How Heated Chainsaw Handle Work

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Are you a chainsaw user looking to use a heated chainsaw handle, but first want to know how it works? If yes, then this is the right place for you to be.

How heated chainsaw handle work is an important thing to know about before you start using this accessory. For a heated chainsaw handle to work, you should attach it to your chainsaw, regardless of the model or type you’re using. However, the handle needs to fit the brand and model of your chainsaw accordingly. Once you’ve successfully fit the handle, it’ll be ready for use. The heating elements are connected to the generator using a switch. The heating element can be propane, a battery, or a built-in fan.

For temperature adjustment, the handles feature a gauge. The heating element will heat the chainsaw handle, from where the heat gets transferred to your hand. If you’re facing grip issues in winter, this heated handle will be a great replacement for your gloves.

In this article, you’ll get to learn all about heated chainsaw handles, how heated chainsaw handle work, types of heated chainsaw handles, things to consider when buying a heated chainsaw handle, and more. Continue reading to get all the answers that you are looking for.

Heated Chainsaw Handles for Chainsaws

Extreme weather conditions can make it quite difficult to operate your chainsaw, especially when it is freezing outside. However, thanks to the latest technology, chainsaws these days come with heated handles that will help keep your hands warm while also ensuring better tool handling. If you’re curious about heated chainsaws and their working, it will be basic to understand.

Before looking to find out how this accessory works, you’ll first want to know what it is. A heated chainsaw handle is an extremely useful extension/accessory for your chainsaw. It can be attached to a regular chainsaw to improve it in terms of handling and performance. The heating system of these accessories consists of a heating element inside the handlebar and the rear handle. These heating elements can be connected to the generator using a switch.

The heating element can be either battery, propane, or built-in fan. Moreover, for temperature adjustment, these chainsaw handles come with a gauge. The heating element will first heat up the chainsaw handle, from where the heat gets transferred toward your hand.

It can be quite challenging to work in chilly weather. However, the heated handles will keep your hands warm while also ensuring the safest and most comfortable working. The heated handles will be a great choice to make the chainsaw feel lighter in weight. Moreover, there are many benefits that heated chainsaw handles provide to users. To use heated chainsaw handles, you’ll have to attach them to the chainsaws, regardless of the type or model you use. However, the handle should fit the brand/model of the chainsaw accordingly. Once you have fit the handle successfully, it will be ready for use.

How Heated Chainsaw Handle Work

A chainsaw handle is a sort of extension for your gas-powered chainsaw, as it increases your chainsaw’s usability and makes it more efficient. The heated chainsaw handle will be crucial, especially if you are living in a cold area with a cold climate. For using the chainsaw in cold weather, heated chainsaw handles will be nothing less than a blessing for the user.

If you are facing grip issues in cold weather, the heated handle will be a great replacement for your gloves. It has got many advantages, which makes it a viable alternative for hand gloves. If you’re working in winter, and you’re having grip issues due to cold, then using a heated chainsaw handle will help solve the problem. Moreover, installing this heated handle onto a chainsaw is quite easy whether it is a gas-powered chainsaw or an electric chainsaw.

The handle comes with fewer parts that have to be connected to the chainsaw to make it. Moreover, there isn’t a massive need for maintenance to this. Besides, it isn’t that expensive, which means you can easily purchase it on a low budget. Before starting to use a heated chainsaw handle, you’ll first want to understand the heating system and the working behind it.

First, you should start by knowing the system of the heating handle, and then you should check the rest of the things. The handlebars come with different heating elements such as a battery to keep the handles and rear handle warm. By making use of a switch, these heating elements will be connected to the generator.

The heating materials will heat up the chainsaw handle, and then the heat from the chainsaw handle will be transferred to your hands. This is what can come in handy when you have to use your chainsaw during winter. These heated handles will make it quite easy and convenient to work in winter. There will be a gauge for regulating or adjusting the temperature of the handle depending on your needs and desire. This way, you’ll be able to use the gauge for setting the right temperature as per your comfort.

