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10 Picks For The Best Chainsaw Chain

This post was updated on: June 1, 2021

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Cutting wood using a dull chainsaw chain doesn’t exactly spell “experienced chainsaw user.”

It’s about maintenance and learning how to choose the right chain or “teeth” for your chainsaw.

If you want to make great landscaping designs or perform tree felling with finesse, invest in a high-quality chainsaw chain.

On that note, we’ve got you covered with the 10 best picks in this review. Let’s dive in.

Our 10 Picks for the Best Chainsaw Chain

Husqvarna 16″ SP33G Chainsaw Chain – Best Overall

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Key Takeaways

Husqvarna has been a leader in the creation of high-quality chainsaws for both home and professional use.

Their quality products and service are a staple amongst users familiar with the Husqvarna chainsaw and their other lines of home/work tools.

The Husqvarna SP33G Chainsaw Chain is one of their best replacement chains available on the market, combining a safe operation and innovative design. We’ll run down the reasons why we believe this is our best overall pick on the list.


The Husqvarna SP33G X-Cut chainsaw chain is a fantastic replacement chain for use for the mid-length chainsaws you have at work or at home.

Husqvarna uses their new x-cut chain on the SP33G, which promises superior cutting through years of research and development through the Husqvarna chainsaw lines.

The chain has small channels running through the entire line, allowing lubrication to be evenly spread out while in use. The x-Cut chisel chains also use a trademark angle in-between a semi-chisel and a full chisel saw chain.

The SP33G is designed to stay sharp longer so you can continue your work without interruption.

Are you worried about tension? Husqvarna pre-stretched the chain, so you can forego having to reapply tension to your chain after consistent use.


As we mentioned, the SP33G has specialty semi-chisel cutters, 66 drive links, a 325 pitch, and a 050 gauge. It has a 16-inch chain length, slightly shorter than the industry average of 18-inch chainsaw lengths.

You’ll find that it will work with most Husqvarna models, like the 435, 445, 450, and even rancher models 545 and 550.

Our Verdict

The Husqvarna SP33G is a great chainsaw chain for hardwood tasks, cutting firewood, or even trimming branches as its sharp and innovative design keeps a low vibration while in use.

You can’t go wrong with making this your next pick for a new chain.

Husqvarna 20″ H8072 Chainsaw Chain – Best Value

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Key Takeaways

Husqvarna, as we mentioned earlier, has been making high-quality power tools for years now. That’s how much we believe in its quality.

This includes supplying not only to private individuals but also to industrial work as well.

The HB8072 Saw Chain is an amazing general saw chain made for high-performance out on the field. It’s sure to make your job easier while keeping a high standard of safety while in use.


It’s almost like this H8072 is built for heavy-duty work, as you can use the chainsaw chain for hardwood or softwood without having to worry about losing power in the cut.

This high-performance chain comes with Husqvarna’s “Low Vibrations” design, which gives you maximum cutting power without the high-kickback you would expect from strong chains.


This chainsaw chain uses sharp full chisel chains, 72 drive links, a 3/8-inch pitch, and a hefty 050 gauge chain.

It mounts on a 20-inch guide bar, larger than the 18-inch standard, so you can expect it to cut through large diameter wood with ease.

You can expect it to fit onto any industrial Husqvarna chainsaw like the Rancher series. This is one of the best chains to get if you use chainsaws of this size often.

Our Verdict

Husqvarna makes a variety of products now, so you can expect them to continue making the right accessories to keep those items in tip-top shape.

The H8072 proves this to be the case with its high durability and fast cutting speed. Now, what about heavy-duty tasks?

The H8072 allows you to perform tasks such as limbing, bucking, pruning, tree felling, and firewood harvesting with ease, and yes, it’s the kind of grind you’ll love.

At the same time, you’ll enjoy the safety specifications that Husqvarna has engineered into the chainsaw chain.

If you’re a professional in need of a good replacement chain, the H8072 might be the one for you. Bonus, too, if you’re already a Husqvarna chainsaw user.

Oregon 16″ S56 Chainsaw Chain- Best Value

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Key Takeaways

Oregon is another household name in the power tools business, especially when it comes to saws.

They’ve been producing some of the best tools in the market for about 50 years now, so it’s easy to say they know what they’re doing when it comes to making a good chainsaw.

Oregon keeps their tools in the best shape by providing high-quality replacement accessories when the time comes that something needs to be replaced.

