The 6 Best Cheap Chainsaws For Every Budget In 2024

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Investing in better tools for either home or work can be expensive if you don’t know what you’re looking for.

Sometimes brand and marketing costs can make some power tools sky-rocket in price.

But you’re here probably because you’re conscious of prices but just so happen to require a new chainsaw.

We’ve got good news for you because we did the legwork and found you 6 chainsaws to choose from when you’re on a budget.

Just because some are budget-friendly doesn’t mean they won’t deliver the power you need. Check below for the 6 best cheap chainsaw choices on the market now.

Quick Overview


Remington RM 4214CS Rebel

Remington RM 4214CS Rebel

Powerful 42cc gas-powered motor

Compact design with a vibration mitigation system

Best budget chainsaw overall considering quality and cost


Husqvarna 120 Mk II

Husqvarna 120 Mk II

Good mid-sized bar and chain length with chain brake

Powerful and efficient 38.22 cc X-Torq Gas Motor

Ergonomic handle design with low-vibration system

Our Top 6 Choices For Best Cheap Chainsaw

Best Cheap ChainsawPowerBar LengthPrice
1. Remington RM 4214CS Rebel42 cc14″Check Price
2. Husqvarna 120 Mk II38.2 cc16″Check Price
3. WORX WG304.115 Amp18″Check Price
4. Black&Decker LCS1020B20V10″Check Price
5. Remington RM1645 Versa Saw12 Amp16″Check Price
6. Sun Joe SWJ599E9 Amp14″Check Price

Our 6 Picks for the Best Cheap Chainsaw

#1 – Winner – Remington RM 4214CS Rebel

Quick Facts

Powerful 42cc gas-powered motor

Compact design with a vibration mitigation system

Best budget chainsaw overall considering quality and cost

Remington RM 4214CS Rebel
Type: Cheap | Bar Length: 14″ | Power: 42 cc | Weight: 14.72 pounds

Remington is probably one of the best brands for affordable and reliable chainsaws.

They’ve been in the market for more than 100 years now, so they’re able to put many lessons they’ve had over the years into each product.

The Remington RM 4214CS Rebel is probably their best trademark chainsaw. A gas-powered and sturdy chainsaw, the RM Rebel can handle heavy-duty jobs and more. The best part is that it’s cheap.


The RM 4214CS Rebel is lightweight and easy to start with Remington’s QuickStart fast crank technology.

It has an automatic oiler and chain tensioning side adjuster to keep this gas-powered chainsaw working with less downtime generated on long workdays.

The RM 4214CS also has a three-point anti-vibration system that lessens the vibration generated by the motor and saw, which improves how well you can control the chainsaw and how long you can run it.

Remington also uses low-kickback chains to best keep your control while cutting through some of the harder woods.

An inertia chain brake stops your chain just in case of any substantially violent kickback.

Remington keeps it simple with tool-less access to both the air filter and the spark plugs for maintenance. Both are easily replaceable with both brand and generic options, depending on your preference.


The Remington RM 4214CS Rebel uses a strong 42 cc 2-cycle motor with a strong, generating one of the strongest cutting powers among chainsaws found at this price.

The RM Rebel has a bar and chain length of 14-inches, but it has enough power to rival some of its larger 18-inch bar and chain variants despite this compact size.

The 3-point anti-vibration system keeps this power in check by lowering the vibration that often tires out most inexperienced users, giving both novices and experts compatibility.

Our Verdict

The Remington RM 4214CS Rebel is probably the best budget chainsaw we have on this list, and for a good reason.

Despite coming at just $129.99, this chainsaw contains as many premium features found on chainsaws double or even triple its price.

If you’re looking for a good and affordable chainsaw, the Remington RM4214CS Rebel is the best gas-powered chainsaw for you.

Here’s what you’ll love

Strongest motor


Here’s what you might not like


#2 – Runner-Up – Husqvarna 120 Mk II

Quick Facts

Good mid-sized bar and chain length with chain brake

Powerful and efficient 38.22 cc X-Torq Gas Moto

Ergonomic handle design with low-vibration system

Husqvarna 120 Mk II
Type: Cheap | Bar Length: 16″ | Power: 38.2 cc | Weight: 4.22 pounds

Husqvarna also creates incredibly good “for home” versions of their usual industrial chainsaws.

