Where Can I Rent A Log Splitter: Different Rental Places To Rent A Log Splitter

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Do you need to rent a log splitter for your backyard needs, but don’t know where exactly to rent it from? If so, then you have found yourself in the right place.

Renting a log splitter is a pretty smart move if you don’t have a lot of log splitting to do year around. There are many wonderful websites and rental stores that offer great programs for where to rent a log splitter. Places like Home Depot, Herc Rents, Lowe’s, United Rentals, Sparetoolz, etc. are fairly reliable when it comes to renting log splitters.

In this article, you’ll get to know all about renting a log splitter, where can I rent a log splitter, when is it not a worthy option to rent a log splitter, and more. Stick around to get all the answers that you’re looking for.

Is renting a log splitter cost-effective?

If you regularly heat with wood fuel, log splitting will be a big topic of discussion. There’s nothing more comforting than seeing the cords of neatly stacked wood sitting in your yard, patiently waiting until they are needed, like an army of soldiers ready for duty. If you’re splitting wood with an axe or maul, you should probably consider upgrading to gas or electric-powered log splitter. There are many things to consider when buying a log splitter like the power, size, budget, and more. A great alternative would be to rent one, which makes you wonder where to rent log splitter near me. 

The cost will likely be your biggest concern when deciding whether to buy or rent a log splitter. While heating with wood is a rather cost-efficient way, you wouldn’t want to cut into those savings by paying too much for the tool you’re using. If you’re renting a log splitter, you’ll be paying anywhere from $50 to $200 per day. It will ultimately depend on what type of log splitter you are using and where you’re located.

If you only need to split a few logs, you can easily do it within a few hours. In such a situation, the decision to rent a log splitter will make sense. However, most people have to split significantly more wood. If you’ve to cut an entire season’s worth of wood, you’re probably looking at weekly rentals that run at $400 or more. This cost, either for a few days or weeks, adds up over the years. If you’re committed to heating your home with wood, you are in it for the long term. Within a few years, the $400 per week price tag on rentals will add up to be significantly more than buying a new log splitter

Where can I rent a log splitter?

If you’ve made up your mind that you’ll be renting a log splitter, you should look for answers to where can I rent a log splitter in my area. Interestingly, there are many great places where to rent log splitters such as –

Home Depot

Home Depot’s tool rental program is immensely popular for a wide variety of reasons. Home Depot has stores all over the United States, which makes it easy for potential buyers to find a store and rent log splitters. The store is also known for its competitive pricing, which means that you might find affordable rental rates near you.

There are four durations for which you can rent a log splitter – 4 hours, daily, weekly, and monthly. The tools will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. This means you won’t be able to call ahead of time and reserve a log splitter for yourself. However, you can check for availability online. Not every store will have the log splitter available for renting.

You will require a photo ID and a credit card for renting a log splitter. Home Depot doesn’t actually accept debit cards for putting a deposit on the log splitter rental. However, you can still use a debit card for paying off the balance when you’re returning the log splitter.

I rented a Log/Wood Splitter From Home Depot// VLOG


Although Lowe’s only started rolling out its tool rental service in 2020, the company has put in some hard work to catch up. They have the same amazing benefits as Home Depot regarding popularity, but Lowe’s has got one thing different.

You’ll be able to reserve your rental online. You just need to select the log splitter, confirm the date, and submit the reservation. Once they have approved it, you will be sent a confirmation.

You’ll have to pick up the rented log splitter in-store after showing a valid ID and credit card. Lowe’s also offers the same four durations of renting log splitters. They could charge a cleaning fee of $50 if you’re returning the log splitter dirty. You should ensure that you’re taking time out to clean it before you return it.

Herc Rentals

With Herc Rentals, the pricing will depend on your location. The pricing is pretty transparent, and you can check it online after submitting the zip code of your location. The log splitter shown on the site is a Barreto 920LS. It can handle logs with a width of 25 inches while having a horsepower of 8.7. It is perfect for landscaping and removing trees to split the logs quickly and easily.

The rates will be calculated on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. You will be able to place a rental request online and Herc Rentals will contact you once it has been processed, allowing you to finish the rental process.

where can i rent a log splitter - log splitter for rent

United Rentals

With United Rentals, you’ll be given a generic description of a hydraulic log splitter when you’re checking it online. However, the online reservation is slightly more specific than what is normally seen.

You can choose the duration of the rental with the options being daily, weekly, or monthly.  Moreover, you can also know whether you want the store to deliver or retrieve the log splitter from your job site.

They’ll offer a Rental Protection Plan to protect you in case of an accident. The protection plan will cost you an additional 15% of the total rental fee. However, this is nothing compared to having to pay out the entire cost of a log splitter.


If you’re lucky, you might have the option of going local using Sparetoolz. This is a new rental option to help you out as it offers peer-to-peer tool rentals. The rate of renting a log splitter will depend on your location, as well as the rate, determined by the owner of the tool. However, they are usually less than the ones found in other tool rental companies.

Tool owners might offer rental delivery at an additional cost. With something as heavy as a log splitter, any help will come in handy. You’ll have a security hold placed on the credit card for covering the cost if it is returned damaged. However, its customer support is fairly knowledgeable in handling these issues. 

When is it not worth renting a log splitter?

Unless you intend to make a business out of it, you’ll be better off renting the log splitter. This is the case as the general price for one could range anywhere between $600 to $2,000. Some extraneous cases where it will be cheaper to purchase a log splitter include –

  • Long-term projects 
  • Being involved in intermittent projects 
  • A lack of options available 

In long-term projects, usually the ones that last 6-9 months, you might reach a point where you’ll be better off buying a log splitter. The longer you’re having the tool, the more damage can happen to it. This will be a tricky situation when you’re having to return it. It increases the chance that it could be damaged or breaks down. 

If you’ll be involved in work on and off for a long duration of time, you should consider buying a log splitter instead of renting one. It will eliminate the hassle of returning to the store often or arranging the rental. Moreover, you’ll also be able to save on potential fees associated with renting a log splitter.

where can i rent a log splitter - man using rented log splitter

Another situation in which you should buy a log splitter instead of renting it is if you do not have any rentals in your area. This will only work if you must absolutely work with a log splitter. Otherwise, you could just look to go for an alternative tool. You must check to see where I can rent a log splitter nearby or for sale before paying the full price.


Thank you for reading. Hopefully, now you know a lot more about renting a log splitter, where can I rent a log splitter, when is it not a worthy option to rent a log splitter, and more.  Renting a log splitter is a smart option if you don’t have a lot of log splitting to do year around. There are many websites and rental stores that offer great programs for where to rent a log splitter. Places like Home Depot, Herc Rents, Lowe’s, United Rentals, Sparetoolz, etc. are fairly reliable when it comes to renting log splitters.

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