The Oregon S56 AdvanceCut chain is one example of their quality in both product and product maintenance.


The S56 AdvanceCut uses Oregon’s new dual chrome and heat-treated metal to deliver some of the best performance out of a chainsaw chain. You’ll get more accurate use, less kickback, and easier control with how they’ve constructed the S56 AdvanceCut chain.

The S56 uses a Low Profile saw chain, generating low vibrations while in use compared to full height saw chains. This is perfect for beginners looking to use their chainsaws around the home for easy landscaping.

The chain uses Oregon’s Lubritech technology for even distribution of lubrication around the chainsaw chain for that low vibration and smooth cutting experience.

The outer layer of industrialized chrome lends more durability to each cutter while reducing the need to sharpen frequently.

The rivets are also hardened in the same fashion to deliver a strong link to each chain, lessening the need for tension readjustments.


The Oregon S56 AdvanceCut uses semi-chisel chains, has 56 drive links, a 3/8-inch pitch, and a 050 saw chain gauge. It’s to be mounted on a 16-inch guide bar for mid-range tasks.

Despite being an Oregon brand, you can find that this chainsaw chain can fit on the same sized Husqvarna, Craftsman, Poulan, Remington, Homelite, and more chainsaw brands.

Our Verdict

The Oregon S56 delivers easy to use chainsaw quality while having the toughness and speed we’ve come to know from some of the more rugged chainsaw chains in the market.

This chain is ideal for homeowners or hobbyists looking to maintain their 16-inch chainsaws.

Using the S56 will keep your chainsaw cutting sharp and accurately without having to worry about any job mishaps along the way.

Just don’t try to cut anything too big as you may need a chainsaw even bigger than the usual 18-inch industry standard.

Sungator 14″ SG-S52 3-Pack Chainsaw Chain

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Key Takeaways

Sungator might be a new brand to many of you, but there comes the time when you really need a replacement for your chainsaw chains but just can’t afford to spend too much on a single piece of linked metal.

Sungator has you in mind with their SG-S52 chainsaw chain as it comes as a 3-pack, giving you 3 replacement chains for the price of one.

It uses a unique 14-inch length, compared to the usual 18-inch chainsaw lengths in the market.


It’s important to note that the Sungator SG-S52 is more or less a replacement chain. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect the same power you’ve seen in the chainsaw chains above.

Sungator uses steel imported from Germany treated to avoid fractures with better toughness.

It also shares this hardiness with its rivets, making a stronger connection between drive links and avoiding any chain snaps while working.

The chainsaw chain also follows ANSI standards for low-kickback specifications, so you don’t need to worry about this jerking back on the job.


The Sungator SG-S52 uses semi-chisel cutters, 52 drive links, 3/8-inch pitch, and a 050 chainsaw chain gauge.

It mounts on a 14-inch guide bar, which should fit a variety of chainsaws from Husqvarna and Poulan to Remington and Stihl.

It’s much smaller than the usual 18-inch average, which gives it more movement and precision for more detail-oriented tasks.

Our Verdict

If you’re really tight on a budget and can do without some of the great features we’ve shown previously, like special lubricating tubes and alloyed metals, then Sungator is an excellent choice for you.

Stihl 20″ 26RS 81 Rapid Super Chainsaw Chain

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Key Takeaways

Stihl is yet another name found within hardware and forestry specialists. They have been in the market for more than 90 years now and have made their name as the first to build the portable electric saw.

Today, Stihl continues to specialize and create high-quality and dependable tools and accessories for the working man.

Their Stihl 26RS 81 Rapid Super chainsaw chain is a unique chain out of their individual chainsaw chains line. It uses the lesser-known micro-chisel cutters for faster and smoother cutting.


Stihl’s 81 Rapid Super chainsaw chain uses micro-chisels, an uncommon type of cutter that can cut quickly while generating a low vibration.

It meets the ANSI low-kickback standards and uses Stihl’s Oilomatic lubrication feature that allows oil to move around the chain easily.

It also has a small reserve near the channels that fill up and distribute slowly throughout the whole chain for even coating.


The Stihl 81 Super Chainsaw chain is a micro-chisel (semi-chisel in shape), uses 81 drive links, a 0.325-inch pitch, and a 063 gauge.

It’s made for Stihl chainsaws that measure 20-inches, with compatibility available for similarly sized chainsaws from other brands.

Our Verdict

Stihl makes its name from its specialization in heavy-duty power saws and home tools.

