Are Troy-Bilt Chainsaws Good?

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Are you a beginner chainsaw, and you’re in the market for a Troy-Bilt chainsaw, but you aren’t certain how good they are? If yes, then you are definitely in the right place.

Are Troy-Bilt chainsaws good is a common question that most beginner chainsaw users have if they are in the market for a Troy-Bilt chainsaw. Troy-Bilt is a versatile brand that offers exceptional chainsaws that can handle a wide variety of projects in your garden. These chainsaws come in different sizes and engine power that cater to various categories of users. These chainsaws are capable of delivering the accurate power that you need for tackling the projects at and. Meanwhile, the chainsaws are designed to be able to handle cutting jobs, pruning projects, and other lumbering functions that you might find challenging with other tools.

In this article, you will get to know all about Troy-Bilt chainsaws, are Troy-Bilt chainsaws good, are these chainsaws ideal for beginners, are Troy-Bilt chainsaws safe and reliable, and more. Stick around and get all the answers that you’re looking for.

Troy-Bilt – A Popular Brand of Gardening Tools

Troy-Bilt is an incredibly popular brand in the lawn and garden equipment market. This brand offers high-power, high-engine quality equipment that can help you carry out all your backyard needs. Not just that, but they are also known for their red-colored lawnmowers, but this isn’t it. They also offer a wide range of tillers, snowblowers, cultivators, small engines, and chainsaws.

Subsidiary to MDT Products, which is under Stanley Black and Decker, Troy-Bilt holds a powerful name in the market for its powerful engines and rich history since 1937.

Like all other Troy-Bilt products, the chainsaws will also be manufactured under the Troy-Bilt name. The target audience of the brand is more homeowners and beginners than professionals. But that isn’t to say that their products are low in quality. In fact, Troy-Bilt has a wide variety of options to offer in-store and many more options on the way. All the chainsaws come gas-powered while they also come in different sizes, primarily for homeowners, but they can be used professionally too.

For instance, the TB4620C 20” is a professional model for carrying out brutal tasks. Meanwhile, a TB4218 18” is a modest chainsaw for home tasks and to take down trees. 

Troy-Bilt is a Reputable Chainsaw Brand

When handled properly, chainsaws are among the most powerful and valuable tools for gardening. Expert wood craftsmen have become advanced in the art of using chainsaws to the point that they’re capable of creating stunning pieces of artwork anytime. Numerous new chainsaw buyers are bothered about the quality, efficiency, and durability of the chainsaw offered. In this regard, Troy-Bilt is a brand that checks off all the boxes.

Troy-Bilt offers chainsaws with bars in various sizes, which are 14-inch, 16-inch, 18-inch, and 20-inch. When it comes to size, you should always go for a bigger saw than the job requirement. For instance, if you need to cut a 16-inch diameter tree, you must go for an 18-inch chainsaw. Troy-Bolt chainsaws come with a gas-powered engine, and although they require chord pulling, it’ll be worth it compared to the hefty amount you would have had to spend on an electric motor. Moreover, they also come with a 2-stroke engine, which makes them extremely fuel efficient.

Troy-Bilt is a versatile tool that’ll help you handle a wide variety of projects in the garden. These chainsaws come in different sizes and engine power that can cater to almost every category of users. Every Troy-Bilt engine comes gas-powered, which accounts for the delivery of intense forces to the blades. Aside from that, there is no need for excessive spending on electric power since it runs on gasoline.

Further, Troy-Bilt chainsaws are extremely lightweight, comfortable to use, and come with multiple built-in features, which makes them a wonderful option for beginners and homeowners. You can use them in a wide variety of wood projects, and must be considered one of the top options when you’re in the market for a new chainsaw.

person using troy-bilt chainsaw to cut logs into pieces

Troy-Bilt Chainsaws Ideal for Beginners

If you’re a beginner, you will find Troy-Bilt chainsaws easy and ideal for use. However, you need to understand the handling and maintenance of the chainsaw first. Further, the chainsaw you choose will be determined by the type of projects you’re working on. The chainsaws vary in the power they deliver, and it’ll depend on the engine that powers them.

Troy-Bilt chainsaws are capable of delivering the accurate power that you need for tackling the projects at hand. This chainsaw is designed to easily handle pruning, cutting jobs, and other lumbering projects that you might find challenging to do with normal gardening tools.

