Where are Husqvarna Chainsaws Made? Uncovering the Manufacturing Locations of Husqvarna

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Are you a fan of Husqvarna chainsaws? If so, you may be wondering about where these tools are made. Over the years, Husqvarna’s manufacturing locations have changed and evolved. In this article, we will answer the question of Where are Husqvarna chainsaws made? And explore the fascinating story of Husqvarna’s journey from its roots in Sweden to its current worldwide manufacturing locations. Read on to discover the answer and find out more about the history of Husqvarna.

Overview of Husqvarna

Husqvarna is a historic Swedish company that goes back centuries. This premium power equipment brand is renowned for producing world-class power tools. Aside from chainsaws, Husqvarna also manufactures products like kitchen equipment, lawnmowers, bicycles, motorcycles, sewing machines, stump grinders, and diamond tools. Husqvarna is a publicly traded company, meaning that have multiple owners. The brand’s biggest shareholders are Investor AB (16.8%) and Lundbergs AB (7.5%).

Widely considered to be one of the oldest tool brands, the Husqvarna Group is known to deliver high-quality equipment for generations. Currently, the company has developed several manufacturing plants in different countries. However, every single Husqvarna chainsaw has the tagline “made in USA” or “made in Sweden”. This has led many people to wonder if Husqvarna chainsaws are made in USA, Sweden, or any other country.

where is husqvarna made

History of the Husqvarna Group

The Husqvarna corporation was established back in 1689 as a rifle manufacturing plant. After a few years, the company became home to more than 1,000 staff members. The company officially made its last rifle in 1989. This means the country of origin for Husqvarna is Sweden.

Husqvarna Group started producing various products through the years, including bicycles, motorcycles, kitchen equipment, and sewing machines. The brand came out with the first lawn mower in 1919, which started a revolution in backyard tools and outdoor products.

As bicycles, mopeds, and motorcycles started becoming less prevalent and forestry started becoming popular in Sweden, the brand started dipping its toes into a new product category. In 1959, the first Husqvarna chainsaw was officially manufactured. Here are some of the historic years for the Husqvarna brand –

  • 1968 – The brand presented the power cutter, which was basically a redesigned saw
  • 1995 – In 1995, the world saw the production of the first solar-powered robotic lawnmower
  • 2007 – Acquiring Zenoah, Klippo, and Gardena meant that the brand was able to expand into the watering area
  • 2009 – Husqvarna unveiled the first remote-controlled demolition robot
  • 2019 – Husqvarna group starts manufacturing an effective robotic lawnmower for clearing demanding lawns

The power tool manufacturer is predominantly known for producing various types of chainsaws. Whether you want to trim the trees in your beautiful yard or clear out a chunk of forest, Husqvarna has a wide variety of options for you. For instance, the Husqvarna T435 offers limited power, making it ideal for trimming. Meanwhile, the Husqvarna 130 is the perfect option for homeowners and offers 30 cc power. If you’re looking for something more powerful, you can go for the Husqvarna 592XP, which is capable of delivering 90 cc power.

Who makes Husqvarna chainsaws?

The Husqvarna Group is responsible for manufacturing Husqvarna chainsaws that are sold around the world. The Husqvarna Group commenced operation around the time when the industrial revolution was starting out. While the range of products manufactured by Husqvarna has increased, so have the number of chainsaw manufacturing locations, the nations the company sells chainsaws in, and more. However, one thing has remained constant – the Husqvarna chainsaws have continued to produce a major chunk of their chainsaws in Sweden.

Since the brand released its first chainsaw in 1959, the production has still continued until now. In the years to come, the brand is aiming to continue improving its chainsaw technology. If you’re a chainsaw user looking to buy a new chainsaw, then you will definitely find one at Husqvarna that suits all your needs.

The corporation has facilities across Scandinavian and Asian countries, with Sweden and China producing the bulk of them. Husqvarna chainsaws are also manufactured in Brazil, like the Husqvarna 390 XP and the Husqvarna 395 XP. If you have a “made in USA” tag on your chainsaw, then you should know that the company also has a major Husqvarna manufacturing plant in Nashville, Arkansas.