In keeping with their tradition of quality, you can expect their replacement accessories to have the same durability and strength shown in their chainsaws.

The Stihl 26RS 81 Super chainsaw chain is best for those looking to cut down thicker logs with less aggressive action and more control.

If you find that larger chainsaws generate too much kickback, choose the Stihl 26RS 81 Super chainsaw chain for a smoother cutting experience.

Oregon 20″ 72LGX072G PowerCut Chainsaw Chain

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Key Takeaways

You’ll find that going through our list, Oregon will be a name that comes out a lot. Many of the types of chainsaw chains they come out with are suited for a variety of tasks.

The Oregon 72LGX072G PowerCut chainsaw chain is a long heavy duty chain best suited for large chainsaws found in timber work areas.


The Oregon 72LGX072G PowerCut line of chainsaw chains are made with their specialty OCS-01 steel for better durability and stability, even during colder climates when steel tends to chip easily.

In addition to the steel composition, it also uses a tempered “blue” steel to protect against rust and corrosion. The additional tempering also improves the strength of the chain.

Lastly, Oregon uses a special full chisel type of grind on the cutters, an “X-Grind” designed to keep it’s edge longer while retaining the cutting strength of full chisels longer.


The Oregon 72LGX072G PowerCut chainsaw chain uses specialty x-grind cutters, 72 drive links, a 3/8-inch pitch, and a 050 gauge.

Its long chain length fits most large work chainsaws that measure 20 inches, from Husqvarna and Black&Decker, as long as it fits the same size.

Our Verdict

When you’re cutting wood, you’ll need to pay attention to the overall environmental conditions, as these can affect your cutting experience in different ways.

The best chainsaw chain for harsh conditions would be the Oregon 72LGX072G PowerCut, decreasing the need to worry about your chainsaw chain because of its steel composition and additional tempering.

Oregon 14″ S52 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain

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Key Takeaways

While chainsaws come in smaller versions for regular home use, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will have to lose the performance and efficiency you are looking for from a chainsaw.

For the more specific 14-inch chainsaws out there, Oregon came out with the S52 AdvanceCut chainsaw chain.

You won’t need to sacrifice performance that you’d normally get out of their larger counterparts.


This chain generates a smooth and fast cut, giving it a greater ability to handle both trimming and larger cutting tasks.

The chain is chrome and heat-treated for better strength and durability. The semi-chisel cutter chain is also using Oregon’s low-profile setup, keeping vibrations low and limiting the risk of kickback.

The rivets are similarly hardened for better chain durability and tension. Special grooves are also present on the drive links to allow for even lubrication around the chain.


The S52 AdvanceCut uses low-profile semi-chisel chains, 52 drive links, a 3/8-inch pitch, and a 050 gauge.

This standard set up, alongside its 14-inch chain length, gives smaller chainsaws a chance to perform as well as their larger 18-inch counterparts.

Expect it to match most 14-inch chainsaw brands like Poulan, Stihl, Remington, or Husqvarna.

Our Verdict

Chainsaws aren’t just limited to heavy timber work, as a good chainsaw can be useful even in the home setting.

When trimming your trees or cutting firewood, the Oregon S52 AdvanceCut can keep your home saw working efficiently despite its size.

This type of chain lasts long and is easy to use, making it perfect for amateurs and professionals alike.

Forester 24″ Full Chisel Chainsaw Chain

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Key Takeaways

Serious jobs need serious cutting. Some chainsaw chains are truly designed for heavy-duty work and experienced woodcutters.

The Forester 24″ chainsaw chain is a massive industrial level chainsaw chain that can make cutting some of the thickest timber a breeze.


The Forester full chisel chainsaw chain can rip through bark like butter, but it’s not advisable for those not familiar with how to use professional-level chainsaws.

The Forester chainsaw chain forgoes the ANSI low-kickback standard manufacturing, giving this chain a larger chance for kickback compared to all the other chains listed here.

Moreover, Forester’s chainsaw chain uses a full skip arrangement, bringing its cutting speed to serious wood levels meant for cutting through logs quickly and powerfully.


The Forester chain features sharp full skip and chisel chains, a large 84 number of drive links, a 3/8-inch pitch, and a 050 gauge.

Expect it to fit most 24 to 25-inch professional chainsaws made by Stihl, Husqvarna, Poulan, and others.

Our Verdict

This is the best chainsaw chain for professionals experienced with using large and rugged chainsaws for heavy-duty work.

This chain does not protect against kickback generated from improper use, so exercise caution when using this chain on your work saw.