These chainsaws are fitted with anti-vibration kits to make your work easier and more fun. The chains brake system of these chainsaws will stop the chain when it isn’t in use. Further, Troy-Bilt is also fitted with a spring-assist technology to allow users to vary the potential energy delivered during the start for a hassle-free engine start-up.

Chainsaws differ in power, which will depend on the type of engine you are using. As a beginner, you need to go for something that fits your task requirement or something light so that you can get used to them before moving to something big.

An amazing recommendation for beginners would be the Troy-Bilt TB4214. This will help you get familiar with the basics of working with a chainsaw. This chainsaw comes with the following features –

  • A 14-inch bar that is easy on the hand
  • A 42cc, 2-cycle engine for improved and efficient fuel usage
  • Automatic built-lubrication for bar and chain 
  • The SpringAssist technology to deliver an easier start 
  • An adjustable bar for comfortable cutting 

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you shouldn’t use your chainsaw without carrying out safety measures like wearing gloves, chaps, and more. Further, you must read your manual before using it and know how to hold it properly.

Are Troy-Bilt Chainsaws Good?

Troy-Bilt chainsaws can carry out a wide variety of cutting projects. Generally, all chainsaws are produced for handling woodcutting projects, but Troy-Bilt chainsaws are built especially for handling these kinds of jobs and so much more. Troy-Bilt offers a variety of options depending on your needs. The type of result you’re getting from the chainsaw will be determined by the chainsaw features you have chosen.

Using the wrong type of chainsaw for the wrong job will deliver a poor outcome. It’ll be best if you understand the task’s requirements and choose the appropriate chainsaw for the project. A good practice would be to choose a chainsaw that has a higher inches bar for the logs you’re going to cut.

Troy-Bilt chainsaws are designed with a higher torque efficiency for handling wet logs, and the weight is considerably lower compared to other chainsaws in the same category. Overall, these chainsaws are excellent to work with.

Troy-Bilt chainsaws come with numerous built-in technologies that enhance the chainsaw operation. The automatic oiler will help feed oil on the chain and bar without any interference from the operator. The built-in spring assist will make it easy to start the engine without the need for repeated pulls.

These chainsaws are lightweight and effortless to maneuver. The user’s manual will include many simple and efficient cutting techniques that make it quite fun to use. 

Some of the common features that make Troy-Bilt chainsaws so good are –

1. Reliability of Troy-Bilt chainsaws

Once you have assembled your chainsaw based on the instructions given in the manual, you’ll be good to go. As per the user reviews on Troy-Bilt’s official website and different marketplaces including Amazon, these chainsaws are pretty good and reliable. Further, all the mechanical parts will function perfectly when using the chainsaw. 

Even though Troy-Bilt chainsaws are great as lightweight gardening tools, the main downside to these chainsaws is the availability of replacement parts. They can be pretty hard to find as they aren’t readily available. However, most of the parts and chainsaw components can be replaced easily with Oregon products. Aside from this potential negative, Troy-Bilt chainsaws are still an incredible choice for anyone who is looking for a lightweight tool for your gardening projects. You can be assured of its reliability as Troy-Bilt has a track record of producing highly efficient products.

2. Durability

Troy-Bilt chainsaws are known to be highly durable and have a long-lasting life. An average Troy-Bilt chainsaw has a lifespan of 5 years, but the users have also reported an average usage span of 12 months before having to replace any part.

Even though the chainsaw’s automatic lubrication keeps the bar and chain well-oiled, constant chainsaw use can end up dulling the blades. This is why you’ll need to constantly sharpen the chainsaw blades depending on how frequently you’re using the chainsaw. The periodic sharpening needs to be done using a reliable chainsaw sharpener.

Most Troy-Bilt chainsaws are built for heavy-duty tasks, which means that the blades will eventually get blunt. Regular sharpening will improve the efficiency of your chainsaw. Aside from the blades getting dull, all of its other parts are also highly durable. Performing periodic maintenance and cleaning is required as the chainsaw will last for years to come.