If you’re concerned about the cost of maintenance and expenses and wondering if all this will add up to your work in terms of maintenance, then you shouldn’t worry. The biggest advantage of using a heated chainsaw handle will be that it doesn’t require any upkeep that you should worry about. The fact that the entire system of heating doesn’t quire any maintenance will only be a plus point.

The Construction of a Heated Chainsaw Handle

The construction of a chainsaw is quite simple. A chainsaw is generally comprised of a powerful engine that rotates the bar. Over the bar, there will be a chainsaw chain that comes with sharp blades that are rotated on the bar. There are several components that work in conjunction and the final result is the user being able to cut wood, split logs, prune bushes, and more.

In the past, welding or clamps were used for attaching the handles to the end of the chainsaw bar. With the advancement in technology, the design and mechanism of chainsaws have changed. Now, the clamps and welding have been replaced with high-strength bolts that are used for attaching the handle to the chainsaw.

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However, fit rings are also getting manufactured, and they are used to attach the handle to a chainsaw. Compared to the other options, the fit rings have made the possibility of the attachment of the chainsaw handle easier.

Different Types of Heated Chainsaw Handles

Primarily, there are three different types of heated chainsaw handles, depending on what material is being used for heating the handle. The three types of heated chainsaw handles are battery-powered heating systems, in-built fans heating systems, and propane-powered heating systems. 

Battery-powered heated chainsaw handles

The battery-powered heated chainsaw handles come with certain heating components, which get the energy needed from the battery. In other words, the temperature of the material will be raised by the heating elements that get energy from the batteries. Moreover, there are two types of battery-powered heated chainsaw handles – battery-operated and plug-in types.

For a battery-operated chainsaw, you will not require to have an electrical socket nearby for heating up the handle. The battery will be enough for keeping the handle of your chainsaw warm. A battery-operated chainsaw handle will be more convenient to use compared to a plug-in type handle.

Meanwhile, for a plug-in type, you will have to provide electrical energy directly for heating up the material. Further, this type of handle will be cheaper compared to battery-operated handles.

Propane-powered heating handles

This type of heating system makes use of propane for heating the materials inside the chainsaw handle and ends up heating your chainsaw handle. This way, propane heats up the material, which ends up heating the handle and your hands. For this, the propane-containing box will need to be attached with a handle.

When you turn on your chainsaw, propane will start heating up the engine as it flows through the heating material. It is a great system as you’ll be able to keep the handle warm without having to attach the chainsaw to any electric socket. However, there’s another minor inconvenience of keeping the propane tank at your disposal all the time. This can be both challenging and inconvenient.

Heated chainsaw handles with in-built fans

This is a rather advanced method of heating up the chainsaw handle. In this type of heating system, the handle will be heated through hot air. Each one of you probably has a hair dryer at your disposal for drying out your hair. Similarly, it is the same way built-in fans work inside the chainsaw to heat up the chainsaw handle.

The built-in fans inside the chainsaw handle will keep the handle warm thanks to the hot air by transferring heat to your hand and fingers. The result will be that you’re able to work easily in winter with a firm grip on the handle.

Benefits of Using Heated Chainsaw Handles

During cold weather and winters, ice or snow can easily form on the handle of your chainsaw. This forms a slippery coating, which could lead to hazardous situations. The electrically heated handle on a chainsaw can be easily switched on if necessary, and it’ll offer greater operating reliability and comfort even in freezing conditions. Both handles will remain free from any snow or ice that has formed and give you a firm grip on your chainsaw.

Many chainsaws, especially STIHL chainsaws, come with electrically heated handles and this is indicated by the letter “W” in the model name. The handle heating system generally consists of heating elements in the handlebar and the rear handle. The heating elements will be connected to the generator using a switch. The entire handle heating system will be maintenance-free and not be subject to electrical wear and tear.