Their experience of 300 years will add a lot to how they manufacture and design their chainsaws.

Their 120 Mk II model is part of their “homeowner” catalog of chainsaws, giving even private users the ability to manage their yards independently.

Though not as cheap as the Remington RM Rebel, the 120 Mk II still comes below the $200 mark. You’ll appreciate having a Husqvarna chainsaw when dealing with rogue trees and unruly shrubs.


The Husqvarna 120 Mk II uses a specific centrifugal air system that can filter out debris from the intake of air, removing any large particles before even reaching the actual air filter.

This lowers your air filter’s chances of getting clogged and lessens the need to replace it.

In terms of power, Husqvarna uses its X-Torq gas motor to give a strong and reliable performance while reducing overall fuel consumption and exhaust emissions.

The 120 Mk II also includes a one-handle operation system that combines both the choke and stop features within the same handle space, making it easy to reach for either function with one hand.

Husqvarna also has its own low-vibration safety features that mitigate the motor and chain vibrations to lessen operator fatigue.

A chain brake system also keeps your chain from running if kickback occurs or chain snap.


The Husqvarna 120 Mk II uses a good 38.2 cc 2-stroke X-Torq motor, generating enough torque to handle most softwood and hardwood.

Its bar and chain are 14-inch in length but can accommodate 18-inch lengths if you need to cut down thicker trees.

Despite this, the chainsaw body comes in at just 5 kg, making this chainsaw easy to carry around compared to other brands.

Our Verdict

It’s hard to think about chainsaw brands without considering Husqvarna in your list of options. Its 14 to 18-inch length can help cut down more difficult projects with little difficulty.

The chainsaw is also relatively simple to use with little experience necessary. If you have used a gas-powered chainsaw a few times, you’re bound to know how to use the intuitive 120 Mk II.

Here’s what you’ll love

Mid-size chainsaw

Ergonomic handle design

Easy to operate

Here’s what you might not like


#3 – WORX WG304.1

Quick Facts

Strong electric corded motor

Long and durable bar and chain with a reliable chain brake

Best cheap chainsaw for professional-level cutting action

WORX WG304.1
Type: Cheap | Bar Length: 18″ | Power: 15 Amp | Weight: 11.3 pounds

Now to get into the real-budget saving chainsaws. While Remington and Husqvarna come in at cheaper prices, they still carry their brand name premium.

Worx is a newer brand that aims to give new innovative power tools at entry-level prices that attract new power tool users.

Their WG304.1 is a great corded electric chainsaw that can take down larger trees with its 18-inch bar and chain for a low price.


The Worx WG304.1 uses an electric motor compared to the previous gas-powered chainsaws. The motor can be understood to have a similar power to a 30cc gas motor (approximate).

An auto-tensioning system is also present on the bar and chain to control tension when the chain gets loose and avoid any over tension on the saw.

Like other quality chainsaws, the Worx WG304.1 comes with an automatic oiler system that evenly distributes lubricating oil and indicates the reservoir levels.

A reliable chain brake is also included to keep the chain from striking or causing injury in case of any chain snap or strong kickback.


The 15 amp electric corded motor is a nice non-demanding motor that uses a 120-volt electrical current, so it should be compatible with most electrical outlets available domestically.

The bar and chain measures 18-inches, giving it plenty of room to cut some of the thickest tree trunks out there.

Despite its size and motor, it comes in at just around 5.5 kg, like the previous two entries. You can bring this around your property or the job site without too much trouble.

Our Verdict

Corded electric chainsaws are a standard sight on most job sites now due to their reliable power without the need to consistently refuel like a gas chainsaw.

If you find yourself working in a fixed area without having to move so far from an electrical source, consider the Worx WG304.1 as your next work companion.

Here’s what you’ll love

Professional grade electric motor


Cheapest on list

Here’s what you might not like


#4 – Black&Decker LCS1020B

Quick Facts

Best cheap chainsaw for prolonged battery portable use

Built-in lubrication and chain tensioning system

The 10-inch length gives more control when cutting

Black&Decker LCS1020B
Type: Cheap | Bar Length: 10″ | Power: 20V | Weight: 7.59 pounds

You’re bound to be familiar with Black&Decker as the brand has been making some of the best power tools for a little over 100 years now.

Naturally, being a power tools manufacturer, they have their own version of powerful chainsaws for both home and work use.

