How to Hang Chainsaw on Wall Properly

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Are you a chainsaw user and after using the chainsaw, you want to hang it, but you don’t know how to? If yes, then this is just the right place for you to be.

Hanging chainsaw is quite easy, and it can be done vertically as long as you are taking the necessary precautions. This will help you make sure the safety of your chainsaw from damage from dust, fluids, and other items in your shed. Further, you should hang your chainsaw in an area where it is away from direct sunlight. Your chainsaw won’t be robust enough that it can be stored in the vertical orientation. You need to hang the chainsaw properly to keep it in great working condition and prevent any accidents. A chainsaw hanging hook mounted on the wall is one of the best ways of storing a chainsaw.

In this article, you will get to know all about hanging a chainsaw, how to hang chainsaw, how to store a chainsaw vertically, tips to remember when hanging a chainsaw, and more. Continue reading to get all the answers that you are looking for.

Hang Your Chainsaw for Better Maintenance

Chainsaws are essential power tools on many homesteads, and they’re largely considered to be rough and ready machines that take a fair amount of abuse. While these tools can withstand heavy work, they will require maintenance, care, and proper storage. 

If you are like most chainsaw users, when you think of a chainsaw, the first thing that will come to your mind is proper maintenance and care for your instrument. With a bit of know-how, you’ll be able to avoid any damage to your chainsaw and use this tool safely and effectively. However, you must keep in mind that you are wearing safety gear and following the safety protocols.

Hanging the chainsaw after use is a great way of taking care of your chainsaw. Hanging your chainsaw will make using a chainsaw a safer and more skillful experience for anyone who has to cut down trees and branches. However, you must remember that there will be a few risks associated with chainsaws, either with your personal protection or with respect to your chainsaw’s safekeeping. Regardless of how safe you try to be, you must wear protective gear whenever you are dealing with a chainsaw.

How to Hang Chainsaw

If you are a chainsaw user, you will know that chainsaws are invaluable tools that will help you make quick work of a wide variety of jobs. When it comes time to store your chainsaw, just tossing it in the back of the seat isn’t a viable option.

Chainsaws have to be stored properly to keep them in great condition and prevent any accidents. A chainsaw hanging hook mounted on the wall is one of the best ways of storing a chainsaw. This will keep your chainsaw off the ground where it’ll be more likely to get damaged and make it easier to grab when you need it. Additionally, hanging the chainsaw on a chainsaw hook will help keep your chain from rusting while also ensuring that the chainsaw is always within reach.

You can hang the chainsaw vertically as long as proper precautions are taken for ensuring the safety of your tool from damage against dust, fluids, and other items in the shed. It must be hung in an area where it will not get any direct sunlight. Your chainsaw is robust enough that it can be stored in a vertical manner.

All power tools, including chainsaws, must be stored in appropriate locations, positions, and conditions. Chainsaws are rather bulky tools that consume a lot of space, whether it is bench space, floor space, wall space, or roof space.

Prevent oil leakage when hanging the chainsaw

It is important that you should hang the chainsaw properly to prevent oil leaks.  First, you should ensure that your chainsaw is turned off and the chainsaw chain is disengaged. After that, clean the chainsaw with a rag for removing any dirt or debris. 

After that, apply a thin layer of oil onto the chainsaw bar and chain. Be cautious that you don’t end up overfilling the reservoir. Make sure that the plugs are erect and tight. Check them after each use and before storing the chainsaw.

Finally, you should store your chainsaw in a dry, safe place out of the way. But you shouldn’t keep it on any of its sides – as the left side features the oil and fuel tank while the right side features an oil hole. By following these steps, you will be able to hang your chainsaw and keep it in great condition while preventing oil leaks.

Hanging the chainsaw will keep it dry and safe during winter

As the weather gets colder, it will be important to take the steps to protect your saw from external elements. If you intend to use your machine throughout the winter, you should make sure that you’re hanging it in a dry, well-ventilated place. If possible, you should hang it inside your garage or house.

However, if you have to hang it outside, you should ensure that you’re covering it with a tarp or something similar to keep it dry. Additionally, you should also empty the gas tank and add fresh gas before every use. This way, you can prevent moisture from building up inside the engine and resulting in corrosion. With a bit of care and maintenance, you will be able to keep your chainsaw running throughout the winter.

Wall-Hanging Chainsaw Rack

Can You Hang a Chainsaw Vertically?

Space in your shed is often at a premium and when you’re storing a chainsaw, you’ll want to store it in a location where you won’t be tripping over it. Further, you’ll want a location that is great for your chainsaw. Sometimes, the only space available in the area where the chainsaw will only fit if it is hung vertically. People also have concerns about storing the chainsaw in a vertical manner. Will there be any danger to hanging your chainsaw vertically if there’s only space available in the garage or the shed?

If vertically hanging the chainsaw is the only possible storage option you’ve got for your chainsaw, it is possible and acceptable to hang your chainsaw in this way. However, you must take a few precautions when you are storing the chainsaw this way.

Storing the chainsaw vertically won’t cause any damage to your chainsaw but you need to observe a few precautions. There are a few common concerns that people have around hanging your chainsaw vertically. Some of them are –

1. Fuel leaking out of your chainsaw in vertical storage

Most chainsaw fuel tanks come with a cup that has a breather hole for allowing air to enter the top of the fuel tank as the fuel starts getting consumed. Without the air hole, a vacuum will form at the top of the tank as the fuel level starts dropping. This will prevent the fuel from properly flowing to the carburetor.