It is an 874,000 sq. ft. facility, and it includes manufacturing for trimmers, chainsaws, and many Husky products. Further, it’ll also serve as a storage and warehousing center. The US site comes powered by a solar power plant, which is a welcome, environment-friendly initiative.

While many chainsaw components are manufactured in facilities in China, it can be concluded that chainsaws are manufactured around the world. However, the home of the company is Huskvarna, Sweden and the brand has long been a significant part of Swedish history.

Where is Husqvarna made?

Husqvarna is an incredibly popular power tool brand that manufactures a wide range of outdoor power tools, including chainsaws, leaf blowers, lawnmowers, and more. The brand has been around for more than three centuries and its products are renowned for their durability and high performance. But where are the different manufacturing locations, and where are Husqvarna chainsaws made?

where is husqvarna made

Overview of Husqvarna manufacturing locations

Husqvarna is an iconic brand that has a global presence, with manufacturing locations spread all over the world. The company has more than 40 production facilities in different countries, including Sweden, Brazil, China, and the United States. These production facilities are responsible for producing a wide range of Husqvarna products, including chainsaws.

Where are Husqvarna chainsaws made?

Husqvarna chainsaws are manufactured in various locations all over the world. The headquarters of the company is located in Sweden, where the brand was founded back in 1689. The headquarters in Sweden is where the brand designs and develops new products, including chainsaws.

In addition to Sweden, Husqvarna chainsaws are manufactured in China and the United States as well. The brand has production facilities in Shanghai and Qingdao, China, where the company produces a wide range of outdoor power tools, including chainsaws. Husqvarna also has production facilities in Orangeburg, South Carolina, and Nashville, Arkansas, where the company manufactures chainsaws for the American market.

The manufacturing process for Husqvarna chainsaws involves a combination of well-thought-out and thoroughly tested automated and manual processes. The different components of the chainsaws are produced in large quantities using automated processes, whereas the final assembly and quality control will be done manually by skilled technicians.

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Is Husqvarna made in the USA?

Husqvarna is a brand that has a global presence when it comes to chainsaws and other power tools. These power tools are produced in manufacturing locations all over the world, including Sweden, Brazil, China, and more. But what about the United State? Are these chainsaws made in the United States as well? Where are US-Made chainsaws manufactured?

Overview of US-Made Husqvarna chainsaws

Husqvarna has always claimed that it aims to manufacture high-quality power tools all over the world, including the United States. The brand’s US-made chainsaws are designed for meeting the needs of the North American market, while they’re also built to last. Husqvarna’s US-made chainsaws come with high-quality components, a durable build, and a modern design, which allows the chainsaws to withstand the demands of heavy use.

Husqvarna’s US-made chainsaws come in a wide range of sizes and configurations, from small electric chainsaws for backyard use to large gas-powered chainsaws for forestry use. The brand is known for offering a wide range of chainsaw models that cater to the different needs and budgets of chainsaw users.

Where are US-Made Chainsaws manufactured?

Husqvarna has two production facilities in the United States. These two facilities are largely responsible for manufacturing high-quality chainsaws for the North American market. The company’s production facilities are located in Nashville, Arkansas, and Orangeburg, South Carolina.

Husqvarna’s Nashville production facility is mostly responsible for manufacturing the electric chainsaws produced by the company. This facility produces a wide range of electric chainsaws designed for homeowners and professionals who require a lightweight and easy-to-use chainsaw.

The other US-based production facility is located in Orangeburg, and it is responsible for manufacturing the company’s gas-powered chainsaws. This facility in Orangeburg has a state-of-the-art production line that makes use of automated and manual processes for producing high-quality chainsaws. This production facility employs numerous skilled techniques that perform the final assembly and quality control for ensuring that every single chainsaw manufactured by the brand meets Husqvarna’s high standards.

Where are Husqvarna chainsaws manufactured?