The LCS1020B is a great home-option chainsaw for users looking for a battery-powered electric chainsaw to use in and around their property for a cheap price.


The Black&Decker LCS1020B uses a battery power system, utilizing lithium-ion batteries to power its internal motor, instead of the standard gas internal combustion system.

What’s great about this portable Black&Decker chainsaw is it has a modular battery system, meaning that different battery capacities can be compatible with the same chainsaw.

If you want a lighter weight, you can pick their lower 1.5 Ah (ampere per hour) for quick jobs. If you need a longer run time, you can choose their larger 4.0 Ah for a better runtime on a single charge.

Maintenance wise, it has a quick tool-less oil lubrication system. You can refill its oil tanks with ease while it evenly coats your chain while in use.

There is also an added side chain tensioning feature to keep your chain correctly coiled around the guide bar. Expect smooth cuts with its low kickback bar and chain.


The 20v Lithium-ion battery is not your average cellphone battery. It can power the LCS1020B to handle light cutting tasks like tree pruning and hedge trimming.

On average, you can expect the Black&Decker to run for about 30-45 minutes on a full amp motor charge.

It also remains light at less than 4 kg, allowing you to practically handle the chainsaw with one hand.

It’s short 10-inch bar and chain is best for hobby tasks or quick maintenance as you can maneuver shorter lengths with better control.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a cheap home chainsaw that doesn’t need a corded power source or constant refueling, then the Black&Decker LCS1020B is an excellent option for you.

It’s portable, easy to maintain, and gives a reliable performance for heavy-duty daily tasks like cutting firewood and trimming yard trees.

This is one of the best cheap chainsaws you can get for the value it delivers.

Here’s what you’ll love

Portable battery-powered

Low maintenance

Here’s what you might not like

Limited to smaller home tasks

#5 – Remington RM1645 Versa Saw

Quick Facts

Arrives fully assembled

Reduced kickback guide

Quick-adjust chain tension system

Remington RM1645 Versa Saw
Type: Cheap | Bar Length: 16″ | Power: 12 Amp | Weight: 9.2 pounds


Among the top-rated chainsaw models available on the market, the Remington RM1645 is one of the best cheap lightweight electric chainsaws you can get with an electric power source.

Its chain and bar measure 16-inch, making it longer than the previous models we have reviewed. It offers the perfect compromise between bar and chain length, user-friendliness, and power.

As an outcome, the Remington allows you to easily complete the necessary yard work you may encounter because of the versatility of a 16-inch bar.

With a simple squeeze of the chainsaw’s trigger, you will be shredding through tree limbs and saplings with minimum kickback. Compared to various electric chainsaws, you can ensure each cut will be smooth with this model.

Not only that, the RM1645 features an automatic oiler that makes oiling the chain and bars effortless. The oil level viewer makes it easy to discover whether you have enough oil before starting your work.


Arriving assembled, you only need to take it out of the box when you’re going to start pruning your trees! Its low kickback makes this small 16-inch chainsaw easy to use and control.

The handle uses an ergonomic design with oversold comfort to give you a balanced and low vibration user experience. With its system, you can use the Remington Versa Saw for hours without tiring or feeling uncomfortable.

Eventually, the quick-adjust chain tension system allows you to adjust your chainsaw through an external tensioning screw quickly. This will keep your chainsaw running at peak performance.

Our Verdict

At this moment, if you are on a budget but still want the best small chainsaw, there is no better choice than this cheap Remington chainsaw model.

Though it has a small size, it offers a powerful heavy-duty performance. If you particularly want a long chain and bar length, again, the Remington RM1645 is one model you should consider.

Here’s what you’ll love

Lightweight and compact

Easy to oil

Simple trimming tensioning

Fully – assembled

Powerful capabilities

Here’s what you might not like

Sparking issues with some units

#6 – Sun Joe SWJ599E

Quick Facts

Easy to use with low-kickback and protective handguards

One of the cheapest options on the market

Great for beginners

Sun Joe SWJ599E
Type: Cheap | Bar Length: 14″ | Power: 9 Amp | Weight: 7.7 pounds

Sun Joe is a smaller name in the chainsaw industry, but that doesn’t mean it can’t serve you well when you need it.

Its Sun Joe SWJ599E is easy to use and a smart choice for people just starting with powered saws. Plus, it’s the cheapest chainsaw on the list as well.