But if cutting power is what you want, it will be harder to find one chain better than the full chisel skip cutting that the Forester chainsaw chain delivers.

Oregon 8″ R34 Micro Lite Pole Saw Chain

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Key Takeaways

Oregon consistently makes various types of chainsaw chains to fit different tools. This makes Oregon one of the best chainsaw chain manufacturers in the market.

The pole saw is a unique tool meant for high-reach trimming and precision cutting.

But to get high-quality performance, you need a high-quality chain. The Oregon R34 Pole Saw Chain delivers fast cutting with low vibrations, making it ideal for homeowners and professionals alike.


It’s no surprise that the best chainsaw chain for pole saws is from Oregon again. The R34 Micro Lite Pole Saw Chain is specifically made for small-sized chainsaws with its 8-inch length.

The low profile chain cutters and rivets are heat treated and chrome plated for an efficient cutting that requires less saw power than the usual standard-issue chains. This helps remove less wood fiber when trimming branches.

Expect less downtime and a smooth cutting experience when using the R34 Micro Lite chain.

Its teeth remain sharp for a long time while having a low risk for a kickback. This is important for avoiding jerking saws while cutting faraway branches.


The Oregon R34 MicroLite chain uses low profile semi-chisel chain cutters, 34 drive links, 3/8-inch pitch, and a narrow kerf 043 gauge. The narrow 8-inch chain is best for pole saws from Remington and Poulan.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a good design matched with reliability and durability, you’ll be pressed to find better chains than the Oregon R34 MicroLite.

It makes accurate low vibration cuts while limiting the risk of kickback.

You don’t have to worry too much about resharpening or tension reapplication as the chain is hardened to protect itself from various wood types.

If you’re an experienced landscaper or an amateur gardener, you can rely on the Oregon R34 MicroLite to meet your needs.

Oregon 24″ E84 PowerCut Chainsaw Chain

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Key Takeaways

If you’re out on the field and are used to operating professional chainsaws, you might understand the many difficulties that come from cutting outdoors.

From dirt striking to tough wood types, cutting professional-grade timber is a tricky business, even for some of the most experienced woodcutters.

The Oregon E84 PowerCut chainsaw chain is meant to lighten your workload by providing consistent and reliable power with little consistent maintenance required.


The Oregon E84 PowerCut chainsaw chain is a professional-level chain best used by those needing powerful cutting through a full chisel cutting chain.

The chain uses the trademark Oregon treatment system of both alloy plating and heat tempering to deliver some of the most durable cutters and rivets you can have on a chain.

Less sharpening and tension reapplication mean less downtime at work, meaning you can boost your efficiency with the performance this chain offers.

The E84 PowerCut also uses Oregon’s Lubritec system to keep your cutting smooth with its even distribution of lubrication all-throughout the chain.


The E84 PowerCut uses a sharp full chisel chain, 84 drive links, a 3/8-inch pitch, and a 050 gauge. The long 24-inch chain matches best with professional wood cutting chainsaws.

This chain matches with any one of Husqvarna’s and Stihl’s 24-inch chainsaws.

Our Verdict

The E84 is the best chainsaw chain you can get for professional needs.

It’s made of tough composite steel that resists corrosion and fracturing while keeping a smooth cutting despite using a sharp cutter grind.

If you regularly use a chainsaw in your work line or just happen to work with wood a lot, consider the E84 for your next replacement chain.

Before You Buy a Chainsaw Chain

You’ll need to properly maintain your chainsaw based on how often you use it and what kind of jobs you use it for. But it is unavoidable that your chainsaw chain will wear out sooner or later and need to be replaced.

Even high-end chainsaws are not spared from the need to replace their respective chains. After about five chain sharpenings, you may notice that you’ve removed enough metal that it doesn’t cut as well anymore.

This can lead to kickback, or a sudden jerk caused by dull chains moving at rapid speeds. A kickback can cause you to have misaligned cuts and mess up the entire job in the process.

Be sure to check your chainsaw chains’ condition regularly. Chainsaw manufacturer Mcculloch has these simple steps to see if you need to get a new chain soon:

  • Additional pressure is needed while cutting wood
  • Fine sawdust (indicating sanding rather than chipping) is produced while cutting
  • Precise cuts are more difficult to pull off, or cuts start to pull in a certain direction
  • Chainsaw begins to smoke, even if lubricated
  • Visual observation shows missing chainsaw chain teeth

Any of these issues should clue you in that maybe it’s time to replace your chainsaw chain. But you can’t just pick one out of the rack and expect it to work with your chainsaw.