3. Exceptional user experience

A Troy-Bilt chainsaw has a lot of exciting built-in features that make it an amazing option. Further, they also make it quite easy to use and maintain. Here are some of the best features of these chainsaws that add to the wonderful user experience – 

  • Has an incredibly lightweight, comfortable design 
  • Easy to maintain 
  • A wide range of bar lengths 
  • High torque efficiency 
  • Controlled sawing tendency 
  • Built-in oil and chain oiler to give automatic lubrication 
  • A built-in chain brake system that immediately stops the chainsaw chain when the chain isn’t being used
  • Spring Assist technology for a hassle-free engine startup and relatively easier cord pulls 

4. Warranty and safety factor

If you’re following the safety procedure and precautions mentioned in the owner’s manual, a Troy-Bilt chainsaw won’t give you many issues. All Troy-Bilt chainsaws feature an anti-throwback and chain brake system to prevent any work hazard. It would be best to pay close attention to chainsaw maintenance and check if the chainsaw needs repair.

If any component has to be fixed, you should take care of it right away. Doing this will keep you safe while also prolonging the life of your chainsaw. Further, it’ll be best to keep kids away from the area where you’re using the chainsaw. This will keep everyone safe and away from potential hazards.

Troy-Bilt chainsaws come with a 2-year limited warranty. Further, they also offer lifetime support to customers. One of the best things about Troy-Bilt products is the brand’s customer service. The company has a team of well-trained customer service experts who are always alert when it comes to customer needs.

42cc Troybuilt Chainsaw Startup

Best Troy-Bilt Chainsaw Models

If you’re in the market for a new chainsaw, then there’s a wide variety of options at Troy-Bilt chainsaws that you can choose from. Here are some of the best Troy-Bilt chainsaw models that you can go for –

1. TB4620C 20” Gas Chainsaw

The TB4620C 20” Gas Chainsaw is a 20-inch high-power chainsaw that comes with 46cc 2-stroke engines. It is very efficient and performs amazingly well with all heavy-duty wood-cutting projects. It’ll come fitted with a Spring Assist system, which will make starting them easy.

2. TB4218 18” Gas Chainsaw

The TB4218 18” Gas Chainsaw is a medium-sized 18-inch chainsaw that comes with a 42cc 2-stroke engine for powering the blade. Further, it also comes with features like a chain brake, spring-assist technology, and an anti-vibration kit that makes it quite easy to use.

3. TB4216 16” Gas Chainsaw

The TB4216 16” Gas Chainsaw is a 16-inch bar chainsaw that comes with a 42cc 2-stroke engine. The chainsaw comes with features like a chain oiling system, an automatic bar, and a spring-assist pull start. 

4. TB4214 14” Gas Chainsaw

The TB4214 14” is a 42cc 2-stroke engine chainsaw that comes with a 14-inch bar. This chainsaw comes with features like a spring-assist pull start technology and a low kickback bar. The chain is designed to offer optimized cutting and easy adjusting.


Does Troy-Bilt make good chainsaws?

Yes, Troy-Bilt definitely offers a wide range of amazing chainsaws that are perfect for a variety of cutting projects and other tasks. These chainsaws offer high torque to easily cut through wet logs, as well as many other features. Further, these chainsaws are pretty lightweight and very easy to use.

Who makes Troy-Bilt chainsaws?

Troy-Bilt is essentially an individual entity and a subsidiary under MDT Consumer Inc. popular for manufacturing chainsaws and other lawn equipment. Troy-Bilt is a brand known for manufacturing its own equipment and components in America. Moreover, now the brand is owned by Stanley Black & Decker.

Where are Troy-Bilt chainsaws made?

According to the official website of Troy-Bilt, the headquarter of the company is in Valley City, Ohio. You can find Troy-Bilt manufacturers across different locations in the United States, including Ohio, Arizona, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

Who owns the Troy-Bilt brand?

Troy-Bilt is a popular chainsaw brand and a subsidiary of MTD Consumer Group Inc. and it now falls under Stanley Black & Decker.

What is the ideal Troy-Bilt chainsaw for homeowners?

The right choice for a chainsaw for a homeowner will be based on the task at hand. If you’re a homeowner, your main requirement will be garden maintenance, and a 16-inch Troy-Bilt chainsaw will be an ideal choice. Something like a Troy-Bilt TB4216 will be an ideal choice for homeowners.

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