The SWJ599E is mainly a corded electric chainsaw intended for entry-level users looking for low-kickback and simple usage compared to the more maintenance-heavy gas chainsaw.

It has an auto-oiler for chain lubrication and includes a tool-less cap, so you can easily refill the lubricating oil when you see the oil gauge going low.

The Sun Joe chainsaw also has a quality non-slip hand grip and handguard that gives you better control and protection while using the chainsaw.

It even comes with an included chainsaw sheath for saw protection, giving more value for your purchase.


The SWJ599E uses a mid-strength 9-amp motor with a standard 120 volt for compatibility with most domestic electrical sources.

Though not as strong as a gas-powered chainsaw, it can still cut with reliable power.

It also has a 14-inch bar and chain, small enough for home use but large enough to cut down yard trees if necessary.

Our Verdict

It’s easy to dismiss lesser-known chainsaw brands as unreliable. Still, you can count on Sun Joe to give you a stable performance.

The SWJ599E usage of low-kickback chains and protective hand systems make this chainsaw a solid pick for new chainsaw users looking for mid-strength saws with lesser torque.

Here’s what you’ll love

Low kickback

Good for beginners

Here’s what you might not like

Not as powerful as other listed chainsaws

What to Look for When Picking a Chainsaw

You need to take the time to understand the safety measures and maintenance required when owning a chainsaw.

To better understand what it takes, we’ve created a summary of what you need to know.

Safety and Protection

Ensure you’re always wearing the correct work attire whenever you’re operating a chainsaw. Durable clothes are a must but ensure that you can move freely in these as well.

Any protective gear you can have on you, such as gloves and a proper face shield, can protect you from any debris that often comes when cutting wood.


Kickbacks are the main danger to look out for when operating chainsaws.

If you hit dirt or rocks, which does occur when cutting on the ground, your chainsaw can jerk violently backward.

Luckily, many modern chainsaws have vibration mitigation systems that can let you have better control over the chainsaw, and specialized ANSI-standard low-kickback saw chains.

Chainsaw Parts

OSHA, or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, takes note of specific parts of a chainsaw as part of their safety recommendations in the workplace.

  • Chain Catcher – A protective guard to shield the operator if a chain break occurs.
  • Flywheel – Weighted wheel that controls engine speed and cools the engine.
  • Clutch – Attached to the chain sprocket, allowing for control of the chain drive.
  • Decompression Valve – Releases chainsaw compression for chainsaw start.
  • Anti-vibration system – OSHA recommended for lower operator fatigue while in use.
  • Handguard – A protective guard for the operator’s hands in-case of kickback.
  • Muffler – Reduces noise on a gas chain saw.
  • Chain Break – Required chainsaw feature that stops the chain if kickback occurs.

Gas-powered Chainsaw specific components:

  • Throttle – Regulates chain rotation by controlling fuel intake.
  • Throttle Interlock  – Stops throttle from activating before interlock activation.

Bar and Chain

The bar and chain determine the thickness of the trees you can cut and influence how well you can control the chainsaw.

Home chainsaws are usually around 10-inch to 16-inch in length, while professional chainsaws are 18-inch to 24-inch.

Types of Chainsaw Motors/Engine

A gas chainsaw would generally come in two motor types: 2-cycle and 4-cycle.

An electric chainsaw would also have two versions: Battery powered and Corded.

2-Cycle Motors

A 2-cycle motor, sometimes called 2-stroke, mixes gasoline, oil, and air for its internal combustion. The benefits of a 2-cycle motor are it remains lightweight while giving fast chain acceleration.

You would usually find 2-cycle motors on smaller chainsaws that rely on chain speed rather than torque when cutting wood.

This also means you should keep the cutting towards softer woods as it can lose power on tougher hardwood.

4-Cycle Motors

A 4-cycle motor uses four internal combustion processes, resulting in a more complex and powerful engine displacement output for the chainsaw.

This motor is often found on professional-grade chainsaws. It delivers an increased torque at the cost of lower acceleration.

This can rip through wood much easier and is useful for strong, resilient wood normally used for industrial logging.

Battery Powered Motor

A battery-powered engine uses a variety of battery types to operate the rotation on the chainsaw compared to the combustion system that gas-powered chainsaws use.

