chainsaw or more.

Top Picks

Today we’ve listed some of the best 18-inch chainsaws in the market. Whatever you choose in this list, trust it will make your life a lot easier.

But of course, we can’t help but fall in love with two stand-out products on this list: the Echo CS-400 and the Husqvarna 450E.


Husqvarna 450E

Husqvarna 450E

Our number one pick for this review is no other than Husqvarna 450E. It’s the perfect 18-inch saw to have around the home because of its versatile use.

It’s lightweight, comfortable to use, and extremely easy to start. The product also comes with impressive features we’re sure you’ll love.


Echo CS-400

Echo CS-400

The Echo CS-400 comes second in this round-up review. It’s one of the best 18-inch gas-powered saws today, that’s both lightweight and powerful.

Although it’s pricier than your average chainsaw, it’s nevertheless worth it considering how much power this product delivers.


Having the best 18-inch chainsaw comes in handy around the house. Just imagine the number of things you can do with one tool! It packs a ton of power to get you through any project.

Now you know some of the best 18-inch chainsaws out there, which one was your favorite? Leave your answer in the comment section below.

Don’t forget to share this review with your friends and family. Who knows, you might just save them some precious time.

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