You’ll need to carefully pick the right type of chain to match your saw.

Different Specific Types of Chainsaw Chains

Chainsaw chains come in different styles. A chainsaw chain is made out of many different parts, but we will focus on two distinct parts: the Cutters and the Drive Links.

What you will understand as the chain in the term “chain-saw” is actually properly labeled as drive links. These are tread-like metal links that act as the rotational drivers around the chainsaw guide bar.

The saw part of the “chain-saw” is better understood as the multiple cutters attached in different intervals on drive links.

It’s these cutters that come in different shapes and grinds to match your preferences better.

Each different cutter is made up of a top “tooth” that acts as the cutting corner. Depending on what you need, these will come in either Full Chisel, Semi Chisel, and Low Profile versions.

Full Chisel

Full chisel chains use a sharp, square 90-degree corner along with the top cutter plate.

This is meant to give the chain an aggressive and fast speed, which is great for those looking to cut hardwood and other durable timber.

You’ll want a strong motor on your chainsaw to make full use of this sharp-angled cutter.

These chains aren’t perfect and come with two drawbacks to their strong cutting speed.

First, the full chisel cutters come with an increased risk of kickback – an event where the chainsaw would suddenly jerk backward due to dull blades or pinched chains.

Secondly, full chain cutters are more susceptible to dullness due to their sharp right angles.

If it frequently contacts dirt, which does happen when cutting wood on the ground, you should expect that the cutters will go dull quickly.

That’s why these cutters usually are recommended for experienced chainsaw users, as you’ll need to be constantly mindful of kickbacks and sharpening for each cutter.


As you may have figured from how these are called, a semi-chisel cutter uses semi-rounded edges on the top cutter plate instead of the full chisel’s sharp corners.

Though this does translate to a slower cutting speed, you’ll also have a lower risk of violent kickbacks.

Some semi-chisel even come with an additional American National Standard Institute’s (or ANSI) standard for a reduced kickback.

They also don’t necessarily dull as quickly due to their rounded corners and are suitable on both hardwood and softwood logs.

Cutting on the ground also poses fewer problems as the rounded edges don’t get chipped as fast as the sharper-edged full chisel.

Low Profile

Low profile chainsaw chains are found on the newer models of modern chainsaws.

The main differing feature of low profile, which uses semi-chisel or micro-chisel cutters, is that the height of each chisel is much lower than regular.

This greatly reduces kickback while retaining the chainsaw power needed to cut a variety of hardwood and softwood. However, it’s good to note that low profile chains cut much slower than the regular cutter chains.

Low profile chains most likely meet the ANSI low-kickback standards, making it an excellent chain to pick for beginners.

Micro Chisel

While the lower cutter height characterizes the low profile, micro chisels are essentially semi-chisel but with much smaller rounded corners.

You will often see these kinds of cutters on chainsaws used for precision work like tree-trimming to avoid any bark damage.

Similar to semi-chisel, you’ll find that micro chisel is low-kickback and most likely to meet the ANSI standards for this as well.

For the best performance, keep the use of micro chisel chainsaws to softwood as while it can be used on hardwood, it will cut at a much slower pace than what you might be used to expecting.

What to Consider When Buying a Chainsaw Chain

Now that you’re familiar with the different chisels that chainsaw chains have, it’s time to learn about the three numbers you’ll need to know when purchasing a new replacement saw chain.

The three measurements you’ll need to know are pitchgauge, and the number of drive links. Each one will dictate whether your choice chainsaw chain is a match for your overall chainsaw.

You can find these measurements and other specific details of the chainsaw printed on the chainsaw itself or in its respective owner’s manual.

Oregon chainsaws compiled a long and detailed list on how to measure your chainsaw correctly, but for a quicker overview, we’ll explain the different measurements and their importance here.


The pitch is probably the most technical measurement you’ll need to pay attention to when buying a chainsaw chain.

The way cutters and drive links are connected is through individual metal rivets along the chain body.

Common pitch measurements are the 3/8-inch or 375 pitch, the 1/4-inch or 25 pitch, 325 pitch, and the 404 pitch. Usually, pitches are printed on the saw along with other important measurements for chain replacement.

The rule goes that the larger the pitch, meaning the longer the distance between two links, the stronger the chainsaw can cut. In this case, you’d see that the 404 pitch would cut more aggressively than the 325 pitch.