A lot of newer chainsaws use battery power for their portability and weight, but often they don’t perform as well as their gas-powered counterparts because battery power fluctuates when cutting.

Reserve these chainsaws for light home tasks.

Corded Electric Motor

A corded electric chainsaw motor is a powerful alternative to a gas-powered chainsaw as the electrical power output is a lot more consistent while in use.

Different chainsaws come with varying degrees of voltages, so it’s important to note what voltage your chainsaw is using and if it is compatible with your work area/generator.

While it’s good to have a corded electric chainsaw as it avoids any fuel issues or exhaust fumes, it does have the downside of not being portable enough past its cord length.

Proper cord management is needed to avoid any work mishaps.

Special Chainsaw Properties

Self-Sharpening Chainsaws

Sharpening the cutters on your chain is key to keeping it perform at an optimal level.

While maintaining your chainsaws through regular manual sharpening is highly recommended, there are chainsaws out there that can “self-sharpen”.

Chainsaws with self-sharpening features include small sharpening steel used to sharpen your chain cutters while the chain is rotating.

This removes bits of metal from each cutter as it rotates, resharpening it after use.

Remember that overuse of this feature can lead to weak and over-sharpened cutters, which can increase your risk for a kickback.

Self Lubricating Chainsaws

Many decent quality chainsaws ought to have lubricating systems in place to keep your chainsaw from overheating due to the friction generated when the saw rotates.

Though each chainsaw lubrication system differs depending on design, these usually operate through small oil reservoirs that hold the lubricating compound in controlled drips onto the bar and chain.

Some chains also have their own grooved channels to spread the lubrication oil properly throughout the chain.

This works in tandem with the lubrication systems to provide efficient and non-wasteful lubrication.

Best Practices to Take Care of Your Chainsaw

Even though you get a cheap chainsaw, that doesn’t mean you treat it cheaply. Proper maintenance can elongate the life of any of your power tools, chainsaws especially.

Follow this simple guide from chainsaw manufacturer Stihl to care for your chainsaw to keep it in proper working condition.

Practice Proper Storage

UV light can damage metals slowly and cause them to lose some durability. You can choose a good chainsaw bag to keep it away from light and unwanted moisture.

Empty the Fuel Tank

Emptying the fuel tank periodically can keep any fuel mixture build-up from accumulating in the tank. Keep your chainsaw easy starting and running smoothly by keeping the fuel clean while in use.

The internal parts, like the carburetor, also need periodic draining to avoid any moisture accumulation damaging important components.

Regular Dismantling

For a real proper cleaning, you must learn how to properly take apart the chainsaw to give each piece a good cleaning.

Consider applying mineral-grade oil to add a protective coating for corrosion resistance.

Chain Sharpening

Sharpening is key for keeping your chainsaw cutting as good as it does. 

Again, chainsaw manufacturer Stihl came out with a simple guide on how to sharpen your chainsaw.

Expensive or cheap, a chainsaw will go dull one day. But luckily, sharpening only needs a few tools like a flat and round file and maybe a Dremel tool.

You’ll need a bit of practice to get the shape you need, but that beats having to purchase a whole new chainsaw chain.

Chainsaw Maintenance Tips

Top Picks

So, what are the best cheap chainsaws you can buy for the money? All of them we reviewed above are great saws.

But here are our top three picks: The Remington RM 4214CS Rebel, the Husqvarna 120 Mk II, and the winner Worx WG304.1.


Remington RM 4214CS Rebel

Remington RM 4214CS Rebel

Key Takeaways

Powerful 42cc gas-powered motor

Compact design with a vibration mitigation system

Best budget chainsaw overall considering quality and cost


Husqvarna 120 Mk II

Husqvarna 120 Mk II

Key Takeaways

Good mid-sized bar and chain length with chain brake

Powerful and efficient 38.22 cc X-Torq Gas Motor

Ergonomic handle design with low-vibration system


The best chainsaws in the market need not come at a steep price.

Cheap chainsaws don’t mean bad or low-quality chainsaws.

It’s about finding a balance between price and quality, otherwise translated to…value.

So, if you’re looking to buy a chainsaw that can perform work that suits your needs best and at a budget price, go through our list of cheap chainsaws.

If you want a quick pick, go for the Remington RM 4214CS Rebel for the best features and quality, or for something more balanced in features, design, and price, you can’t go wrong with the Husqvarna 120 Mk II.

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