Husqvarna is a global giant in the world of chainsaws and outdoor power tools. The company has a strong presence global, with manufacturing locations located all across the world. But where exactly are Husqvarna chainsaws manufactured globally?

Overview of global manufacturing locations

Husqvarna is a major name in the chainsaw industry and it has a global manufacturing presence. The company has around 40 production facilities in different countries all over the world. Some of the most significant global manufacturing locations for Husqvarna chainsaws include Sweden, China, Brazil, and the United States. The company has a well-established manufacturing process that involves automated, and manual processes carried out by thousands of skillful workers. A lot goes into producing high-quality chainsaws of different types and sizes that are reliable, durable, and extremely powerful.

Husqvarna chainsaws are manufactured in numerous manufacturing locations all over the world. These manufacturing facilities come equipped with state-of-the-art technology and employ extremely skilled technicians who carry out the final assembly and quality control to make sure that every single chainsaw falls in line with the high standards set by the company.

Where are Global-Made Husqvarna chainsaws manufactured?

As mentioned above, Husqvarna chainsaws come manufactured in numerous locations all over the world. The brand’s headquarters are located in Sweden, where the company was founded back in 1689. The Husqvarna headquarters is largely responsible for designing and developing new products, including chainsaws and other power tools.

Aside from Sweden, Husqvarna chainsaws are also manufactured in multiple cities in China. The brand has production facilities in Qingdao and Shanghai, where the company produces a wide range of chainsaws. Here, the brand makes battery-powered, gas-powered, and electric chainsaws and ships them around the world.

Additionally, Husqvarna has two major production facilities in the United States. The production facilities in Orangeburg, South Carolina, and Nashville, Arkansas are responsible for manufacturing gas-powered chainsaws and electric chainsaws for the North American market respectively. Husqvarna also has production facilities in other countries like Brazil, where the brand produces the majority of chainsaws shipped around the South American market.

Evolution of Husqvarna chainsaws

Husqvarna group is widely known as one of the pacesetters in the chainsaw manufacturing and wood-cutting industry. This brand is influential not just in the United States, but all over the world. Since the company was started three centuries ago, it has seen continual changes and evolved constantly through the years. Here is the evolution of Husqvarna chainsaws –

  • Husqvarna 90 – The Husqvarna 90 was the first chainsaw that the company came out with, and it was officially unveiled in 1959
  • Husqvarna 65 – The Husqvarna 65 was the next model, and it arrived in 1966, which was the ideal chainsaw for domestic business
  • Husqvarna 50 Rancher – The Husqvarna 50 Rancher was the first sophisticated, all-around chainsaw released by Husqvarna as it arrived in 1982
  • Husqvarna 262 XP – The Husqvarna 262 XP was launched in 30 countries, becoming the first production from the XP-Series, while it also introduced the air injection capability
  • Husqvarna 394 XP – Husqvarna launched this model in the United States and New Zealand in 1991
  • Husqvarna 335 XPT – The company unveiled the Husqvarna 335 XPT in 1997, and it was widely considered to be the perfect tool for arborists
  • Husqvarna 576 XP – The Husqvarna 576 XP is the latest model by Husqvarna, and it is the most well-featured and advanced chainsaw that is manufactured by the brand

Pros of using Husqvarna chainsaw

Husqvarna is one of the leading brands when it comes to chainsaws. For more than three centuries, the brand has been providing high-quality power tools. For several decades, the company has been manufacturing powerful chainsaws that meet the needs of both professionals and homeowners. The chainsaws manufactured by Husqvarna are renowned for their high performance, power, reliability, and durability. There are many pros of using Husqvarna chainsaws, including –

where is husqvarna made

#1. Durability

One of the biggest pros of using a Husqvarna chainsaw is its durability. These chainsaws are built using high-quality materials, and they are designed to withstand even the toughest working conditions. The engines are made using durable components capable of withstanding heavy use and chains that will stay sharp for longer, which will reduce the need for frequent replacements.

