What Oil To Use In Pole Saw: Everything You Need To Know About Oiling A Pole Saw

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Do you own a pole saw, and it’s in dire need of oiling, but you don’t know what type of oil to use? If so, then you’ll be glad to know you’re in the right place. 

The oil to use in pole saw includes winter oils, bio-oils, summer oils, and more. Oiling your pole saw will help protect the metal from overheating due to friction, while also preventing rust. Proper oiling is essential if you’re looking to get your pole saw work to work efficiently for a long time.

In this article, you’ll get to know more about oiling pole saws, what oil to use in pole saw, how to oil a pole saw, the benefits of oiling a pole saw, how to know if the oiling is working, and more. Continue reading to get all the answers that you’re looking for.

What oil to use in pole saws?

For the long-term performance of your pole saw, proper oiling will be essential. This is because you’ll have to lubricate your pole saw regularly such that it works fine all year round. The best choice for your pole saw will be petrol oil. There are many brands that manufacture high-quality oil, so you need to know what oil to use in pole saw. There are different types of oil needed for the pole saw, including –

1. Summer oil for pole saws

A pole saw produces a lot of heat when it is running. It’s important to know what type of oil for pole saw you should be going for. During the summer, the oil needs to be thicker than in winter. What happens if you run out of bar oil in a pole saw is that the pole saw will become slow and overheated. Summer oil is made to be thicker, as the summer heat can end up thinning the oil. 

The thicker oil will help the oil stick close to the pole saw’s bar and chain in warm weather. It’ll help you get the most benefit from the oil when you’re pruning tree branches. You’ll get this sort of advice in the user manual from the manufacturer. It’ll contain instructions for the pole saw to ensure the best use and proper maintenance of it. Even if you’ve missed the manual, you shouldn’t be worried. You can always look for this information online or talk to a local dealer, and they’ll help you get the perfect blend for your pole saw.

2. Winter oil or thinner oil for pole saws

During winter, you have to be more careful about what type of oil for pole saw you’re using. Winter oil is comparatively thinner than summer oil, as the cold thickens the oil. Thinner oil is considered to be the best option for your pole saw. Once temperatures start going down, cutting with the pole saw could prove to be difficult. Thin oil makes it easy to pour and stick to the bar and chain in cold weather. This makes winter oil suitable for pruning tree branches in winter. 

So, you’ll need to clean the bar frequently. Sharpening the chain and greasing the sprockets regularly make the pole saw more efficient. The most important thing to do during winter is to lubricate the chain and bar using thinner oil. It’ll save your bar from corrosion in colder weather. In case the temperature rises a bit, the thinner oil might not work well. It could get wasted more in summer because thinner oil won’t adhere to the chain and bar of the pole saw.

3. Bio-oils for pole saws

The traditional bar and chain oil that you’ll find in the market is the petroleum-based oil. It works fine, but it isn’t the best option when you consider its environment-friendly characteristics. You can try and find bio-oils that are created using vegetables and cold pressing them to extract oils. These are biodegradable and environment-friendly in nature.

Such oils are gentle on the trees, and they won’t harm the pole saw. They are gentle on the skin as well and won’t irritate your lungs if you accidentally inhale the vapors.

How does oiling work in a pole saw?

The important components in a pole saw are the bar and chain. The chain in the pole saw sits in the groove that is present in the bar. It will then travel around the bar when the pole saw motor is started, causing friction due to the movement.

The oil you’re providing will help keep the bar and chain properly lubricated. This is done using the oiler system present in the pole saw. The oiler will offer a steady flow of oil to the bar while feeding oil into the groove around the bar. The groove could get clogged such that you need to remove the sprocket cover and then clean the bar and chain.

what oil to use in pole saw - man putting oil in pole saw

Sometimes, the oiling system could break down, and you might have to get it replaced or repaired. The oiling system can also stop working if the bar isn’t installed correctly.

Benefits of oiling a pole saw

Helps reduce friction

The bar and chain face a lot of friction when the pole saw is being operated. It causes a lot of wear and tear, reducing the overall lifespan of the chainsaw. The oiling of your pole saw’s chain will help protect the metal portion from overheating due to friction. It’ll also keep the chain from rusting and becoming quite brittle. The friction in the sawing process is high, and it can potentially damage the metal if it isn’t lubricated properly. When you oil this garden device, you’re basically protecting your investment.

Helps prevent clogging

Another reason you should oil your pole saw is to prevent clogging. You probably use your pole saw to trim tree branches. This can easily result in debris and sap sticking to the saw’s bar and chain. This reduces the pole saw’s efficiency when cutting. The oil will prevent this issue by removing any debris away from the pole saw.

If the chain becomes clogged with sawdust, it could cause the motor to overheat and damage the saw. By oiling the chain, you’re essentially keeping it clean and free of any debris. The oil in this case will play the role of a lubricant while helping the chain move smoothly.

If you’re new to pole saws, you might be wondering how often you need to oil the chain. The answer will depend on how often you’re using the pole saw. If you’re using it regularly, you need to oil the chain each time before you use it. This will help keep the chain in a decent condition and prevent potential issues.

Keeps you safe

Oiling the chain will also help keep you safe from potential injuries. A pole saw could get damaged when there’s a lot of friction. The pole saw could get stuck into the wood when cutting, which increases the chances of kickback. Annually, there are over 36,000 chainsaw accidents reported in the United States alone, with the most common reason being kickback. A well-oiled bar and chain will reduce such issues while helping you improve your safety when using the pole saw.

