How Does A Log Splitter Work

How Does A Log Splitter Work

When planning to buy a log splitter, it’s crucial to understand how these mechanical devices work. That information will help you compare the different models and choose one that best suits your splitting needs. It will also be helpful when operating and maintaining the machine. This article will take you through how different types of … Read more

Log Splitter or Axe – Are Axes Obsolete?

Log Splitter or Axe

Most people would say that chopping wood using an axe is old-school, which can’t be further from the truth. Many people find joy in using an axe, and I don’t think an axe will ever become obsolete.  So, should you use an axe, considering how technology has changed? Before you conclude, let’s first dive into … Read more

What Type Of Hydraulic Fluid For Log Splitter

What Type Of Hydraulic Fluid For Log Splitter

At the center of every hydraulic log splitter, there is a hydraulic system powered by hydraulic fluid. Like any hydraulic system, a hydraulic log splitter works by applying pressure to a contained fluid to create power and force that pushes the log to the blade.  This applies to both gas-powered and electric hydraulic splitters. Kinetic … Read more

Kinetic vs Hydraulic Log Splitter – The Ultimate Guide

Kinetic vs Hydraulic Log Splitter

If you are in the market for a log splitter, you will find three different types; hydraulic, kinetic, and manual log splitters.  While it’s easy to differentiate the manual type from the other two types, it can be hard to decide between kinetic and hydraulic types. So, what’s the difference between kinetic vs hydraulic log … Read more

Where Are Chainsaws Made: The Manufacturing Plants Of Big-Name Chainsaw Brands

Where Are Chainsaws Made

You’re probably familiar with chainsaws and how to use them, but have you ever thought about where are chainsaws made?  This guide will tell you all about where your favorite kinds of chainsaws are made, giving you a better insight into the tools you’re using. Where are Husqvarna chainsaws made? Husqvarna chainsaws are largely manufactured … Read more

How To Start A Log Splitter – A Simple Guide

How To Start A Log Splitter

While it may sound simple or mundane, there is the right way of starting a log splitter. That is one way to ensure the equipment serves you well and for long without breaking down.  This post covers everything you should know about how to start a log splitter and what to do when the log … Read more