#2. Powerful engines

Husqvarna chainsaws come equipped with powerful engines that offer high cutting power. The engine range for Husqvarna chainsaws ranges from 38 cc to 118 cc, which is more than enough power for various cutting needs. Whether you are cutting branches of small trees or felling large trees, Husqvarna chainsaws will provide enough power that you need for getting the job done efficiently.

#3. Low maintenance

Husqvarna chainsaws need minimal maintenance, largely due to the inclusion of high-quality components. The air filters are designed for lasting longer, while the engines come equipped with anti-vibration features for reducing wear and tear. With proper use and maintenance, Husqvarna chainsaws will last for years, providing highly reliable performance.

#4. Ergonomic design

Husqvarna chainsaws are designed keeping user comfort in mind. These chainsaws have ergonomic handles that offer a comfortable grip while also reducing the strain on the hands and arms. These chainsaws come equipped with anti-vibration features that reduce operator fatigue, which will allow you to work for longer periods without actually feeling tired.

#5. Versatility

Husqvarna chainsaws are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of cutting applications. Whether you have to trim hedges, prune trees, or fell large trees, Husqvarna chainsaws will be able to handle the task efficiently. These chainsaws come in different types, sizes, and power levels, which makes it easy to choose the right option for your specific requirements.

#6. Safety features

Husqvarna chainsaws are always designed keeping safety in mind. These chainsaws come equipped with safety features like kickback protection and chain brakes for stopping the chain in case of an accidental kickback. They also have anti-vibration features that reduce the risk of hand-arm vibration syndrome, a condition that could result in pain and numbness in the hands and arms.

Cons of using Husqvarna chainsaws

Even though Husqvarna chainsaws have many pros, they aren’t without their kinks and issues. There are a few cons when it comes to Husqvarna chainsaws, as the brand isn’t perfect and there is always room for improvement. Here are some of the common cons that Husqvarna chainsaws have –  

#1. Relatively expensive

One of the primary drawbacks of Husqvarna chainsaws is their relatively high price. Compared to other brands in the market, Husqvarna chainsaws are rather expensive. While their high-quality components and durable design might justify the high price for some, it can still be a somewhat significant investment for others.

#2. Complicated to operate

Husqvarna chainsaws come with a wide range of exciting features, which can make them somewhat complicated to operate, especially for beginners and novices. While the features might be helpful for experienced users, they can be slightly overwhelming for new users, who might find it difficult to understand and use all the features.

#3. Heavy

Husqvarna chainsaws are popular for their durability, which typically comes at the cost of weight. Husqvarna chainsaws have powerful engines, but they also happen to be heavier than their competitors. It can be a problem for users who have to use the chainsaw for extended periods of time, as it can result in fatigue and strain. 

 #4. More maintenance needed

While Husqvarna chainsaws are extremely durable, they require more maintenance than their competitors to keep them in prime working condition. This can include cleaning and lubricating the chainsaw, replacing the air filter, and sharpening the chainsaw chain. If you don’t perform regular maintenance, it can lead to decreased performance and an increased risk of accidents.

#5. Noise and vibration

Husqvarna chainsaws are extremely, but this power will also come with a lot of noise and vibration. The high level of noise and vibration can be an issue for users who have to use the chainsaw for extended periods. Prolonged exposure to noise and vibration could result in hearing damage and hand-arm vibration syndrome, a condition that will cause pain and numbness in the hands and arms. If you are looking to purchase a Husqvarna chainsaw, then 6 Best Husqvarna Chainsaws For The Money can help you make a more accurate decision.


Where are Husqvarna chainsaws made?

Husqvarna chainsaws are made at their factory in Huskvarna, Sweden. Husqvarna chainsaws are also manufactured at their factories in the United States, China, and Brazil.

Is Husqvarna made in the USA?

Yes, Husqvarna chainsaws are made in the USA. The Husqvarna factory in the US is located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Where are Husqvarna chainsaws manufactured?

Husqvarna chainsaws are manufactured in Huskvarna, Sweden, as well as the United States, China, and Brazil.

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