A properly oiled chain will be less likely to break or come loose when you’re using the pole saw. It can be a serious safety hazard if the chain came off when you were using the saw. If you’re oiling the chain regularly, you can be assured that you’ll be avoiding potential dangers while keeping the saw in proper working condition.

Improve the pole saw’s condition

Oiling the pole saw will help you improve the life of your pole saw. A well-maintained chainsaw can easily last for years with proper care. Lower friction will mean that the chain will last longer, and it’ll reduce the stress that might be placed on the motor of the saw.

By oiling the chain regularly, you’ll be able to help extend the life of the pole saw and get more use out of it. You should ideally be oiling the chain each time you use the pole saw. It’ll help you keep the chain in proper condition while preventing any potential problems.

How to add oil to your pole saw properly?

Now, it’s important to talk about how you should add oil to your pole saw. In most cases, the oil tank will be able to hold a similar level of fuel. When you’ve to refuel the pole saw again, you need to add oil to the reservoir of your pole saw.

To oil the pole saw, first, you need to set your pole saw on a level surface. The bar must be side down to lay the pole saw flat. After that, clean it clearly using a damp cloth, and it’ll be ready to lubricate. Moreover, make use of a small funnel for the entire process.

Place the funnel on the open side of the reservoir. Then, you should pour the oil slowly. You shouldn’t overfill the reservoir, or you’ll be left in a messy situation. After filling it, you should completely secure the cap. Then, wipe the area with a damp cloth if there is any excess oil around it. You’ll need to face some extra hassle as well. This will be to add some extra grease if there’s a sprocket at the nose of the bar. You’ll be able to do it easily using a grease gun.

Safety cautions to keep in mind

Many people use cheap motor oil in for their pole saws. You shouldn’t be influenced by them. Most manufacturers strictly recommended that you shouldn’t use it. Follow the user manual as most of them mention using the best oil for the pole saw. The oil options that the manufacturer recommends will prevent the bar from slinging off the pole saw’s chain. Before you lubricate, you should ensure that the bar and chain are properly open. Refill the tank once the markdown to the warning.

There are different kinds of oil options in the market. However, you cannot use most of them for your pole saw. You shouldn’t only be looking for the best option, but you should also find suitable options for your pole saw. You need to avoid the mess of plenty of oil types and look for the best option that suits your pole saw.

If you’re using vegetable oil for the bar and chain, it might not be the best option. Vegetable oil isn’t perfect for extremely hot or freezing temperatures. However, you can use it where petrol isn’t allowed for environmental pollution. Although it’s a situation you’d probably be bound to use it, you should avoid using it for long-term use.

Some people even use old motor oil for their pole saw. It might make the condition much more fragile. Old motor oil can be filled with small debris. It could hack the bar or damage the chain of the pole saw. This is because you need to select the perfect and most suitable oil option for the pole saw.

what oil to use in pole saw - man cutting branches using pole saw

Important things to remember when oiling your pole saw

Once you know what kind of oil does an electric pole saw use, there are some important things to remember when adding oil.

  • Make sure that your pole saw is turned off and cooled down before putting the oil. 
  • Place your pole saw on a flat surface like a workbench or on the ground.
  • Ensure that the chainsaw and the oil filter cap are clean 
  • Prevent any dust or debris from falling into the reservoir while filing oil as it could clog up the oiling system 
  • Unscrew the oil filler cap and then use a funnel for filling oil into the reservoir 
  • You should be using a funnel as the opening tends to be small 
  • Put the cap back on once you’ve filled the oil on the market levels 
  • Wipe off any excess oil that might have splashed on the pole saw 
Electric Pole Saw - The Right Chain Oil

How to know whether the oiling is working or not?

The first thing that you’ll have to do is find the oiling system of the pole saw. It’ll be a small hole or series of holes present near the cutting blade. If the pole saw doesn’t have an oiling system, it likely won’t need one, and you can skip the step.

For checking if the system is working properly, you should put a few oil drops on a clean rag. Then, wipe the oil along the length of the chain. If the chain is dry, you won’t see any oil on the rag. If the chain is lubricated sufficiently, you’ll see a light film of oil on the rag.

If the pole saw has an oiling system and the chain is complexly dry, you’ll have to add oil. For adding oil to the system, remove the bar and chain from the pole saw. If the saw has a removable sprocket cover, you should remove it too. It’ll give you access to the oiling holes and sprocket.

With the cover off, you should locate the oil fill holes. There are generally located on the side of the bar near the sprocket. You should add oil to the fill holes until it becomes full. There are different types of oil options, but it’s recommended that you should use a lightweight bar and chain oil. Moreover, replace the cover and bar, and you’ll be good to go.

There are a few other easy ways of finding out if the oil is moving around as expected in your pole saw. The first way would be to start the pole saw and hold it a couple of inches away from a tree. There will be a fine line of oil falling on the tree. Another way would be to run the pole saw for a while. Then, you should stop it and keep it to the side. Touch the chain and then check if there is any oil on it. You should lift the chain and check for oil on the drive links too.

What Oil To Use In Pole Saw?


Thank you for reading. Hopefully, now you know a lot more about oiling pole saws, what oil to use in pole saw, how to oil a pole saw, the benefits of oiling a pole saw, how to know if the oiling is working, and more. There are multiple types of oil that you can use in your pole saw including winter oils, bio-oils, summer oils, and more. Oiling your pole saw will help protect the metal from overheating due to friction, while also preventing rust. Proper oiling is essential if you’re looking to get your pole saw work to work efficiently for a long time.

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