There are many advantages of using heated chainsaw handles, which makes them worthwhile to purchase – 

  • The heated chainsaw handle will replace the hand gloves and is one of the numerous benefits of using it
  • Using a chainsaw heated handle will take care of the grip issue, especially if you have to work in the winter, and it is freezing outdoors 
  • Attaching a chainsaw heated handle to your gas-powered or electric chainsaw will be both easy and quite simple 
  • A heated chainsaw handle doesn’t require a lot of additional upkeep 
  • It is rather budget-friendly, which makes it very easy to purchase on a tight budget 

Things to Consider Before You Purchase a Heated Chainsaw Handle

You can make a smart decision before you purchase a heated chainsaw handle for cold and chilly weather by doing the proper research. Before you purchase a heated chainsaw handle for working in cold weather, here are some of the things that you will have to consider – 

1. Compatibility of the chainsaw handle

The first and most important thing that you’ll need to look upon will be to check the compatibility of the heated chainsaw handle with your chainsaw. This means that the model must match, and the handle should complement the chainsaw. The type of heated handle that you want will be based on the heating time. Some models of chainsaw can keep your chainsaw handle warm briefly, while others might do so for hours. You should consider how long you’ll have to operate the chainsaw and choose the right one accordingly. 

2. Type of the heated chainsaw handle that you need

Next up, you’ll have to know that some models can keep your chainsaw handle warm for hours, whereas others could only last for a few minutes. Therefore, you will have to know what type of chainsaw handle you want in terms of heating duration and then choose it accordingly.

3. Temperature adjustments

After that, there are a few chainsaw handles that can provide a gauge for adjusting or regulating the temperature. With the help of this feature, you will be able to adjust the temperature and keep the chainsaw handle as warm as you want it to be. 

This type of handle will be best as you’ll be able to set the temperature as much as you want. This is an incredible feature as the handle can be warm for some people while it can be extremely hot for others. This way, you will be able to adjust the temperature according to your needs.

4. Intended use of the chainsaw

Lastly, you will have to consider your use case. Moreover, you will have to think of how frequently and of climatic conditions in which you will be using your chainsaw. If the climate in your area is cold or snowy, you should consider going for a heated chainsaw handle that has multiple settings options in terms of heat. However, if you need to use it at a moderate temperature and only on specific occasions, then you can always purchase a single-model heated chainsaw handle.

professional logger cutting huge logs using a heated chainsaw handle


How does a heated chainsaw handle normally work?

A heated chainsaw handle comes with a heating element inside the handlebar and rear handle of the chainsaw. The heating element can either be a battery, or propane, or a built-in fan. The heating element will be able to produce enough heat that it can warm up your hands even though it is freezing weather outside.

Will a heated chainsaw handle be worth purchasing?

If you reside in a moderate region or only operate your chainsaw rarely, then there won’t be any need to purchase a heated chainsaw handle. However, if you have to operate your chainsaw in a cold area regularly, then you must purchase a heated chainsaw handle for comfort and convenience.

What do you mean by winter mode on a chainsaw?

Many chainsaws these days come with winter and summer shutters. So, once the temperature falls down below 40 degrees, you can change the shutter to the winter setting. This way, you will be able to activate the carburetor pre-heater system, or else the carburetor could freeze during the winter season. Consequently, your chainsaw will not be able to perform efficiently, and the chainsaw engine will fail as well.

Should I buy a heated chainsaw handle?

If you’re living in a moderate region where you’re having to operate the chainsaw rarely, then there won’t be a need to purchase a heated chainsaw handle. The same will be the case if you don’t use the chainsaw regularly. However, a heated chainsaw will be worth purchasing if you are a constant user, and you have to work in a cold area. You must purchase a heated chainsaw handle as it’ll give you a great, firm grip on the handle, and you’ll be able to work easily. Moreover, it’ll make the weight of your chainsaw lighter, and you won’t have to wear gloves either.

How much will a heated chainsaw handle cost?

The price of a heated chainsaw handle will vary depending on the function and quality of the product. There are different types of heated chainsaw handles that are available for the chainsaw, which also affects the price. Hence, there isn’t an accurate or absolute answer to this. However, you’ll find the price of a heated chainsaw handle starting from $50-$60. If you’re looking to buy a high-quality heated handle that comes with heat regulating options, then it’ll cost you over $100.

What is the function of heated chainsaw handles?

A heated chainsaw handle comprises heating material used for warming up the handle. Consequently, the heat gets transferred to your hand. The function of this will be to provide warmth to your fingers and hands. This will help you in maintaining a firm grip on the handle, and you’ll be able to work efficiently during the cold climate.

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