But if it isn’t, you can measure the chain pitch by measuring from the center of the first rivet up to the next first rivet on the following link.

Once you have this number, say 6/8-inch, divide that number by two to get the chainsaw pitch. In this case, the measurement would be 3/8 or .375 pitch.


If pitch measures the distance between chain links, then gauge measures the width of the individual chain links in decimal inches.

Like the pitch, you should be able to find the gauge measurement either on the chainsaw itself or in its owner’s manual. If no gauge measurement is provided, you can measure the chain width with a pair of precision calipers.

Chain gauges come in 4 standard sizes. You have the narrow kerf 043 gauge, 050 gauge, 058 gauge, and 063 gauge.

Thicker gauges usually translate to heavier and stronger chains, but this also means the chain would move slower and affect how fast the chainsaw can cut.

You’ll need to find the right size gauge for your chainsaw to make sure that it can attach to the guide bar properly.

Drive Links

Drive links connect the whole chain with the cutter and the guide bar. The number of drive links will need to match what is designated on your chainsaw.

Again, if it happens that the drive link number isn’t indicated, you can simply remove the original chain and manually count how many drive links there are, and match it to your replacement chain.

You may also need to see the lengths of these chains just in case you find any discrepancies. Chain lengths can vary from 6-inches on smaller models to 24-inches on large industrial saws.

Chain Arrangement

A special consideration to place while buying a chainsaw chain is the chain arrangement type.

Chain arrangement indicates how the cutters and drive links are arranged on the chain, with three main types available:

Full Complement

You can find that most chainsaws will come with a full complement type chain arrangement.

You’ll find that each cutter is side alternating with a drive link in-between each. This means you will start with a right-side cutter, followed by a drive link, and then a left-side cutter.

You can expect a full complement chain arrangement to be able to handle most general wood-cutting purposes while having a low kickback risk.

Skip Chain

A skip chain is generally a more spaced out form of chainsaw chain. Instead of a one interval drive link between each cutter, you have a space of two drive links.

The skip chain would be the high-speed chain compared to the full complement chain, as fewer cutters mean less resistance when cutting.

You’ll find that the skip chain is found on larger chainsaws used in industrial settings.

Semi-Skip Chain

As the name suggests, a semi-skip chain lies in-between the full complement chain and the skip chain.

Instead of having a single fixed drive link interval, the semi-skip chain comes with a varied spacing system.

For example, a semi-skip chain would have a left cutter, one drive link, then a right cutter, then two drive links, and so on.

The semi-skip chain falls into the specialty chain category, where one would expect faster cutting than a full complement but not as fast as the previously mentioned skip chain.

How to Take Care of Your Chainsaw Chains

To best take care of the chains you have, consider learning how to sharpen your chainsaw regularly.

Chainsaws often get dull over time when cutting through wood every day or can dull quickly if you hit dirt or rock.

You’ll need a few tools like a flat and round file and a Dremel tool, but learning how to do so can save you the money you would have spent having to buy a new chainsaw chain down the line.

Self-sharpening Chainsaws

Certain chainsaws can help maintain your chain as you use it.

Self-sharpening is a feature you can find in some modern chainsaws that allow you to pull a lever while using the tool to release a small piece of sharpening metal onto the guide bar.

As you run the chainsaw, the sharpening metal will start sharpening each cutter as it rotates around the guide bar, effectively keeping the chainsaw sharp through the in-built rotational feature.

It’s important to note that this is not the best chainsaw sharpening method as you can easily remove too much metal with overuse and cause the chain to be less effective as a result.

Self-Lubricating Chainsaws

A lot of modern chainsaws have features that help keep the chain cutting wood effectively while in use.

One of these features is self-lubrication, with the chainsaw dropping minimal amounts of lubricating oil onto the chain to prevent heat build-up and resistance.

This works in tandem with a lot of chainsaw chains above with their inbuilt lubricating channels to keep lubricating the chain in even amounts.

Final Words

Beyond this list lies many more top quality chainsaw chains in the market.

Naturally, we couldn’t have listed all of the different types, but we handpicked popular chainsaw chains in common sizes to better narrow down your choice when looking for a new chain.

For the best chainsaw chain available, you can’t go wrong with Husqvarna’s line of specialty chainsaw chains.

Their SP33G Chainsaw chain is an excellent choice for beginners and experts alike, and you’d be hard-pressed still finding better chains than the ones on this list.

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