The concern with hanging your chainsaw vertically is that if the fuel tank is full, the fuel can potentially leak out of the breather hole, causing damage to other components of your chainsaw or posing a fire hazard. 

This fuel issue will be a valid cause for concern.  If you’re going to hang your chainsaw vertically, it will likely be smart not to store your chainsaw with a brimful tank of gas. If the level of fuel in your chainsaw is low enough such that it doesn’t reach the breather-hole, the potential issue will not arise, and you’ll be good to hang your saw in a vertical position.

In case you are packing your chainsaw away for an extended period of time (until next season), you need to be bleeding excess fuel from the carburetor and empty the fuel tank for long-term storage. If you’re following this method for long-term storage of your chainsaw, then there will be no risk of storing it vertically.

2. Oil leakage while hanging the saw vertically

Generally, the oil cap on your chainsaw will provide a leak-free closure, and it generally doesn’t have a hole as the breather in the cap as the fuel cap. This is the case because the oil doesn’t get consumed at a fast enough rate to cause the vacuum to develop in the storage tank. Hence, it presents a flow problem for the oil.

For that reason, there shouldn’t be any oil leakage from the chainsaw if you want to hang it vertically.

3. Constant weight on the rotors and gears of the chainsaw

The weight of chainsaw chain and the bar do not weigh that much. The bulk of the weight on your chainsaw will be of the motor.

The rotors and gears are designed for driving the chin through the wood and are robust. Usually, it is strong enough for supporting the weight of the chainsaw chain and bar for extended periods. This should not be a major cause for concern when hanging the chainsaw vertically.

4. Stress on the plastic components

The plastic components on your chainsaw are heavy-duty, especially the handles, which are the best hanging point that you’ll use for hanging the chainsaw vertically. The primary cause of damage to the plastic could be exposure to UV and solvents, as it can end up damaging the plastic. 

If you are going to hang the chainsaw in a vertical position, you must ensure that it isn’t going to catch sunlight through a window. Further, it shouldn’t be under a shelf where you are storing solvents, which can pose a problem for the chainsaw should they leak out of the containers.

By hanging the chainsaw by its plastic handle on the hook, it shouldn’t pose any issues for your chainsaw or the structure of the plastic handle. If you’re concerned about this, you must use a broad piece of metal or wood instead of a thin wire or nail. This helps in distributing the weight of the chainsaw more evenly while preventing potential issues.

Tips to Remember When Hanging Your Chainsaw

Chainsaws can be pretty expensive machines, and you must take care of them properly. This way, you can ensure that your chainsaw has a long, productive life. Hanging the chainsaw and storing it carefully and correctly will go a long way in preserving the chainsaw for many years.

If you intend on storing your chainsaw for a few weeks or months, it will be best if you give your chainsaw a proper clean by removing the chain and chainsaw bar. Further, you should also empty out the fuel and drain out the carburetor before any long-term storage of your chainsaw. Here are some of the tips that you’ll need to keep in mind when hanging a chainsaw – 

1. Store your chainsaw secure

Make sure that the hook that you’re positioning the chainsaw is robust enough that it can hold the weight of your chainsaw. A chainsaw crashing to the floor is a guaranteed way of shortening its life. Further, it can also result in injuries if they happen if someone happens to be below the chainsaw at the time, and it falls on them.

chainsaws hanging on the wall

2. Store your chainsaw away from solvents

Solvents that leak on the shelf above the chainsaw can cause issues for the motor or the plastic components of your chainsaw.

3. Protect your chainsaw from dust

If your shed or garage is dusty with products like animal feeds and other dust-creating items stored in the same place, you will have to protect the chainsaw from dust adhering to the oiled parts of your machine, clogging vents, and contaminating fuel. If needed, you must have a canvas cover made for your saw that you can easily slip over it before you hang it up.

4. Keep your chainsaw dry

Often, if your shed ends up leaking when it rains, the water would ultimately flow down the sloping roof and to the shed walls. You should ensure that your chainsaw isn’t in a place where it can get wet when your shed or garage leaks.

5. Never store your chainsaw vertically with a full fuel tank

Storing the chainsaw vertically with a full tank of fuel can result in the fuel potentially leaking out. To make sure that the leakage doesn’t happen, you should ensure that the leakage doesn’t occur by making sure that the fuel level is below the filler cap once the chainsaw is in a vertical position.

6. Never hang your chainsaw vertically by the guide bar

Some chainsaws come with holes in the guide bar, but you shouldn’t be using this hole to hang your chainsaw vertically. Doing this will place the entire weight of your chainsaw on the bar, which the chainsaw isn’t engineered to handle. You can potentially damage the chainsaw bar if you are storing your chainsaw vertically.


Why do chainsaw users put their chainsaw bar upside down?

Putting the chainsaw upside down will increase the life of the chainsaw bar by up to 50 percent, as this position will allow you to rest the heavily used areas. Further, it will also help in avoiding the risk of damage to these parts.

Is it okay to hang by chainsaw upside down?

You need to take great care when you are hanging your chainsaw when it isn’t being used. You can hang your chainsaw upside down, as it’ll help you be on the safe side. Hanging the chainsaw vertically will mean your chainsaw doesn’t have any exposure to dust, rusting, or any other damaging factors.

What is the best position to store my chainsaw?

To keep larger machines like chainsaws safe and secure, a chainsaw rack will be the best option. You need to place it on a shelf or on the ground with proper care. However, smaller chainsaws can be hung over the walls with a hook or a DIY wall mount.

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